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Very recently this year, the FDA had another victory in their unjust war on alternative health when they succeeded in railroading Jim Folson into a 51 month prison sentence. He is 68 years old. Jim Folson was a distributor of Rife machines and part of the international movement attempting to keep Royal Raymond Rife's incredible technology. Rife's technology involved machines that create radio frequencies to resonate with disease causing microbes' energy vibrations, causing their destruction.

Rife's Technology After His Persecution

The normally reclusive low key scientist Royal (Roy) Rife was a broken man after the death of his wife and the oppression from the Medical Mafia that destroyed his scientific achievements, which were recognized as valid and used by many in the mainstream medical community at the time. He ran off to Mexico around 1950 and succumbed to booze and tranquilizers, passing away in 1971. The Rife saga and technical details are in the Natural News article sourced below.

Several of Rife's colleagues and medical practitioners attempted to continue using his machines and advance the technology. But the FDA was on the warpath, threatening to revoke their medical licenses, confiscating their equipment, destroying their records, and jailing those who tried to continue producing the machines.

What's left today is an international loosely knit network of technical types who have modified Rife's original machine with current electronic technology, making machines more user-friendly and compact. Along with the hardware, a complete encyclopedia of Rife's research that identifies the resonant frequencies of various pathogenic microbes, whether viral or bacterial, is available from sources other than the Rife machine distributors to disassociate claims of curing that attract the FDA gestapo.

But the recently persecuted and prosecuted Jim Folson, in his innocent naivety, did package some of his machines with that encyclopedia. This and the phrase "for experimental use" on the machines was considered cause for the FDA to raid Jim's home. They did so in 2003 without warning, using local (San Diego) and federal authorities with guns drawn and excessive force to confiscate his machines and records. But he was charged only recently, just before the statute of limitations expired.

Jim Folson, a gentle, compassionate family man and devout Christian, seems to be one of those who thinks that others see the world the way he does, humanely and rationally. Everyone who knew him or did business with him recognized his noble nature. Oblivious even to the obvious tragedy of Rife and others, Jim refused a plea bargain slap on the wrist that required he would no longer produce and distribute the machines.

He considered his situation as an opportunity to take Rife's technology to a public trail, clear Rife's name, and put the underground Rife technology community on the ground's surface in a positive public light, where it should be! However, Jim didn't realize the injustice of the justice system when Big Brother prosecutes!

The Trial

Jim went into debt for over $250,000, for what he thought was the best defense counsel money could buy in San Diego. Jim's friends and colleagues who attended the proceedings were wondering if his defense team was worth $250! Most of the documentation on Jim's behalf was denied. Only two defense witnesses were offered by the attorneys, and their testimonies were twisted by the prosecution to an unenlightened jury with virtually no protest or rebuttal from Jim's attorneys.

The government reportedly spent a million dollars on Jim Folson's case to ensure unfair trial. They weren't just after him; they were protecting the Medical Mafia and Big Pharma by intimidating the application of Rife's superb and safe technology.

March 10, 2010 by: Paul Fassa, citizen journalist


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