Riots in the Middle East: Itís the same policies and the same playbook that was used in the 1930s and 40s, throughout Europe | 05Mar2011 15:14:12

Rory Suchet - Now let’s cross live to Zurich to discuss the situation in the middle east with Anthony Wile, founder and chief editor of the political website So, as we were hearing moments ago, Colonel Gaddafi is now blaming Al-Qaida’s leader Osama bin Laden for igniting the revolt in Libya. Do you think there can be any truth to these claims?

Anthony Wile - Well, I suppose it depends on how much truth you believe in the fact of Osama bin Laden actually still being alive today. It’s a convenient thing for Gaddafi to do, it seems to fit very well in with the general thrust of, what I would call, power elite plans and general propaganda over the past several decades. Terrorism in general is a great thing for the west to use as a means to foment constant chaos and thus a reason to be, so to speak, meddling in the affairs of the middle-eastern societies.

R.S. - So, you are suggesting that it’s part of a propaganda plead that Colonel Gaddafi would say “It’s Al-Qaida, it’s Osama Bin Laden who were behind all these revolts”?

A.W. -† Well, I think Islamic fascism in general is a theme that is being propagated throughout the western media, and something that will continue to rise in elevation within the mainstream media in the western societies as a means to continue to generate enthusiasm, let’s just say, for a continued effort to try to squelch this enemy, or however you wish to define it, and the current war in Iraq, as in Afghanistan as well, has left an embattled, so the speak, Al-Qaida that’s a little less than, let’s just say, attractive when it comes to being able to maintain mainstream attentions. So, you know, fomenting a revolution, colour revolution throughout the various islamic states, is quite possible a means to create an ongoing enemy thru which there will be the means and the need for western, so to speak, powers to commune and execute force and solutions.

R.S. - When you talk about these islamic states, there are concerns, the west maintains, that radical fundamentalists would come to power at part of the arab world that is currently seeing protesting and violence and unrest. How valid do you think are these fears?

A.W. - Well, I think is a very valid fear that that theme will continue to be strummed quite aggressively and perhaps it is the case, you know, there is been a great amount of connection going back for several decades with saudi Wahhabism and several of the leaders and people who are involved today in these uprisings of supposed democratic revolution in these countries are offspring from that school of thought and that has got deep connections into the Anglo-Saxon world and the hands who are behind the various international organizations that are quite frankly consistent in their ability to create chaos and then transfer power from their various nation states to themselves and international organizations.†

R.S. - It’s interesting, when you talk about creating chaos and doing a transfer of power, some western powers have been supplying weapons to the embattled regional leaders, all the time calling for peace calling for democracy, what is it say to you about western policies in the middle east and north africa?

A.W. - It says that the playbook is stale and old. It’s the same policies and the same playbook that was used for example in ????? the 1930s and 40s, throughout the europe, I mean, we had both sides of battle being funded by similar industrial interests and monetary interests and I don’t think that much has changed here today. The power structures that exist for mainstream control require a chaos thru which fomented solutions can be delivered by the powers that be. So, I don’t think it’s a new play at all, I think is just a continuation and quite frankly an embarrassing boring continuation to watch in this internet age, because we are able to quite frankly dissect these means, I think, with much greater accuracy and the ability for people throughout the world, the middle east included, to be able to tune in the various internet base sites and be able to find out exactly what the heck is being going on, and it’s quite frankly an old play.

R.S. - Lets talk about the oil rich Colonel Gaddafi being in power for 34 years now. Reportedly worth 70 billion dollars in banks around the world. If and when he is toppled will the western power who’s all the while crying for democracy then be in charge of his big fat checkbook?

A.W. - Well, It’s quite common knowledge that his accounts have been frozen, he has no access to funds and this is also, you know, an age old play as well, there are something along the lines 50 or 60 different foreign dictators, or whatever you like to refer to them as, has accounts here in Switzerland that have been frozen for the past several decades, and those funds just sit in the coffers of the banks and never get released back because the new dictators or the new regimes that came in are quite frankly as corrupt as the old. And what we are seeing here today in the middle east is probably not so much an actual change in a positive direction that would really bring any benefits to the people but more of the same, I would suggest a reshuffling of the furniture in the same house. So the money I think is irrelevant. The amount of paper currency that has been stablished by these people in different accounts and either or not is a fraction of these people have or the entire fortune, who is to know or who is to say? The bottom line is that at the end of the day the corruption will probably continue for the lack of benefit for the people of the middle east who are engaged in a revolution that probably doesn’t have a great deal of real substance underneath of it.

R.S. - When you talk about revolutions happening in the middle east in north africa, do you think democracy can actually work in that region, if you look at Iraq, for example, invaded by the US in 2003, 8 years on thousands in the streets protesting the government, can a western style democracy work in that region?

A.W. - Why would you ever wanna to, first of all. Western style democracy in it’s current state if far from what I will consider to be something that we should want in any of these countries. I think that if it is going to be democracy, it’s should be democracy with a real change and a change that reflects democracy that actually benefits the people. Today’s democracy is nothing more than a mainstream control mechanism thru which the vast majority of the public, who do not think, are emotionally engaged in situations that they don’t even really realize what is it they are voting for or approving. And if you think that democracy, which is supposedly what the US is out there pushing and driving home for this people who need so much the philosophy of what they developed and put together in the Us for example, take a look at what they are doing, building bases over a hundred different countries, basically putting at the end of a gun the word democracy and shoving it down their throats. To me, this is not democracy this is abuse, this is nothing more than a system that’s doom to failure and as long as central banks continue to stand side-by-side in a democratic system, like we have, printing endless amounts of fiat money which is devaluing by the minute, we are not got have anything more here than chaos that is used to mask that devaluation process and hopefully distract people from the overall fraud that has been perpetrated on the western societies. If that’s democracy, who wants that?

R.S. - So, would you say then that the western style democracy, or when the west is calling for democracy, is actually doing more harm than good, it’s just riling out the people in the regions they are affecting?

A.W. - Absolutely, I don’t think if you ask the people who were in these regions, standing in this these squares, chanting for democracy, if you ask them to define it I’m quite certain you would receive many different versions and none of which would be the same. Democracy today is another dominant social theme that it’s been spun people regurgitate it, like they regurgitate global warming, and other major themes without even thinking or understanding what it is they are talking about, so, to me yes, I think democracy sounds great, feels great but the base of what it is and it’s actual actions for what democracy or the leaders of democracy are doing today it’s shallow, hollow and devoid of morality.†

†R.S. - You talk about this western style democracy that essentially, as you are saying, is more of a propaganda tool, as we know the banks and the defense industry stand shoulder to shoulder in washington DC. But toppling leaders is often just the first stage of a revolution, you think examples of Tunis and Egypt could discourage other nations in the arab world to revolt?

A.W. - That I don’t know. It’s hard to say, right now it’s an emotionally driven revolution, if we are going to use that term, I don’t necessarily think it’s going to stop here, I think that it will continue, I think it’s in the best interest of the elite who control the international organizations to see that we do have nation states in which there is chaos and more continued uncertainty, so that a global solution which will naturally be provided by all these wonderful international organizations could be adopted and that is all part of the stride, in my opinion, towards a one world order system of governance as well of monetary and financial control that revolves around and has for several years, several decades, past that back to the point of the civil war in America as an example, of intrusion and Anglo-Saxon, so to speak, dominance creating the conflicts himselves for which they came thru the other side and try to provide solutions. I don’t know why we would suspect this will stop, I think it will continue, at least the effort will continue by western powers to make this happen. The game change, or potentially, is the internet where more and more people may realize that they are actually fighting on behalf of the very causes that they are trying to stamp out, the very forces of evil that they no longer wish to be subjected to, if they realize that, perhaps they wont have a revolution or at least not one in the current color in which they are having it, let’s put it that way.

R.S. - Anthony Wile founder and chief editor of the political website, thank you.


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