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The ruling elite has their unique ethical code: before executing any of their plans, they drop clues here and there, so as to let the world know just enough to understand that almost nothing that is happening in the world is not by design by the invisible lords of the world, supposedly very powerful and infiltrating. The reason for this ethical code is to show off their powers. Telling the world that something will happen and then actually executing it to make their predictions come to pass is a powerful sign they hope for the world to wonder and ponder about, and then eventually revere them.

Just look at the list of the events in the movies or books that “predicts” them:

Hurricane Katrina in the docudrama Oil Storm, 2 weeks before hurricane Katrina actually hit.

Financial crisis in the book by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1950.

Banksters in the movie The International, 2009.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill in the movie, Knowing, 2009.

911 in the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight, 1996. Watch the creepy clip with the clue here.

Here are clues regarding the existence of these elites, or what they are doing:

The financial elites – in the movie The International, 2009.

Control by using the Bible – in the movie The Book of Eli, 2010.

The Illuminati – in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, 2001.

The Freemasons – in the movie National Treasure, 2005.

The New World Order – in the movie Hackers, 1995.

The world of illusion that we are in – in the movie Matrix,

And one of the most recent ones that I haven’t watched yet is the Black Nobility in Guy Ritchies Sherlock Holmes. This movie is about a conspiracy by the satanic club of the Freemasons and the Black Nobility. If next time you are about to decide what movie you are going to watch, make sure to watch them in a different perspective: the perspective of the ruling elites who intend to drop clues as to who they are and what they are about to do.

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