Robin Cook Revealed The Falsehood of Al Qaeda a month before his sudden death | 24Jun2011 13:28:18


Robin Cook died shortly after revealing the truth about Al Qaeda.  Heart attack.
He was still alive when he was removed from his wife.  She was not permitted to accompany him.

Bin Laden Stuff And Nonsense

Osama Bin Laden was announced dead nine years ago.  He was announced dead in Pakistan in 2002 by President Musharraf.  In 2003 the head of the FBI said he was dead.  In 2005 a US senator stated that OBL was dead.  In 2006 French Intelligence said he was dead.  In 2007 Benazir Bhutto announced he was dead.   2009, the Pakistani President said Americans hadn't heard from Bin Laden for 7 years.

Notwithstanding all this evidence, the USA claims that in 2011 they shot and killed him, and then threw his body into the ocean.  I doubt any body thrown was actually his, but the Bin Laden myth, at least, has finally been laid to rest.  In the world of media mythology, he was one of the biggest stars of all time.  In reality he was nothing much.

But why was there this myth about him?

1996 MI6 helped 'Al Quaeda' attempt to kill Gaddafi in Libya.  French journalists reported this.  Gaddafi subsequently wanted  OBL declared an international terrorist.  The world laughed off this suggestion.  The CIA and 'Al Quaeda' are now fighting together in Libya in support of the 'rebels'.  Bin Laden was what's known as a CIA asset, as he was all along.

Robin Cook

Robin Cook stated in Parliament in 2005 that Al Quaeda was only a database of mujahideen and fighters, and  the fiction that Al Quaeda was a coherent terrorist organisation with OBL at its head was a creation of the CIA.  Two months later Robin Cook died suddenly, of a convenient heart attack while on a country stroll with his wife.  He was whisked away to hospital by helicopter without his wife, who was not permitted to accompany him, although he was still alive.  At the age of 54, this brave man, like so many others who stood in their way, was no more.  By such means has the Bin Laden myth been maintained.

WIKIPEDIA writes a strangled version of the truth, typical of where heavy censorship and other methods of suppression are in use, as follows -

Stories on al Qaeda have filled the pages of many newspapers in recent years, yet there are those who say the group doesn't exist at all. They're an invention of the US Government designed to keep the population frightened, and ensure they accept higher military spending, suggest some. But where's the evidence to support their claims?

[... Comment:] No suggestion whatsoever that “al Qaeda is not a terrorist group”, quite the opposite. In the absence of any supporting evidence, it looks like the original quote has been twisted to suit one side of the story: so much for finding 9/11 truth.


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