Was an attack on the Women's World Cup thwarted? The threat continues? | 08Jul2011 16:06:54


After weeks of anxiety we can (temporarily) breathe freely again ! Germany women's national team won in front of 74 000 stadium and over 10.4 million television viewers a deserved 2-1 victory over Canada. Is the world spared of a disaster by a hair's breadth? Was the anticipation of 26.06.2011 a bluff and all paranoia? Or maybe the attack was foiled by the publicizing by countless people and their many prayers in the last minute?

One thing is certain:

    The comprehensive, legally and scientifically meticulous documentation of RA Van Geest (Dr. Dominik Storr not to forget), but also by Wolfgang Eggert can be little doubt the fact that a large false-flag terror attack is imminent (s) to specific destinations to achieve faster or actually to create the political ground for them.

    But the politicians and mainstream media were and are in agreement that it is not the question of "if" but only of "when", and that the risk for Berlin and Germany was so high before. See official warnings .
(http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2F26-06-2011.de%2F )

    State terrorism has proven to be true! Even 9 / 11 was an inside job . Proof: aluminum can penetrate 6 cm thick steel, never clean (that's why so is also not aluminum, but heavy, extremely heated uranium, or super-hard tungsten used in armor-striking, yet much more accelerated ammunition). After the momentum conservation law that is a real plane would have to crash into the outside wall. Moreover, the bombing of the WTC foundation is already purely physical with gesteinverdichtenden mini-nukes possible (which incidentally were registered seismographic explosions). Evidence of nuclear explosions, including the bizarre melt the steel-stone mixture at Ground Zero that has not emitted a long time, very high temperatures.

    The claim that the video "mega-ritual" had been deliberately set in the world to the conspiracy opponents one revealing once and for all to ridicule , is not tenable. Although it is a popular and proven tactics, things firstonce careful to announce and thus a part of the energy, emotion and indignation in the run ever break down and run into the void. That conclusion is, however, that the video from the media until very shortly before The date was picked as (or better: because) the information campaign was just now in full swing. Would not it have made sense then, as the Spiegel article a few weeks and is preferable to at least mention the name of the video or even to show a screenshot to quickly unleash the avalanche? Or just have therefore drawn all suspected they were interested in the mirror with the client on a publication? It's much too risky to produce only the best movies and songs many years before consuming, then publish to a single YouTube video and anonymous to rely on a few "Everything Glauber," which would then spread. And besides, would hereby anyway sensitized and many knew what would need to "relevant hints" they respect. Again, the same game are thus not repeated.

    The numerous individual actions to have warning 26.06.2011 duly beaten waves have, even if it has hardly been reported. Only a few days before the 26th, as well already, it was clear that the project because of exceeding the "critical awareness of mass" could be a shot to the back, could "The Mirror" take up the topic conspiracy publicly ( BKA message ), and the Berlin postal saw compelled, the story "of the big plan" to give to the best:

    ".. Affect the alarm calls editors received letters frightened readers, report daily to the police, concerned citizens Someone 13 meters wrote long a Friedrichshainer wall". Atomic stop at the Olympic Stadium on 06/26/11 planned, "Interior Senator Ehrhart Körting (SPD) saw themselves recently compelled to explain: "There is no concrete evidence, the BKA classifies the rumors as non-serious."
    Since then stirred exactly the same interior minister from Körting, still November 2010 admitted to the Bild newspaper that after the danger of an Al- al-Qaida terrorist attack on Berlin was very much higher than the 2009 Bundestag election.

    Many people acted in the face of this obvious threat , and warned their fellow man, even though these are often only an incomprehensible smile had left (the most common objection was: "Why should the attack are still running, but anyway if he is already talk of the town"). And it is hoped that future announcements will be taken as seriously. Public awareness of false-flag sign is by the 26th At any rate rose in June, and this site will remain online for a while, almost as a "reminder". We do not know if and what was in the past three weeks spontaneously changed her mind, so at least could go peacefully into history 26.06.2011. I come to the "Parable of the (white) Tiger ' : When you see the mighty tiger in the eye, this is just the largest and most dangerous of all big cats shy and does not attack. This instinctive caution of course contradict the many widerum insider allusions .

For years, the mass media warning of an attack in Berlin. a multiple attack was just "frustrated". Ie, the risk rises continuously for years, eventually they will succeed but that's for sure!


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