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More than one hundred Brazilian mayors have presented the keys of their city to Jesus, reports Dutch prayer leader and author Pieter Bos. "In Brazil local deities are so incorporated in the city life and festivals, that at the annual carnival in an official ceremony, most of the mayors hand over the key of their city to Prince Carnival, or Rei Momo. Carnival in Brazil is known for its rampant drunkenness, licentiousness, immorality and violence, but this is a structural problem. Many city mayors are now so desperate to break out of this pattern, that they are giving the key of their city to Jesus," says Bos.

Recently he attended a 'transformations conference' in Sao Paulo, and interviewed a number of spiritual leaders around four questions: 1. What did the devil do in your city? 2. What did the church do? 3. What did God do? and 4. What did the politicians do? He collected eleven factual and down to earth testimonies.

"Each of these testimonies is an example of an open heaven, opened by the living God," says Bos. "For too long the rule over these cities was unashamedly and unrestrainedly given to not-gods. When a city, through her mayor and the Church, calls upon the Creator, would He not eagerly respond and pour out his blessing? Personally I believe that what happens in Brazil now, cities turning to God, is a sign of the final stage of the harvest."

But the author also expresses a concern: "This process of transformation has already been going on for a long time, but where is the reflection and in-depth documentation? It looks like the Brazilians take these miracles at city scale for granted. But as easily as they come, they can evaporate into forgetfulness, or be diluted through unspiritual action (as happened), and denied by the rationalist onlooker. Miracles are a sign by which God points the recipient in a certain direction that he needs to go, so that heaven may remain open! Brazilians by nature respond with joy and excitement, and that is a proper response, but also theological reflection, systematic research and careful preservation are necessary."

One of the testimonties is included in this edition of Joel News. We will report some more in the next edition.

Source: Pieter Bos

> Brazil: Mayor of Diadema dedicates his city to Jesus


Diadema is a city of 400,000 inhabitants in Sao Paulo State. Until 1999 it had a massive problem with joblessness and had by far the highest crime rate in the whole nation of Brazil.

In 1997 pastor Manoel Alberto, who used to be a crisis manager, moved to Diadema. Early 1999 he felt a call to bring Diadema to God. He started a congregation, including a free dental service in the favela's (the slums), prayer for the city government, prayer for and advice to the director of the hospital, and prayer groups per city section, under the leadership of elders who relocated to 'their' city-section.

During the first week of the prayer groups per city-section, a criminal gang gave themselves up to the police. Shortly after, an answer to specific prayer, a high ranking freemason received Jesus, and not only broke away from his old life personally, but also broke the covenant-and-curses of the lodge over the city of Diadema.

"OK, call that pastor who said he wants to take the city for Jesus."

In the meantime Alberto had started to do research on the corporate sins of the city. Early December he and eleven pastors of other denominations, confessed these sins publicly with a loudspeaker from a platform in the city square, before God and the crowd. Two days later, but unaware of this, the mayor said in passing to his secretary: "Diadema is doing so badly, I may as well do away with the Lady of Diadema [the local deity]." The secretary, a Christian, responded: "But you could turn to Jesus." The mayor said, "OK, call a priest," whereupon she said: "Why not a pastor?" "OK, call that pastor who said he wants to take the city for Jesus."

Pastor Alberto was invited to the mayor to guide him to confess the sins of the city. Already the mayor had decided to terminate the consecration of the city to the Lady of Diadema and the yearly presenting of the key of the city to Rei Momo. When Alberto and the eleven pastors explained their understanding to the mayor, he confessed, kneeling and in tears, repeating the words of confession and dedication of the city to King Jesus. This event happened to be on the 40th anniversary of the city, December 8th.

"The church leaders went in two's into the industrial area, laying hands on each factory."

Later that month the pastors hired a helicopter to 'baptize the city' (as a prophetic act) with wine from the air. In January the church leaders went in two's into the industrial area, laying hands on each factory door to be re-opened and to 'invite' new jobs.

In the first quarter of 2000 the crime rate dropped to the 3rd place, shootings had dropped to 40%. The number of dead during carnival (when a 24 hour prayer vigil was held) was zero, for the first time ever. During carnival no violence was reported in the hospitals. Almost all closed factories had opened again. Soon after, the mayor accepted Jesus as Savior. In the summer of 2004 the socio-economic improvements in the city had increased so much, and were so stable, that the national government decided to study this phenomenon in order to learn from it for the whole nation. At this moment (2011) the price of inner city properties is among the highest in the Sao Paulo region.

Source: Manoel Alberto and others, interviewed by Pieter Bos

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