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An important message from Jesus for you!

- There is a lot of economic gloom and doom right now. The economy had been racing up the hill of "fortune," but discovered too late that at the top there was a precipice. Before the brakes could be applied it careened over the cliff and is in free fall. Where the bottom is, no one knows.

- A few wise heads had warned of this for years, but the temptation of making a fast buck was a strong pull for many. They saw paper fortunes being made hand over fist, and even though their better judgment may have been screaming out, "Don't do it!" they found it irresistible. But "boom" is always followed by "bust," and this was no exception.

- Quick money is alluring, and following sound economic theory is boring for many investors. Even though safeguards are put in place after every economic crash, it doesn't take long for the lessons of history to be forgotten. Those who think they know better invest recklessly and bring this kind of mess on everyone. This time it all started because some smart-but-not- wise people thought they could make money by giving loans to people they knew would most likely not be able to repay them. These so called subprime loans were only one trick.

- The next idea. was to take a lot of these loans and package them up into very complex "collateralized debt obligations" and other risky "financial derivatives" and then sell them to others as investments in the hopes the loans would one day be repaid. Banks and other investors all over the world bought and sold these things that they knew probably had no real value.

- Does this sound mad to you? It did to many at first, but somehow, like the old tale of the emperors new clothes, enough investors and financiers thought they were exquisite, and eventually nearly everyone began to think it was economic wisdom.

- Then one day a bank went bust. Soon other banks started failing too. Governments stepped in to the rescue, using their citizens' tax money. But it hasn't helped much, because it turned out that many banks had numerous bad investments that they either hid or didn't know about. Pessimism set in, and the stock markets dropped dramatically in price as investors realized companies were worth much less than their inflated value.

- Some people have already lost everything including the shirts off their backs. And with many others no longer having much money to spend, the market in luxury and other non-necessity items has abruptly slowed, and people in companies catering to that market are losing their jobs. Then the effect cascades into the economy in general. The result is higher unemployment, which then means fewer people have money to spend, so more people lose their jobs, and on and on it goes. This is the simple version of what is actually a very complicated process.

- So why am I talking to you about the economy? The fact is that I am interested in you and all humanity; and I hurt when you hurt. I want to help, and I will if you ask Me to. I might not put money in the bank for you, but it has already been promised that I will provide for those who give to others and who do what they can to help others in difficulty. And more than this, I will put hope in your heart, which will give you greater ability to ride out the crisis.

- Many people place their faith and hope in financial security, but it is better to put your faith and hope in Me, for material security is no security at all. It is a house of cards that falls flat when you lean on it. But I am reliable, and I will see you and your loved ones through any crisis, financial or otherwise. You are of great value to Me, and I want to show you that I can be valuable to you. Humanity is like business, and I will not let anyone down who puts his or her faith in Me and joins My company.

- If you are wise and have the wherewithal, it'd be good to make some preparations for further instability, such as having a supply of non-perishable food, drinking water, and other necessities on hand for short-term emergencies. If you can, have your savings in a few different currencies. It is also wise to invest in things that will retain their value, such as gold, that will provide you with a tradable commodity if paper currency or stocks lose their value altogether.

- I want you to be secure in heart and mind, because greater insecurity is on the horizon for the world and its economy. There are plans afoot in secret quarters to enmesh everyone in a very dangerous new economic order. The infamous global financial system cryptically spoken of in the Bible's book of Revelation as the "Mark of the Beast" - without which no one will be able to buy or sell - is coming closer to inception every day.

- Crises like this current one make people yearn for the economic stability that the framers of this new system will proclaim as their aim. The value of the new digital money will be guaranteed, but twill come with a price, and that is your allegiance to the global regime that backs it. That coming regime will be the most sinister and tyrannical one that the world has ever seen. Your money may seem safe, but it will cost you as much as your soul.

- But I am better than money in the bank, more secure than any investment, and more reliable than any nest egg. Let Me into your heart and life today, and you will find that you will always be able to rely on Me to see you through anything. Just tell Me you believe in Me and it is done!

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