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Greece dominated the world media during a few weeks. Solutions are always presented by technocrats of Brussels, from politics and banking, but the problems don't disappear, they become ever larger, and spread to even more countries. But this is the AIM of this conspiracy!

The Bilderberg Group and their vassals want to take Greece into total slavery, and the new Prime Minister Papademos is a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller, in 1972.

Papademos has not been elected by the Greek people!

In Italy the situation is totally different, because Italy still has a lot of "meat and blood” to withdraw from the Italian people. Italy goes to the killing, the bleed, the total liquidation to what follows, in the end, total slavery.

Berlusconi was booed and maligned by the mainstream media, for at least 10 years, because he didn't obey to the commands of Anglo-American power elite high finance, that gives orders to politics, banking and to their other vassals.

Aldo Moro, for similar reasons, was murdered in the year 1982, when he was handed over to the Red Brigades.

In recent days, the mainstream media, don't get tired about complimenting Mario Monti (Super Mario, as some media call him), and mention that Mario Monti was European Commissioner for competition and is President of the famous school of Economics and Management, Bocconi in Milan/Italy.

What the mainstream media do not tell is that Mario Monti is one of the most obscure figures (dark or even black) of Italy. Mario Monti took a graduate studies at Yale University/USA. Yale University is where the obscure group Secret Skull and Bones comes from, whose members are of George W. Bush, like his father and grandfather (George and Prescott Bush). Mario Monti is one of the leaders of the Bilderberg Group in Europe, and participated in about 20 times in meetings of the Bilderberg Group. He is also a member and head of the Trilateral Commission for the Europe and, worse, a member of the Club of Rome, which has meetings in Venice, and where participates the Black Nobility of Europe and the money aristocracy of the U.S..

Mario Monti has not been elected by the Italian people!

What happened to Greece and is happening to Italy as well, is going to happen to Spain, France and Portugal.

Sending, in attachment, is the translation of a Swiss/German (blog, who writes about this subject and talks about the plan of the Illuminati for us, human beings of this planet EARTH.

15th November 2011, Gustavo Cudell

The rescue of the euro is not, in any way, their task
4 November 2011


Little Greece, which represents only 2.5 per cent of economic production in the euro zone, with its crisis, dominates the entire political scene. What EU leaders have been delivering in last 24 hours is pure chaos. During four years, there is a theme that dominates the world stage, the crisis of finance, debt and banks. They talk constantly of salvation measures and, after each meeting on the crisis, according to which they now have the problem solved, the truth is that it is getting worse.

It is clear to me that this is not any type of chance or flaw, but was intended to be
anyway. This is a play staged that we watch as spectators. Its intention is not in any
way, the rescue of the Euro, but its destruction. It's about creating the order through
chaos, is the goal, according to their plan. We remember that, in 2009, took place the
Bilderberg Group meeting in Vouliagmeni, Greece. It is clear that is not a fluke,
Papandreou was then the host of the meeting of the global elite. For me, Greece was
well chosen for the role of the European Union member country bankrupt, used as
bait. We know how the global elite are, whenever they want to impose a
"solution", they create, previously, the appropriate "problem".

The Greece is brought to the brink of bankruptcy through a debt caused intentionally.
Later, to "rescue", one can justify any kind of emergency measures and complete
restructuring of society with no resistance from the population. This is exactly what
happened in Greece. But Greece is used for whole Europe as an incident to achieve
a general crisis of the euro.

The Bilderberg Bank Goldman Sachs was involved from the outset, which, with
financial tricks, covered the non-fulfillment about the accession criteria, and thus led
Greece to the Euro. Then, these criminals have helped the Government to become
buried itself completely in debts. And now led the country into bankruptcy. Yes, they
did the same bets on bankruptcy. Throughout this operation Goldman Sachs shoved
into its own pocket hundreds of millions.

We must not forget that the European Union and the single currency were decided by
Bilderbergers in 1955. Back then, the Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, Étienne
Davignon bragged that Bilderberg had taken this decision. Politicians from the
countries had then only the task of executing the decision about EU training, and
passed to the media the task of selling to the European population the advantages of
this artificial construction and make them appealing. So it happened.

Why Greece was chosen as "victim"? There are several reasons. First, the "gray
eminence" of Bilderberger, hates the Greeks. Yes, Henry Kissinger said that the
pride of this people had to be broken. Here's what he has told in Washington before a
group of businessmen, in September 1974, and there are witnesses:

"Greek people are anarchists and difficult to control. Therefore, we must tread deeply
into their cultural roots. Maybe we can, thus, force them to compliance. I say, trample
their language, their religion, their culture and historical reservations so we can
neutralize its ability to develop themselves to excel or to remain as an obstacle to our
important and strategic plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Middle

Secondly, Greece was chosen because it is the source of European culture,
philosophy and democracy. It symbolizes practically Europe and is the basis for
thousands of years. The Romans received much and have forwarded it to us. This
symbol must be destroyed.

Thirdly, it was easy to destroy the country's economy and this is not really relevant.
This was solved with the introduction of the euro and the abandonment of the
currency itself. The country was no longer competitive and the price of products and
services were relatively expensive.

The global elite uses the case of Greece to convince citizens of the euro zone that, if
the country is not saved, the "contagion" spreads across southern Europe up to us,
then the whole Europe goes bankrupt and pushes the whole European economy to
collapse. Greece is not saved, only banks, at the expense of taxpayers.

You are the ones who created the "problem", because those who are familiar with
economics and finance knew and warned already, before entering into the euro, that
the substitution of its own coins by euro would lead to a collapse of southern Europe,
if not most countries could devalue their currency, so that they can be competitive
with exports and tourism. And so this also happened with Italy, Spain and Portugal as
candidates for bankruptcy.

This lasting crisis, which deliberately is getting worse, should lead to the desired
"solution". The population is going to get so insecure, demoralized and afraid, that
will scream for this "solution". EU dictatorship leadership's has already proposed, as
a workaround, which finances and national sovereignty must end, and begin to be
centralized in Brussels.

There must be a European global Ministry of finance and economics that dictate to all
States the statement of revenue and expenditure. The next item is a central
Government of the EU, which determines everything.

The top Bilderberger, Josef Ackermann (Chairman of Deutsche Bank), at a meeting
in Paris, at the Beauharnais Hotel has just confirmed once again that the fiscal
Union, in his opinion, it is inevitable. "I am convinced that won't get only by 211 billion
(German guarantees to the rescue). A fiscal Union Germany will have to pay more."

This means that the German taxpayer will bleed even more and give even more to
banks. Ackermann wants to see established a European financial Commissioner,
who has power over the financial policy of all countries. "The passage of time is too
serious to be left only to politicians," he said. Fantastic the democratic understanding
of the financial criminal. It therefore requires, to violate the rules, the prohibition of
joint and several liabilities and the maintenance of stability criteria.

Indeed, the individual States are dissolved, divided into weak regions, which are
governed by the all powerful, unelected Commissioners, and bureaucrats, controlled
in the background by the financial elite. National parliaments have nothing to say,
now is like that. In addition, it will be created the "necessity" of a European army and
police. The structures and the first blocks have already been created with the

The financial elite, led by the Rothschilds, wants to give to the European super-state
UEDSSR, which is totally undemocratic, the appearance of a democracy. But people
will accept this, because it is properly conditioned by the controlled media which
requires it and enjoying it. Then banks and groups can do what they want.

And what do they want? More for them and less for all of us, a transfer of wealth from
the bottom up, what already has been happening for a long time. People in this
construction get constantly poorer, only become slaves for labour and consumption
and are convinced of how good and how happy they are. Recorded and controlled
society, where a chip is prescribed which is good for us, because we are too stupid to
decide for ourselves. Of course, everything just for our "benefit".

But this "Union" is only an intermediate step to something greater, the actual
objective, the World Union, because as they themselves say "global problems can
only be solved globally". They are creating the global economic crisis and, as a
"solution" must be a world Government with a global financial policy, with a central
global currency, and of course also a police department and a world army. The
precursor already exists, because in that NATO does not differ in nothing from the
police and army is what serves to expand the Empire.

It has always been the aim of the powerful to conquer and dominate the world, as
shown in the story over the millennium, so that there is peace in the world, they say.
Has it worked? No. It was also promised by the emperors to the Romans, when they
would carry and subdue all nations of the world then known, there would be a great
"family", under the Roman leadership and sovereignty, finally, peace and prosperity.
In reality, this only led to endless wars until the empire collapsed and disintegrated.

It is a lie when is said that there will only be peace with the abandonment of national
identity and the merger in a large structure, we become EU citizens or even of the
world. It is precisely the opposite. The globalists and the imperialistic are constantly
in wars, killing millions of people. It has to be, because that is the only way their
hunger for power and greed are met, that's why they speak constantly of growth.

Increasingly big bubbles have to be created until they burst. These cycles of
imperialism and conquest with subsequent collapse and disintegration have occurred
several times in the history of humanity. All empires have failed to megalomania.

This ambition of power only left death and destruction, because it is always the
opposite of what they say. So there's also the wise adage: "who doesn't learn
anything from history are condemned to repeat it".

When will we finally learn, that the elite plan neither must nor can't be achieved. Not a question of Germans against Italians or Greeks, but rather of a small power elite against us all (1% vs. 99%). Centralization and globalization are not the solution, it is not the top technocrat dictatorship, not selfishness and greed, but rather a return to small units, to solidarity, to self-determination and personal responsibility.

For us to see how undemocratic is the EU leadership and in General of politicians in
the Western world, see their dismay by Papandreou to want to leave the Greek
population, as they wanted to decide the future of Greece, instead of being a small
cabal of bankers, politicians and bureaucrats to do it for them. Supposedly we live in
a democracy, however, we should not take this so literally. It is only a saying for
brainwashing and façade, because actually, governments are a powerful
cheerleading of criminals, according to their particular interests.

All Western civilization is corrupted by money. No decency or morality or integrity.
Everyone has their price and the higher its position, the more corrupt and greedy it is.
Mostly politicians who only think one thing, how come can they fill their pockets
during his tenure. The few exceptions, with backbone, are put aside. Gentlemen, who
dare to follow their conscience, are insulted and treated as outlaws.

The representative political representation, as a form of Government, is a show that
is just a trick of the elite to maintain their power. They speak well, all the power
comes from the people, is like that in the constitutions, except that, in reality, we have
no power, only the elite has it. Governments and parliaments are puppets bought,
that do not represent our interests. The real solution is direct democracy, so that we
can determine our own future.

Gerald Celente, American futurologist from New York, says: "For all the kids out
there who believe that they are living in a democracy, the merging of State power
with the power of corporations, by definition, it's called FASCISM. That is what is
happening here. FASCISM. So let's end this farce of democracy. Its union
programme and globalization has failed. And something like sustainable continuous
growth, does not exist. Is an un-existing process. The big lie is: we must save the
. We must support its sinking! What the worldwide protests against the
financial elite show is that very few have too much and too many have too little.
What occurs here is a struggle that has happened in history several times, the first
major war in the new century."

Watch the following youtube-vídeo (8 min) from Gerald Celente:


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