Professionally Cleaned Teeth Helps Avoid Heart Disease | 22Dez2011 13:26:42


Yearly teeth-cleaning at the dentist’s office may cut the risk of heart attack by as much as 24 percent compared with those who avoid the treatment, Taiwanese researchers found.

Those who had their teeth scraped and polished by a dentist or dental hygienist also had a 13 percent lower risk of stroke than those who never had their teeth cleaned, the study found. The research will be presented Tuesday at the American Heart Association meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Teeth cleaning lowers bacteria in the mouth that can cause chronic inflammation, said study author Zu-Yin Chen, a cardiology fellow at the Veterans General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan. Inflammation is associated with the formation of plaque in the blood vessels and hardening of the arteries that can lead to a heart attack or stroke, she said.

“Oral hygiene is very important and we should all help to teach the correct way to maintain oral health,” said Chen, a cardiology fellow at the Veterans General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, in a Nov. 11 e-mail.

Today’s findings are the first to show that regular teeth cleaning helps lower a person’s risk of heart attacks and stroke, she said. More studies, however, are needed to help explain how tooth scaling improves heart and blood vessel function and to see whether it also lowers the risk of other illnesses like cancer and immune diseases, she said.

Nov 13, 2011, By Nicole Ostrow

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