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There’s a conspiracy theory that has many convinced they are slowly being poisoned.

There’s a movement growing worldwide by millions who are certain someone is spraying toxic chemicals on all of us.

from director/producer of “What in the World are They Spraying?”

We’re joined now by two filmmakers producing “The Great Culling” as a follow up to “What in the World are They Spraying?” great film on the geo engineering and chemtrail phenomena, we have it here at the infowars store. That is director Paul Wittenberger and he is joined by the first time filmmaker, Chris Maple.

That’s right

Thanks for coming on guys.

Thanks for having us.

a new film coming 2012

on phone interview with Harold Saive

We don’t feel like the government it’s telling us is the truth, and every-time we discover that they aren’t we are terrified that the government it’s covering up too many things that are really important for us.

Directed by Paul Wittenberger

If you really convince me people were doing this, I would serious drop everything else I was doing and find a way...

By chemtrais you mean a large conspiracy of government. I would drop everything else I was doing and risk my life to block it. Because I believe that’s the right thing to do.

That’s beautiful!

Grants for research are provided by Mr. Bill Gates from his personal funds, David Keith, University of Calgary - 1.1 million

Produced by Paul Wittenberger Chris Maple

Former Senator Karen Johnson

I actually served four terms in the house, so after serving eight years in the house I went ahead and ran and was elected to the senate and served 4 years there. I think there are entities around this world that want control very much, perhaps they would like to not have as much population to deal with. Most of it has to do with money, greed and power. And these people are doing this and have being doing it for years and years now. It’s really just beginning to come to the forefront. People are finally beginning to look up, I can’t believe that for years and years this was going on over their heads and they hardly noticed it, you know. But maybe because they’ve become so bold, people have begun to look at ‘what is in this stuff?’

Harold Saive
I’m here today to report that each of the six rain water samples I collected, contain aluminum, every single one is contaminated. Shows contamination of the air we breathe with aluminum particles.  It’s a neural toxin, Alzheimer's comes to mind, all this childhood diseases that are burgeoning. I can’t think of a worst place for aluminum particles to be located than in the very air we breath, can you? 

Maybe that is something than can be presented to Environmental Protection Committee or ....

The current program tries to actually change the entire globe’s weather and to test how to manipulate the weather systems. Started in the mid 1990‘s, that’s when suddenly ice crystal trails, that had always gone away in seconds max minutes, began to persist.

Even at low levels and hot weather or cold weather or different altitudes and you’ll see trails right beside each other to dissipate or ice crystals next to trails that don’t dissipate turning into huge cloud banks.

My name is Rosalind Peterson, and I’m president of the Agriculture Defense Coalition. What I did is that NASA kept saying that well we have short lived or we have contrails that persist. They kept saying that it was all the same type, they pretended like it was all the same type. When I started photographing I realized that there were different types of jet trails and they formed  different kinds of clouds, they produced different kinds of formations, their persistence was different. So, I begin to document what was going on in the skies with this poster.

My name is Clifford E Carnicom and I live in Santa Fé, New Mexico. Lets go thru this terms of contrail versus aerosol and whatever and try to make sense of this.
You know the only consistent thing I do see? Are actual true contrails. It’s the only thing in the sky on a daily basis that looks the exact same way every time you look at it and no matter how far away it is, no matter what angle you’re looking at, at it.

Look at this, this is beautiful, by the way, this is what a contrail supposes to look like, Paul.

Contrail, exactly. That is a contrail. Oh, that’s beautiful, watch it!

And dissipates at the same speed as the nose moves. The tail evaporates and you know, you need forty some below zero to have that happen, you know. That’s great.

It’s so beautiful.

Former USDA Biologist Francis Mangels
My name is Francis Mangels, I’m a master gardener, 35 years as a scientist at USDA, several degrees, for instance masters in forestry, masters in zoology. They’re talking about the possibilities but they’re doing it already. And all these lab reports that are floating all over the internet prove that they are doing it already. And we have contacted the military and the military just said ‘We don’t have to tell you anything’ and click goes the phone.

I mean how sad, here we are sitting here today looking up, for the most part we have a completely blue sky, no clouds at all and sometimes you can walk out of your home down in the valley in the morning and you’ll see it like this. Within two hours it’s nothing but a milky white, the sun is not coming thru and, you know, it started with a checkerboard that all comes together.

All of this can have an impact on the environment that we require for fresh water and even on your trees. So, we have to think about these schemes that we’re going into, in order to say what impact are they gone have on the environment.
If we breathe increased particulate matter more of us will die. And I don’t know how to be glamourous about that statement. It’s a sheer statement of fact. Increased particulate counts in the atmosphere will have a direct influence on mortality and it will increase it. 

Again it’s the same thing; corporate shutout, military shutout and the response has been that it’s all a hoax. That there is no such thing as chemtrailing.
Well, they have rat poison, where you feed the rat and it doesn’t know until it eats enough takes a week to kill it. That’s a soft kill and rats don’t know it, just keep eating because it didn’t kill them right away. If we give rats poison that kills them on the spot rats don’t want to eat it. They are smart enough when they see the body flop over and die, but if it is slow and it degenerates... Ok the numbers are going up, the government is trying to figure out why everybody is dying or getting sick, you know, why 10 years old are getting neurological disorders.

Dr. Rime E. Laibow M.D.
Because there is a war against you. There’s a war against your health, because your illness is profitable your health is not. There’s a war against your survival because slaves have to be fed and it’s often more convenient to just breed them when you need them. And there’s a war against your information flow and your knowledge because the best slave is the slave who believes he is free. And at this point the corporatists, globalists, genocidal state believes that it owns your body, your mind, your choices and your life and death and I say ‘oh, no, not my body, not anybody's body.’

I’ve heard some people say they want to have some mass culling of the population. I think, if I was gonna do that why would I spray poisons from aircraft I’d just put it in the water or food. So I’m just trying to understand the sequence of thinking that is going on here.

People have a unbelievable range of motives including enormously wonderful altruistic motives and enormously evil motives. So there’s nothing you can tell me about some corporate policy??? I say is impossible, because I believe essentialy any motives are possible.

I mean that’s what I think was the fuel for this film, because once we kept hearing this heavy metal contaminations whether it be on the food or the water, it really sunk in as far as, what a great, what a perfect way to control the population...

verb. When people cull animals, they kill them, especially the weaker members of a particular group of them, in order to reduce or limit their number. cull

“the great culling” exposes Geoengineering

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