The German drinking water is much more contaminated with Uranium then assumed | 14Jan2012 20:51:56


Uranium in fertilizers - progressive contamination of soil and groundwater

Uranium is a highly toxic and radioactive heavy metal. Already very small doses are dangerous. The substance is a common pollutant in fertilizer. There are two routes: first, rich rock formations have a natural content in phosphates, which can contaminate fertilizers when they are not properly cleaned. (Rock formations naturally have a uranium content of 50 to 200 ppm (parts per million)) which also may be a recicling solution used by the nuclear power industry.

Without any warnings on the packaging, commercial fertilizers can contain not just uranium but also other toxic heavy metals like cadmium.

The program Markt station NDR ordered the analyzing of fertilizers for the garden from different brands, and found values scary. (see image above)

The Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency) proposed to the German government a value limit of 50mg uranium per kg phosphate. But still no answer.

So there are no boundary values, not even a retrospective legislation.(The uranium content is not mandatory on product packaging. There are reference ranges, but these are for guidance only, without any legal impact. The reference range for the water company in Germany is 10 micrograms per liter. For Newborns  water should not have more than 2 micrograms per liter.(

In Germany 6-13000 tons of uranium were spread on farmland, which corresponds to 1 kg uranium per hectare. With rainwater the heavy metal is transported to the groundwater. Several wells have been closed due to high concentrations of uranium. In some wells, it has become common practice to add water with less uranium to lower the concentration of uranium in water that supplies the public. There are regions where it is recommended not to use the company-water for the preparation of baby food.((

Dangerous concentrations were also measured in mineral waters, also in brand-waters.((Current information on the subject is found in the homepage of the association Foodwatch (

The situation is not new. The argument of the government for not taking action is that there is still no scientific basis for decisions. At the same time there are voices who say that scientific advances are not desired.

The Julius Kühn Institute is a government institution, which is responsible for this theme. But they seem to avoid taking action as well.((Supposedly once again it is more convenient to ignore the issue, so that a few can continue to make quick profits, while the long-term losses have to be endured by the public.  ( Markt – NDR )


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