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This article is more cruel and sarcastic than a good 007 movie from James Bond. In reality it seems that the (secret) reserves of oil and gas in Greece are the ones in the crosshairs of the global Power Elite and have to be stolen from the Greek people.

All this is only possible because also from the Greek side there are criminal and corrupt politicians, bankers, people from media and others that work side by side with the international High Finance.

Is it the reason that for 2 or 3 years we’ve been hearing that some Greek islands (e.g. Santorini) are for sale?

Is it also possible that such (secret) reserves of oil and gas also exist in Portugal and/or Ireland?

For me it is NOT astonishing that the Mainstream Media are not publishing this news because they are aligned and controlled by the High Finance.


Greece:  Is the truth completely different?

Do all politicians lie to us on the subject of Greece? It has become clearer and clearer that the alleged conspiracy theory is real. It’s about oil and gas.

Is it the case that behind the billionaire poker to bail out Greece is not only the fear for Euro’s future, but a totally different plan? On the ground beneath the area of Epanomi near and north of the Greek city Thessaloniki are huge proven reserves of untapped hydrocarbons, natural gas with a value exceeding 300 billion Euros. This entire gas field only is sufficient to settle at once Greece’s debt. This gas field found 30 years ago was drilled - and sealed again. However, it is not the only field: there are also alleged oil and gas reserves along the coast of Crete, Rhodes and in Cypriot waters.

A secret conspiracy of death

It is surprising that neither the EU nor the International Monetary Fund or the Troika have ever discussed this with Greece, in this poker debt over the massive deposits of fossil fuel. After all it does involve large sums of money. Why is it then that Athens is required to reduce the amounts paid to pensioners and lower the minimum wage, while the oil and gas fields are never mentioned? The answer can only come from a much-awaited legal process issued by Athens’ district attorney. It was rumoured for a long time that the Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis resigned in October 2009 due to pressure from Western states, because he would not authorize drillings by the consortia of American and French oil corporations and because he tried to help the Russians in building the pipeline ("South Stream").

Allegedly he was threatened with death by favouring consortia of oil from Russia and want to boycott the poker pipeline of NATO plans. Only a few days ago this sounded like an absurd conspiracy theory and totally unbelievable. Except that now it seems that after the rumour the facts appear. Athens’ public prosecutor of undertook investigations, after the Russian Secret Service had provided documents to the respective Greek Secret Service EYP. According to them, since April 2008 there were 20 murders by order of the western states, which constantly watched and spied on the life of Karamanlis. They were equipped with C4 explosives, Tokarev type pistols, night vision devices and electronic equipment for listening to police radio. They were always available to assassinate Karamanlis by murder order. On February 5, 2009 Karamlis was informed by the Secret Service EYP on this situation, and that his talks with Russian Head of State Putin had been heard by a "Western Secret Service." And the Orthodox Christian politician Karamanlis, who, in order to get out of the difficult economic crisis, had proposed to Putin, also an Orthodox Christian, a strong cooperation, was threatened with death by the Western Allies and Karamanlis resigned. His successor was the politician Papandreou, born in the USA. Under his direction oil concessions were given to U.S. companies.

Paramilitary Civil Defence

During the investigations of the Greek prosecutor it has now been made public, that the Western Allies were intended to destabilize Greece, so that the political leaders would become "more obedient." It was scheduled to kidnap businessmen and to cause social disorders. To this end, a secret army was created, which since then has become independent. But it was not only Ethnos Athens newspaper who reported on self elected paramilitary militia, which form "storm troopers" in the country and want to take justice on their own. Also the Centre for Arms Control Greek (EKEO), which is responsible for the control of bearing arms, forms, in the image of the American Civil defence, paramilitary units in the country and encourages police and security bodies to join them. This action also is directed to recruit young people.
Original article Griechenland

Published in Kopp Exklusiv 13/2012 by Torben Grombery.
Translation: Gustavo Cudell



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