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The Bilderberg Group annual meeting took place from 31st May to the 3rd of June  in Chantilly, Virginia, USA.

Initially it had been published that the meeting would be held in Haifa / Israel, but this was a false information.

The Bilderberg Group had already had its annual meeting in Chantilly / Virginia - USA (in the Marriott Hotel) twice, the last time in 2008, the year of the election of Obama in the U.S.A..

This year there are elections in the U.S., and I think this is why the Bilderberg Group had its meeting in the U.S.A. again.

The Bilderberg Group joins all the POWERFULS of the western world of Politics, Military, Banking, Media, Industrialists and "Opinion makers" although in the last years there has been participants from China, Russia and Turkey. This powerful people decide over the destiny (of power) of our planet (wars, civil wars and revolutions, crises / financial collapses, imposed austerities and manipulations of our society).

In the last years there has been more information circulating in the internet concerning this dark and criminal group.

Unlike in the past, the Bilderberg organization has now published a list of all participants at the beginning of the meeting, I think because of the enormous public pressure in recent years.

The participants and guests at the Bilderberg meetings have a special mission to fulfill on our planet, that's why they are requested to participate.

See who are the participants at this link Bilderberg meeting 2012.


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