Iceland will triple their economic growth after purging the parasite bankers! | 10Set2012 16:42:48


Iceland has done away with a corrupt and parasite government. Imprisoned those responsible for the financial crisis. Began drafting a new constitution made by them and for them. Today, by mobilizing, it can be the most prosperous country of the West under a tenacious debt crisis.

It’s Icelandic citizenship, whose revolt in 2008 was silenced in Europe for fear that many take note. But they did it, on the strength of a nation, what began as a crisis became an opportunity. An opportunity that the anti-globalization movements have observed with attention and have put forward as a realistic model to be followed.

We consider the history of Iceland as one of the good news of the present times. Especially after knowing that according to European Commission forecasts, this country of the north Atlantic, will close 2011 with an increase of 2,1% and that in 2012, this growth will be 1,5%, which will more than triple that of the euro area countries. The growth trend will increase even in 2013, when it is expected to reach 2,7%. Analysts assert that the Icelandic economy is showing signs of imbalance. And that uncertainty is still present in the markets. However, it started creating jobs again and public debt has been declining in a palpable way.

This small country in the peripheral arctic has rejected to rescue banks. It let them fall and applied justice on those who had caused some setbacks and financial abuses. The nuances of Icelandic history in recent years are multiple. Although some of the results transcend all social movement has achieved, little has been said of the effort that these people have made. The limits reached with the crisis and the many battles that are still unresolved.

However, what is noteworthy is the story about a people able to start writing your own future, without being at the mercy of what is decided in offices far from reality citizen. This although there are still holes to fill and dark spots to illuminate.

The Icelandic revolt has not caused other victims that politicians and men of finance usually talk about. Has not shed any drop of blood. There’s been no Arab Spring. Not even a media trail, because the media has gone over it on tiptoe. However, has achieved its objectives in a clean and exemplary way.

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