Jesse Ventura battles a Jewish reporter on Fox | 23Out2012 16:43:16


this is a clip that is not often seen. Jesse makes easy work of this reporter, the reporter gets mad and walks off the set!!!

JV: Well, why are you not allowed to ask anything about it? Why when you approach the government... I approach the government and ask questions.
BK: I read everything possible. I watched all the hearings...
JV: You have not!
BK: You're right. I haven't read. You've looked at my reading list. The view of the 9/11 report and you think it's a piece of fiction.
JV: No! I believe everything in it. I believe that my governments never lied to me have they? Let's see, where should we start? The gulf of Tonkin incident? Now that took us into war in Vietnam. They've now admited it was a lie. So 58 thousand of my generation were killed based upon a lie. But that doesn't count does it?
BK: What does that have to do with 9/11?
JV: That shows that we were lied to go to war. We've been doing it for years. We will continue to do it. The Gulf of Tonkin incident, did you believe it? Oh, you were probably weren't alive then.
BK: I apologize for not being alive then. It won't happen again.
JV: I was alive then. And I remember our president sitting on tv telling us; our boys are floating in the water. And it turned out to be false.
BK: And because of that you'll never believe anything.
JV: No! But they lie all the time. Have you been in government? No! I have... Why do we have the CIA embedded in all state government? When their mission statement says that they're not supposed...
BK: You changed the question, you don't think the CIA has our best interests in mind. You don't think our intelligence...
JV: I never said any of that.
BK: But your questions and conclusions only lead to that one statement. You think everyone is against America. Are the governments against America?
JV: No! That's not true. Always remember, dissention is the greatest form of patriotism. Tom Jefferson said that.
BK: Tom! You were alive then?
JV: No! You gonna insult me some more?
BK: Argh, I got to go to radio again. Alright Jesse, take care.
SD (Steve Doocy): He's leaving.
GC: Jesse I do have to say that I think Brian probably has read every word from the whole 9/11 situation. And he's passionate about it as you can see.
JV: Well, I am too.
GC: And I agree with you that there's been covert activity over time no doubt! Where the government has not told its people every single that's gone on, I don't think anyone would be surprised.
JV: They rarely do.
GC: But when it comes to 9/11 are you so sure?
JV: No!... No! But I ask questions and what perturbs me is that you don't get answers. Nobody wants to talk about it. This event that changed our entire history of our country. Why aren't we allowed to discuss it? Why aren't we allowed to ask questions? The moment you do you get a reaction like he gave me; “How dare you?! How dare you question your government?!”
GC: So what are your questions?
JV: My questions are simple. I worked in demoliton. I'm a former frogman. Underwater demolition team. I know how to blow things up. How can the buildings fall at the rate of gravity? Basic physics tells you that can't happen.
GC: Yeah.
JV: Then, how did the cement get so pulverized? Just simply from falling it was blown into dust? What energy was required to pulverize all that cement?
GC: So what conclusion do you draw?
JV: I don't know! But I certainly question and yet Im attacked when I question. You notice how if you bring up 9/11 and you have any questions about it immediately everyone attacks you over it. Tells you you're crazy. Calls you Rosie o'Donnell. Insult you. Why? Because I ask questions?
SD: I think a lot of people, Jesse, figure; Well you know that 9/11 report came out. It said it was those guys over there. Was those Al Qaeda guys. So people just go; Ok, they've formulated an opinion, in reason manner, and that's what happened. Now, they can't know for sure that all that happened per se but, you know, you do ask a lot of questions and that's what your book...
JV: Is about!
SD: “Don't Start the Revolution Without Me” is about; Asking questions.
JV: And I thought in our country that was good. In this country I thought, before 9/11, it was good to ask questions. Challenge authority. But now apparently we've changed to where you're not allowed to challenge authority. You have to accept what the government tells you. Keep your mouth shut and stay in line. Well, that's not the America that I served in the military. I severd, because to me, defense of free speech, popular speech, the first amendment doesn't need to be defended. It's unpopular speech why we have that amendment. You question 9/11 you're asking unpopular speech today.
GC: So you would also like to question the Obama administration. It wouldn't just be the former Bush administration.
JV: Oh, I'd like to question everybody on it. Because to me it doesn't... what happened that day, there are so many unanswered questions. And even the relatives, you saw the protests at the 9/11.
And since when do you bring in witnesses that don't have to testify in open, when they are brought in closed door rooms and allowed to testify together?



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