Fluoride Discussion with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Osmunson | 31Out2012 22:20:49


JM (Joseph Mercola): Welcome everyone I’m here today with Dr Bill Osmunson, who is on my right and he is a leader in the fluoride opposition movement He’s been a full time dentist for over thirty years In the pacific northwest And in addition to dentistry, he has two Interesting other characteristics which you wouldn’t necessary know he has a masters in public health which particularly suit him for this particular topic because he really has a credential degree in public health and that’s really a  significant component for how fluoride (?) our culture but in addition to that, he has an interesting history. He’s a MK. For those of you Who don´t know what that is, He is a Missionary Kid. In other words, his parents were missionaries in Africa and he grew up in Africa – I believe in Kenya – at least part of the time So he’s got an interesting perspective And have seen life from another perspective Than most of us have the opportunity to do.

So today, we’re going to focus on fluoride It’s impact and some of the research he’s been doing to really come to a solution to remove from our water supply at a different level than we’re positioned but I think it’s a really effective one he’s come up with some really surprising and solid information that you need to know that because some of the initiatives that  we’re going to be establishing this year and allow you to become involved in a local community group and we’ll talk a little bit more about that, later in the conversation. But welcome Bill.

BO (Bill Osmunson): Thank you very much, nice to be here, with you. So why don’t you… I think most people viewing this understand that fluoride is believed to be useful to protect against dental caries I promoted fluoridation for 25 years and over the last five to eight years, it was really under the coaching of my patients said: Bill, you need to look at the science of fluoridation once again. The research on fluoride is mixed, as far as a benefit If you look closely at the studies and you combine them altogether, I’m convinced that if there is a benefit, it´s no longer there in part because we’re ingesting too much fluoride Even if a person says ‘yeah, I believe in fluoride’ I think it’s wonderfull and reduces decay…. You have to start looking at ‘how much should we get’?
And I was looking down at this basket of toothpaste and I said ‘ok Bill, you’re a nutricionist; you got your masters in Public Health in nutrition. What does it say?
So I reached down and I picked this… It wasn’t this; this one I picked up from a hotel as a gift from the hotel and I started reading the label on it ‘keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age’ Ok, that sounds reasonable. And adults apply a pea size amount of… A pea size amount and contact a poison control center if you swallow…

Hang on a second. Hang on a moment. How much… I took of the lid. I started pea sized amounts, put it all on a piece of paper calculated all, all it was and ‘oh my goodness!’ A pea size amount… Because I did a regular pea and I came up with half as much. What they’re talking about, You probably see it over here… that’s too much… That’s about the pea size that should be used. A tiny, tiny baby pea size of toothpaste because you’re supposed to get 150 brushings out of something like this.

You know you see advertises of it You’re going to see it They’re going to have it like this You get that dairy queen little curve over the top Huh, now I got my dairy queen ice cream cup. But that’s nothing like you’re supposed to be doing.
That’s not…

JM: That’s a week’s or a month’s worth of dose, right?

BO: No, more than that.

JM: That’s more than a month’s?

BO: Absolutely.

JM: Let’s get a photo of this; that’s more than a month’s the one they use for marketing illustrating purposes is more than a month’s worth of toothpaste
that you’re supposed to use according  to the label instructions And if you don’t believe us, read your toothpaste Or go to the store if you’re smart enough
To not have this in your house. Go to the store and read it.

BO: Yeah, its absolutely… The FDA permits variable wording. But that’s basically what’s there. Well that and the research literature Works out to a quarter milligram of fluoride. This water here happens to be Chicago water out of the faucet. This contains a quarter milligram of fluoride There seems to be a disconnect to me there. Ok. They tell me not to swallow a quarter milligram of fluoride in my toothpaste but they’re forcing you to swallow a quarter milligram in one glass of water. In China, they don’t allow fluoride to be put into the water Because it’s too toxic and it causes damage And so what they do Is they take their waste product of their phosphate fertilizer industry, they ship it into the United States…

JM: Because fluoride. There is where most of the fluoride is taken from.

BO: There you go. so we drink, but they don’t allow  Now, if you took that same fluoride…

JM: So we’re using their’s because of the cost  or do we use it…

BO: We’re using their’s because we don’t make enough

JM: Oh, we don’t make it… So we’re using ours, that we produce in the US
And we’re importing waste from china to put into our water?

BO: Correct.

JM: That’s interesting.

BO: Because, we’re so though we can drink what they don’t allow in their water
Anyway… And not only that it’s contaminated… ours is and their’s is. With lead and arsenic, radium nucleotides and Aluminum and all kinds of things in it Because it’s not a pharmaceutical great that’s  Put into the water. So this area of brain damage Is so staggering to me that’s it’s hard for me to gasp for air sometimes.
This latest research was published by our national institute of health, here in our USA.

JM: Which is as prestigious as you can get for a certifying authority and publishing research.

BO: Absolutely. And it was done by their center for research and disease control,
along with Shangai University. The researchers very good quality… Uh… Rarely have we done a blood serum study on fluoride and what it does  and what the IQ is in the relationship… And in this aspect, and I’m not saying that anything out of China is great I’m just saying in this aspect their health departments have actually done research work where ours have failed to do. And that’s typicall, world over, the Europeans don’t fluoridate their water hardly at all, Ireland does some. There are some fluoride assaults For instance, in Spain and in France but that’s reduced to about fifty percent… down to I think is around twenty percent now so they’re cutting back The dental associations in Europe don’t recommend fluoride supplements anymore we all agree, there’s no dispute on this by anyone that I know that too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis.

But dental fluorosis is shown by little white spots In the teeth, brown spots in the teeth. This kind of thing. And if it´s just in one tooth and not in the other teeth, it may not be the fluoride. But it should be similar teeth that have been developing at similar times then that would be the fluoride. The national research council says that fluoride is not beneficial after the age of eight. Because our teeth are finished forming Systemic fluoride… Before the age of about one,  Mother’s milk has virtually no fluoride in it. And so we shouldn’t have before the age of one we shouldn’t have it after the age of eight. So we give fluoride in the community for everybody, in the hopes that maybe the children between the ages of one and eight will have a benefit. So one of the concerns I have is the brain. Our brain… The economic impact of brain damage, We’re looking to about five hundred to a thousand dollars per less income for every IQ point that has dropped… When we know…

JM: That´s a powerful point; I just want to emphasize it. A thousand dollars a year income for every IQ point.   

BO: Yes.


JM: You know, this not a really great economy so that’s going to start to ad up pretty quickly.

BO: Seventy five percent of Americans now get fluoridated water. But about sixty five percent, maybe a little bit more have artificially fluoridated water. In other words, fluoride naturally occurs in water in a fair amount. Specially in volcanic regions and in harder water areas. There is fluoride naturally occurring sometimes to higher levels where the EPA will require fluoride to be removed or diluted with other water, so…

JM: Is there a significant difference from this naturally occurring fluride Vs the one which is artificially…

BO: Absolutely. And this is one area that the EPA  does not differentiate and they should. Naturally occurring fluoride in hard water areas often has a calcium fluoride which… Calcium and fluoride love each other. They really bond well and it’s not absorbed as well in the body.  Whereas the higher fluoricidistic acid, which is the waste product which is put into the water that dissolves better, maybe not as good as it should, but it does dissolve better and it tends to be absorbed in the body more soviet(?) The safety factor calcium fluoride Is about a thousand times less toxic as the hidrofluoricidic acid in the sodium fluoride. Almost…

JM: Largely related to this absorption?

BO: Yep. Almost all of the studies that are done are using sodium fluoride and not the contaminated waste product that’s put into the water so that’s one of the problems with the studies.

JM: One of the things I neglected to mention was that you were a full time practicing dentist, you took time off, physically took time off you’re semi-retired with no other benefits because as a practicing professional your  only income is from your practice. You took time off, stop receiving income and committed yourself full time kind of like a missionary work to this fluoride process and you’ve done that for how long now? A few years?

BO: Five years, about five years now.

JM: Five years. So you really committed to this in a very significant way, far more than most other professionals have done. So, you’re really a champion from that perspective and in that time off that you’ve taken to  commit yourself to this research and dedication in seeking to make a change at a legislative level either local, state or federal; you’ve encountered this research put it together and that’s what you’ve came by to share now.

BO: Absolutely. The studies are incredible on the reduction…  In success in marriage… The reduction on education High school success is much lower,
college success is much lower, when you start reducing IQ  you’re going to have much more increase in crime So do you… yes, when we go to compare counties
we find that there’s a seventy one percent  increase in crime in counties where there’s fluoridation We look at states, we find there’s a 100%  Increase in crime in states with fluoridation. Where does this whole thing first start? Before conception. Because it’s that sperm and that egg that are having damage from the fluoride. When they get together in the fluoridated areas, you’ll have more Down’s Syndrome.  We’re going to know more and more in time of these other factors that are damaging that sperm and egg. The problem that we have with nature is the fact that the fluoride crosses the placenta to the fetus, developing fetus. So, when they do autopsies of aborted fetuses, intentionally aborted fetuses, they find that – especially in China where they do late term abortions – they find that the development of the brain is significantly different
in the fluoridated communities and the non fluoridated communities. I don’t drink fluoridated water if I can ever help it. Do I bate in it? I don’t really have any side effects that I know. I avoid when I… I don´t live in a fluoridated community. Most of the time, when I’m in Seattle, I’m in a  Fluoridated community. I avoid toothpaste. Those are the two… fluoridated toothpaste. I use a non fluoridated toothpaste. You’re coming out with a new toothpaste That I would highly recommend. I’ve tasted it I’ve looked at the ingredients, it’s excellent. So that’s what I would definitely use and I highly recommend the product that you have in non fluoridated toothpaste.

JM: But there’s others, you know? And this is a good one There are others with special herbs that intent to enhance its benefits and (?) in some of the others But the key to take home message is that you got to remember this toothbrush that is  a month’s worth of fluoride. A month’s worth. If you like that much toothpaste, fine. But don’t use the fluoridated stuff. You just can’t use it. You’re just asking for trouble because invariably you swallow some. It’s physiological impossible not to swallow this stuff.

BO: It absorbs through the skin.

JM: Yeah, and if you’re obsessive compulsive and you’re using this much, you’ve got to take your child to the emergency room by the recommendations label. And anyone should have the opportunity and freedom to choose using fluoride in their child. But I think you’ve presented some very compelling evidence; we provide others on the site, that there is no benefit in doing this Don’t let them swallow it –clearly – but don’t use The fluoride toothpaste and you don’t have to worry about this issue. But for whatever reason, if you choose to believe that this isn’t true, and you’re using one thirty of this amount then make sure they don’t swallow it.



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