POISONED HORSES: Is Fluoride Killing Our Animals? | 08Jan2013 13:22:05


So, if fluoride is so bad for our children, our babies, what is it doing to our plants,  our other beings? Our other loved ones?

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS
Former President of the I.A.O.M.T.

It poisons them. In my documentary ‘Poisoned Horses’, Kathy Justice talked about her prized broodmares… A broodmare will drink about 30 gallons of water when it’s nursing and her broodmares  were the ones who became poisoned first. Because they were drinking fluoridated tap water. And it also poisoned her dogs. So, it poisons everything it comes in contact with. Whether it’s a dog or a parakeet, or a horse. Doctors… The horses were proven to be poisoned, by a veterinary pathologist, Leonard Cook, at the Cornell University.

She sent bones from three different horses. One was hers and two were other people’s, drinking the same water. And what he did, was he analyzed the amount of fluoride in the bone and he sliced the bone up and he did histological examination of it and… You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. You can look at this and see clearly this is abnormal bone and that the only thing that causes to be like that is fluoride.

And the conclusion, published in the period scientific literature was these horses were fluoride poisoned.

How many pets, you know, did you hear got hit?

Oh, when it got… When it hit this place, it’s always associated with… The big thing they found… You hear about the dogs going crazy, eating the Baby and stuff like that… Well, they had a horse…  They didn’t tell me about this until after  I made the video. They had a horse named Sienna, which Wayne, whenever he walked by,  the horse would try to take a chunk of him.  And a horse can bite pretty hard, you know? The horse teeth, they’re not friendly.  And Sienna turned from a mean horse, trying to biting, to a lover, in the space of less than a year.

When they took the fluoride away – and they had this Horse for decades – but it went from a mean horse To a friendly horse. And another horse did the same.   So, you see it almost hurts when he says ‘I almost  thought of selling him’. But that was his fav…

How did they removed… what did they use?

Well, Kathy… How did they removed it from the water? A) They  went over and got water from the river. They got one of their farmers to give them of their allotment, from the river. And B), Kathy put together a bunch of citizens who went down and made the liars tell their lies and then they stood up and showed their lie. Is it the only way you can sell this Is if you just believe the lie and then put your head down and say ‘yeah, they said it was OK’. But Kathy knew more about fluoride than the promoters, and she educated; they had meeting after meeting with more than  100 people attending in a town of 6.000 – that’s pretty good – and so when the water board began to consider this after they’ve heard the lies and then they were confronting. OK, you say this, how about that? You say this, how about that? Is the product actually fluoride or is it hydrofluoric acid? Etc, etc, etc.

And time and all done, she showed the Water Board the autopsies of her prized horses and asked them
‘do you know how much that horse was worth?’  They said, ‘no, don’t know…’ She says ‘I buy him for 30.000 dollars, they sell him for half a million, after they’ve won all the shows. And you’ve killed four of them’.



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