Bilderberg 2013 Meeting will be held this year on days 6-9 of June in Britain | 07Jun2013 13:00:33


The Bilderberg Group joins the POWERFUL darkest people of the Western world (though in recent years elements of China, Russia and Turkey have participated), in Politics, Military, Banking, Mainstream Media, Industrial and "Opinion makers" who decide on the fate (Power) of our planet (wars, civil wars and revolutions, crisis / financial collapses, imposed austerities, epidemics and manipulations of our society).

These meetings are held with the utmost secrecy, but thankfully, in recent years, due to alertness of the public opinion, the organizers of this event have been required report its realization by the mainstream media, though in such a way as to minimize and make this group, which comprises the most powerful men and women on the planet, appear as a mere harmless "think tank" and having simple "talks by the fireplace".

As already circulating in the Portuguese mainstream media those Portuguese attending the Bilderberg meeting are:

- Francisco Pinto Balsemão, who has attended 30 times (1981, 1983-1985 and 1987-2012).
- António José Seguro (the Portuguese "François Hollande") - Head of the Portuguese Socialist Party.
- Paulo Portas - Foreign Minister of Portugal and Chief of CDS Party.

By this participation we can already predict what will be the next Portuguese puppet government puppet controlled from outside Portugal, notably by international finance.

Citizens do not know who to vote for and the reason is very simple. People feel, and rightly so, that it doesn't matter in whom they vote because all politicians lie and all end up having the same policy, which is to blindly obey the big capital and enslave people, human beings. So it's no worth voting for parties, whether large or small.

There are three possibilities:

A – DON'T VOTE: it is not advisable because it leaves the decision to the other.
B - VOTE BLANK: seems the most suitable solution, but it is not advisable because the polling stations distribute blank ballots and place the "little crosses" where it suits them.
C - VOTE INVALID OR NULL: this is the most suitable solution in the current context.

Vote in any party is a vote in favor of the CURRENT SYSTEM of the so-called representative democracy that does not work, because it is totally subverted and corrupted.

This applies not only Portugal but to all Western countries where there are elections, whether parliamentary, presidential or local elections. It may seem radical but such is reality.

To monitor and have more information about the meeting search Google for "Bilderberg 2013."

View the list of the Portuguese who took part in meetings of the Bilderberg from 1954 to 2012.!/2012/07/e-tu-balsemao-lista-de-bilderbergs.html

If this article sparks your interest, please forward it to all your friends and acquaintances. Tomorrow may be too late.

Gustavo Cudell

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