Portugal: Portas is back, Seguro is coming in and our codfish is on the way out | 13Jul2013 16:42:20


1. Paulo Portas resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs on July 2, 2013 and said that his decision was irrevocable. A few days later, he went back on his decision and came back with more power than before and was awarded for his attitude. Although repeatedly saying and affirming that he is "very Portuguese and that Portugal's interests are above all", he acted in a way, that Portugal is now closer to a 2nd EU/IMF bailout and the interest on the Portuguese debt has already begun to rise!

I recall that this year, Paulo Portas attended the Bilderberg meeting in Hertfordshire (Britain) from the 6th to the 9th of June, at which he might have received clear orders to destabilize Portugal and to put Portugal closer to the 2nd bailout. Portugal and the Portuguese people still have many assets that can be "privatized" and there are still a lot of blood and energy to be taken from the Portuguese people.
 2. Cavaco Silva, with his bizarre attitude of imposing that the PS Socialist Party should participate in the government, is also making António José Seguro (Portuguese’s François Hollande) or his PS party, a part of the government. I also think that he (Insecure Tozé) received orders at the Bilderberg meeting to act this way.

The people, of which I am part, had no say at all! The democracy, about which these people (puppets) of both parties speak, has never existed, nor does exist! Representative democracy does not work because it is corrupt and criminal. With this destabilization caused by Paulo Portas, the sovereignty of Portugal received another strong thrust. Paulo Portas, who considers himself so Portuguese, in my view, does not serve Portugal but the Powerful Elites and their puppets in Brussels.
 3. And what about the COD, what does it have to do with this? On July 4, 2013 (two days after the resignation of Paulo Portas), the Newspaper Expresso published the attached message - Portugal supported the use of phosphates in the curing of the cod. It was decided by the European Commission the use of phosphates in the traditional curing of the cod. Paulo Monica, the general secretary of the Association of Codfish Industrialists ( (AIB), said that:
 Besides the consequences in terms of costs, he also points out that, the injection of these chemicals in the cod will modify the texture, the color and even the flavor of the cod. - The curing is not  developed in such a way, that the final product has the flakes so obviously apparent. – In an additional statement of the AIB, the association refers that "the Portuguese Government gave in all the way and would not defend the initial position of complete opposition to the addition of chemicals in the traditional curing of the cod." 

The attitude of the Portuguese Government allowing the use of phosphates in the curing of the cod is amazing and at first sight not so understandable.  For many years, the Portuguese Government was opposed, and in my opinion, rightly so, to this measure and suddenly they allow it. I wonder who, from the government received perks / money to give in to this blackmail from the European Union? France and Ukraine did not accept. In Portugal, very few people got angry and spoke out against this criminal act. What is clear is the SYNCHRONICITY of the resignation of Paulo Portas and the authorization of the use of phosphates in the curing of the cod.

The people, of which I am part, was so stunned by the dismissal of Paulo Portas and the eventual fall of the government that the news about the cod passed by the side. It is important for the Powerful Elite (the High International Finance) and their puppets in Brussels, to destroy one of the oldest traditions of the Portuguese people with it’s faithful friend, the cod. A people, from whom traditions are taken away, it ends up not having any HISTORY at all.  A people that does not have any more HISTORY AND TRADITIONS, loses its identity and consequently loses its critical thinking and self-confidence.

Then it is much easier to manipulate and enslave them.

When economic interests override the rule of law and human rights, this is called FASCISM. And, unfortunately, this is what a few men want to impose on the free world and also here in Portugal. But they will not prevail, because good has always overlapped and will continue to overlap evil.

If this article sparkled your interest, please forward it to all your friends and acquaintances. Tomorrow may be too late.

Gustavo Cudell
Link to Expresso’s article


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