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Ok. So far on Lifeclass, we’ve covered four of our five cards in our poker hand with Pastor Rick Warren. Chemistry, connections, circumstances and consciousness – all hands are dealt.


Ok. You say the fifth card makes or breaks your entire hand. What do you all think it is?


Very good!

You got a smart group.

Smart group. Choices.

Choices are the wild card. And the wild card can change the suit and the number of any other card. So I may have been dealt certain things in my chemistry and certain things in my connections and certain things in my circumstances. And things I didn’t even control , things that people said to me and were put into my mind. Tapes and things like that. But one of the greatest gifts God gave us was the gift of free choice. So, I didn’t choose my chemistry, but I can choose to get healthier, ok? I didn’t choose my first connections, but I can choose to built healthy relationships now. I didn’t choose my circumstances, but I can pray and I can trust God and I can believe that all things work together for good for those who love God.

Yes. Yes.

I believe I can rise above it and I didn’t choose what everybody told me growing up. The things that I was told about myself… certain things I was told were simple lies. But I can choose what I think about today.

Right. That’s your choice.

Yeah. So, the choices of life really is the wild card where god says “now, I’ve given you this. Let’s see what are you gonna do with that you’ve been given?”

Ok, so, I’m looking at Facebook. Angela Ramsey Lockhart says “I always feel judged. I feel the very things that make me who I am are the reasons people look at me differently. Feel like a square peg trying to it in a round hole”. And then I look at Brooke underneath who says “Feeling like I’m less than others due to my parents never being in my life”. Ok. So, let me just say to all of you on Facebook right now, to everybody who has a complaint on the tip of your tongue. I want you to just shut your mouth and watch this tape. Because Pastor Rick had one request for tonight’s show – to include a man who he says is one of the best examples of winning the hand you’re dealt. This is gonna shut your mouth. It’s gonna shut your mouth. Just close it right now. Take a look at this.
Born in Australia without arms or legs, 30 year old Nick Vujicic has become a symbol of triumph against all odds. His inspiring youtube videos have been watched over 100 million times.

It’s a lie to think that you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think that you’re not worth anything.

But the road to self acceptance was excruciating for Nick. For years he was harassed and tormented at school. When he was 10, nick attempted suicide. After years of feeling worthless and alone, Nick’s awakening came while reading an article about a disabled man who refused to let physical limitations hold him back. In that moment, Nick says, he discovered the power to take control of his life. And he has. Today Nick surfs, he snorkels, he golfs and plays soccer. He’s travelled to 44 countries with his message of hope. Even the worst part of your life can come together for the good. And less than a year ago, Nick married the love of his life and danced at their wedding.

Nick’s in our audience tonight. Say hello to Nick. We’re standing up for Nick. Now, this is what’s so unbelievable. As you’ve heard people complain about the spots on their face and people complain about not having a boyfriend and not being able to have the mates of their life… What happened to you that you were able to take all of … Take your chemistry, being born with no arms and no legs, take your connections, your relationships, your life circumstances, your state of consciousness and then choose, make the conscious choice that you were going to take all of that, which the rest of the world looks at, you know, undeniably, as a pretty bad hand… And that you were gonna turn it into something… you were gonna be exalted by it?

What happened to you that you were able to do that?

Oprah, I know that you love to think out of the box and have things outside of the box on your show. And I know that you love illustrations. So if I may illustrate in about 180 seconds, can I do something a little bit crazy? But it will be powerful.

Go right ahead.

Is that cool? You got a camera behind me, right? I got to show you. Come, come, come. This step right here… Is there enough light here? The chemistry… I was born without arms and legs. The chemistry I could not change in my life. I know that God didn’t give me this pain, but what the enemy tried to use for bad, he turned into good. Then, the connections… I want to tell Porsche… I’m a guy. I love cars, ok? And I love Porsches more than Ferraris, ok? And I want everyone to know that we are wonderfully  made and until you actually understand that we are all wonderfully made from God… I want you to know that you will always be trapped and chained and you will be stopped; but when you have the incredible power of faith in action, nothing holds you back. And you’re beautiful just the way that you are. No worries. For me, I felt the connection. For me, in my life, I’m thinking “man, I’m not gonna get married. I can’t even hold my wife’s hand. What connection am I gonna have?”. But you know what? All things come together for the good for those who love Him. Then… This is a little bit high. I’m gonna break my arm, man. This is pretty crazy.

“Break my arm”.
“I’m gonna break my arm”.

Circumstances – being born without arms and legs, man, it’s all about choice. When you asked me what it was. I had parents who were my heroes. They always said “you can either be angry for what you don’t have or be thankful for what you do have – Do your best and God will do the rest”. And then consciousness… Because I gave my life to Lord Jesus Christ and the renewing of my mind. I knew that I could be unstoppable.


Hello, hello, hello, hello. I love you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.  
Amazing. Amazing.

You can do it. You can.

I believe it. I believe it.

Now, I mean, in a show a couple weeks ago, a woman was talking about how she was worried about whether she was intimidating guys or how she was going to find the right man. I’m sure all of you have that story about “I can’t find the right person”. What made you believe that you were gonna find the love of your life? And I hear that your wife is now pregnant.

We have a boy.

You have a baby?

She’s 21 weeks pregnant.

21 weeks pregnant.

Yes, 21 weeks pregnant. I mean I never imagined in my whole life that I would ever find someone who truly completes me. As a kid, I really thought that I have no purpose, there is no meaning to my life. If I’m just gonna have pain in my life, then why continue to go on?

Is that what you were thinking at 10, when you wanted to kill yourself?

Yeah. Because I actually put my hope in, as some other people put hopes in different things and “oh, I wish my circumstance was different, I wish I was born different”.

And what do other people think.


And for me, in my life, as a kid, I’m thinking “man, I’m going to be a burden to my parents, I’m not gonna have a job, I’m not gonna have a future”. And I’m like “man, I’m just gonna kill myself”. So I tried to drown myself. And by the grace of God… Parents, I want you to know something very, very important. If it wasn’t for my parents, my heroes, who planted those seeds of love and truth and hope in my life, I wouldn’t be here today. When your teenager hears you say “you’re beautiful” and they put a “do not disturb” sign on their door… Do you know what I’m talking about? I want you to respect that, but go through their window. You have to. Because… In my life I wanted something more. Even if I had arms and legs or I was the richest person on earth… I’ve had a billionaire come up to me and cry on my shoulder and say “help me. My 14 year old daughter was called ugly at school. She doesn’t eat, she won’t eat. She’s in hospital, make her eat”. Hope itself, not just for this life, but the next. You want to know why I’m happy and content and full of joy, is knowing that no matter what five cards come up in my life, as long as that fifth choice is understanding by faith that my heavenly father owns all the chips in the poker game. So, no matter what we have, we’re playing with God’s chips. For me in my life, I know that people need hope. And what we’re looking for… money, drugs, sex, alcohol, a different circumstance, a new relationship… Oh, if I just was wired differently… No. Stop looking everywhere and just look up.

Beautiful. Beautiful.

Love you.

Wow. Thank you, Nick. We’ll be right back. We’ll be right back.


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