Authorities All Over America Are Cracking Down On Home Bible Studies And Other Expressions Of The Christian Faith | 10Set2013 19:10:52


Could you imagine being fined $250 every time you have your friends come over to watch football?  Could you imagine having the government authorities take you to court over a Friday night card game?  Well, down in Venice, Florida authorities are cracking down on Shane and Marlen Roessiger for holding a Bible study in their home on Friday nights.  The meetings consist of at most 10 people gathering for a time of prayer and Bible study, but authorities in Venice insist that this is a “zoning violation” and Shane and Marlen Roessiger are being threatened with a fine of $250 per meeting.  Sadly, this is not the first time something like this has happened.  The truth is that authorities all over America are seeking to suppress home Bible studies and other expressions of the Christian faith.  It isn’t enough that they have essentially removed every trace of Christianity from public life in America.  Now they are coming after us in our own homes.  Unfortunately, this is the direction that our country is heading.  We are becoming a “Big Brother society” in which virtually every little move we make is scrutinized by government bureaucrats and control freaks.



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