The Corporation - Full Movie | 02Dez2013 18:14:40


06:30 Birth
10:56 A legal “person”
18:12 Case Histories
22:00 Nike
23:00 Personality Diagnostic Checklist (PDC) (Science of exploitation)
25:13 Synthetic products
28:50 industry is largely responsible for this epidemic of cancer
29:20 animal experimentation – Monsanto and rBGH milk
33:15 incapacity to experience guilt PDC
33:21 harm to biosphere: clearcuts
37:00 PDC – failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours
38:57 every living system of earth is in decline
40:37 The pathology of commerce
41:03 PDC – Callous unconcern for the feelings of others
PDC – incapacity to maintain enduring relationships
PDC – Reckless disregard for the safety of others
PDC – Deceitfulness: repeated lying and conning
PDC – Incapacity to experience guilt
PDC – failure to confrorm to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours
In many respects corporations ...  a prototypical psychopat
42:00 Monstrous Obligations
46:58 Mindset. Terminator seeds
49:09 I feel no guilt, we’re predators
57:00 Boundary Issues
59:13 Isso não é criação de riqueza, é usurpação de riqueza
1:00:20 privatization
1:03:00 Basic training
1:09:54 you have to impose a philosophy of futility
1:13:00 manufacture our consent
1:13:02 Perception Management
1:17:00 Pfizer
1:17:59 What we don’t see is all that reconfiguring going on
1:18:10 A Private Celebration
1:21:51 Triumph of the Shill
1:25:16 Advancing the Front
1:26:30 to patent life
1:27:01 you can pattent anything that is alive except a full birth human being
1:30:09 Unsettling Accounts
1:30:21 “The investigators”. Adulterated milk with Monsanto’s bovine groth hormone (rBGH)
1:37:57 rewritten 83 times
1:40:46 Expansion Plan
1:41:17 Privatization of Cochabamba’s (Bolivia) Water by Bechtel
1:48:00 IBM and Hitler
1:51:39 Hostile Takeover
1:51:53 General Smedley Darlington Butler
1:54:35 Governments have become powerless
1:58:58 Democracy Ltd
2:02:43 Psycho Therapies
2:07:00 Unocal
2:09:48 Arcata, California; 61% of Arcatans voted in favor of public discussing whether democracy is even possible when large corporations wield so much wealth and power under law. [...] corporations are not accountable to the democratic process
2:12:51 We stopped the Third World being viewed as the pirate and we showed
the corporations were the pirate.
2:13:30 Shiva: We thought it would really be symbolic. It is more than symbolic. It is becoming a survival option. Farmers who grow their own seeds, save their own seeds, don’t buy pesticides, have three fold more incomes than farmers who are locked into the chemical treadmill, depending on Monsanto and Cargill.
2:19:11 Prognosis
Based on the book by Joel Bakan “THE CORPORATION: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power”


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Por: José Lourenço | 11Dez2013 10:50:49

Corporations is like having multiple hells.

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