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Fatima Conference - ‘The Path to Peace’

Round Table and Q&A

Welcome to the final Q&A of the day and of the conference. I’d like to open congratulating you all for being here all week and it’s been quite a week and we’re going to try and get to as many of your questions as possible in the time that’s given to us. And the first question actually goes to Mr. Griffin. Says in a court room, a collective group of individuals votes to find an individual innocent or guilty. Is this an example of collectivism?

Short answer is no. Collectivism is defined by most of those things that I was discussing earlier, but in the case we’re talking coercion is the active ingredient in this case, because no one is coercing the jury to vote in a certain way. There’s a difference between collective action and collectivism. Just because I’m an individualist, doesn’t mean that I have to move my piano along, you know? And the essence is that individualists often work together collectively. But it’s a voluntary situation. And that applies to this court room example where we’ re asking for the individual judgment for 12 people – let’s say that’s the number – and there’s no coercion or if there is coercion, laws have been violated and the hole principle has been subverted. So, the answer is no.

Here’s a question for Brian McCaw: you said earlier in your talk that the practice of the church recently regarding usury is not to issue statements about it, but to leave it up to the priest and the confessional to deal with individual cases; the question is… It’s a twofold question… N#1, are priests today thaught about usury according to the traditional teaching of the church; and secondly, what text book could be used to teach them?

BM: Well, a couple of things. First, it’s not that the church over the last several 100 years didn’t issue statements about usury. They did to, again, restate the principles and to teach the principles. The difference was there was a time when there was simple economics, where they could issue more detailed rulings whether something did or did not constitute usury. Again, because of the intentional deception that’s being created by our financial system. In the XIX century, that’s when the Vatican became more reserved and said ‘well, the facts are a little more complicated’ and, again, we don’t want people developing scrupulosity and thinking they’re doing something wrong when they’re not.

And rather than a centralized decision making on those cases, they transferred some of the jurisdiction back to the priests on the ground. Now what I didn’t say and I hope we didn’t understand is that… When that happened in the XX century it was wrong. So that I think it was a prudential decision which was good. What happened in the XX century is that we’re having so many moral issues, is the Church stopped talking about the principles and just remained silent. That was the debacle over artificial contracepts in the sixties, you know? Stop talking about it, stop talking about it… Fortunately, thank God, Pope Paul VI ended that a little bit. But that’s not what I’m saying it was good. They just virtually dropped it. Benedict XVI, John Paul II once or twice referred to it. That’s… That is a silence, a culpable silence, not telling people about the truth, distinguished from the prudential judgment as the individual people and what they’re doing, to entrust those decisions to apply the principles.

That’s, again, an important distinction. As to… Now, we are facing a problem again, as across the moral spectrum that priest and faithful are facing, is that seminaries abdicated their duty to properly in general teach priests how to advise on moral issues and it deals with usury, with economical issues and others all across the board and yes, for a long time, seminaries were not teaching detailed moral philosophy… John, you’re famous for… Oh just be nice, that’s all you’ll need to know. Tell people that if they’re nice, they’re ok. And so, yes: that was not going on and yes, there are priest who are struggling in the confessionary, who want to give spiritual direction, but haven’t been trained and to answer… Yes, there were manuals of moral philosophy that presented the principles, presented illustrations of cases, but they were all thrown out of seminaries. And this problem is not from the 1960’s or 1970’s. It goes back decades to not train priests. Archbishop LeFebvre, in his biography, Bishop Tisset talks he in the 1920’s, Archbishop LeFebvre, in Rome, struggled to find a good seminary teacher and foundation. And they had to be careful in the 1920’s. Who was teaching, those who were not teaching the full truth and so the problem is not a recent one, it was long time coming… What does the devil know? He knows the priests are the key and if they’re not trained properly, they’re not going to pass on.

In Archbishop LeFebvre… What he wanted on his tombstone was ‘I have handed on what I received’. And the devil knows that if you undermine by not giving the priest what to hand on, if they receive nothing, they can’t handed it on. And so, yes it’s a serious problem but  there are old moral philosophy teological text books from the seminaries that were used a long time that are out there, that could be reprinted and are being used in a few seminaries that do train their priests.

JV: I’ll follow up with you, Dr. McCall. You yourself have written a book on this topic. Would that be suitable for university or…. I would say suitable, but did you have it in mind for university or seminary use?

BM: Well, I tried to write the book so it was documented and… but I also tried to write it so it’s understandable to a wider audience. So it’s not just directed towards graduate students or in universities. It certainly could be used as text there. I’m going to use it, I’m teaching a seminar at Notre Dame University in the spring and I’ll use it as a text to be studied. But it was written to be more accessible than that. For a seminary… It certainly was written to get the general principles out. I think in a seminary a priest in training would need more that that, because he’d need some more detailed guidance. But in terms of at least getting the principles on the table, it certainly could do that.

JV: I would just add to that that one of the things that’s needed on the seminaries is what Dr. McCaw alluded to, a return to a very structured format of teaching ethics and moral theology. Because I understand that today, in many seminaries, they’ll just be giving text books, problems in medicine. Problems in economics. You’ve probably seen them. Problems in pro-life issues. Often times they’re not even structured principles of how to think, but they are simply essays to in favor capital punishment, to against. To in favor abortion, to against. And you have to wage your way through this, but the standard ??? model of theology would teach you first the principles regarding right and wrong, then the principles regarding how man ought to act. Dr. Warders used to say that we have to learn the ‘ought’, so we don’t be naughty. And man… And then from there you move into the construct of society which is husband and wife, form there you move into the domestic of society… This is how it would be structured, how it used to be structured; the domestic society of family life and only then do you move into society and social ethics and social principles; and then you get into the business of taxation and all these other things. So what we need, as I think Dr. McCaw was referring to, is a return to a complete system of moral theology based on St Thomas and, of course, Father Fahey would say ????

NG: … Father Fahey The whole doc… you can´t have morals without dogma that old worlds… The world was too good and avoid evil. But if we don’t know what the truth is, we can’t do good and you can’t avoid evil. So we need a dogmatic formation and church social teaching and you have, for example, with Father Fahey In his six points or seven points, however you want to count them, there’s a structure to society that society exists for the honor and glory of God. And for us to save our souls. And that’s the high end. And in order to do that, we need the Church to give the Sacraments and of course to administer them properly and so forth. You get down from there to marriage is between one man and one woman and is for life, and is for the duration of their lives, both partners, spouses. And they should accept all children God wishes to send them.

And the structure of that is that man as a worker, a producer, is to earn enough to be able to support his family in order to educate them, in order to bring them to God. And now you have the plan of Christ is all outlined in Father Fahey’s many books. We have one of them up there, if there still are some copies of ‘Fatima Against’ or ‘Fatima and the Great Conspiracy’. The other side of that is the Devil’s plan in which… And money was supposed to serve man in order to help production, in order to help to pay people´s wages, in order to help parent’s educate their children and to feed them and to bring them to God. But the Devil’s plan is that the banking system is at the service of the Devil and that production serves banking and the family serve production and that education serves production and banking and so forth. And it’s a complete inversion of that. And there’s brilliant writing from Father Fahey in which he quotes more from the people scriptures, people teaching other matters to him, including banking, including usury and so forth, and then… he gives the reverse the Devil gives you, from Masonic documents, from communist documents and other anti-God. And the big divider is whether we’re for God or against God.

And yes, I agree fully that we shouldn’t be praying for God’s Reign and voting for the Devil’s Reign and so we have to be informed. That’s why I do want to hear more about the fraction Reserve Banking System, because it is the control of all the other Devil’s things that are going on in the world. I think… It took me about three weeks to get it when I was in economic school and it was a very simple concept; some of the simple concepts are hard to get. But I think that when people mostly understand that, they’ll understand most of the other things that are going on in the world. But it’s certain… They need that dogmatic background and not just the moral background, you know ‘do this and don’t do that’; we need that… And when it gets to moral’s, gets down to specifics, you need that. But before that we need the background.

That’s why I think the church doesn’t always explain, the social doctrine of the church, including on banking; they’ll never get it right. And that has to be done publicly. But I must say Pius XI said in 1930, in Quadragesimo Anno, the 40th anniversary of Pope Leo 13th encyclical, he said… here’s a man, a  Pope, who wrote against Hitler, who wrote against Mussolini – he had it written in Italian and had it spoken in Italy – he had a lot of courage. But when it came to the international bankers, he said ‘one hardly dares to speak against them’. That was in 1930. And speaking for himself, he hardly did. But that’s why Our Lady says to us ‘only I can help you’. That’s why she says ‘the only way to get out of this is the consecration of Russia’, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

JV (John Vennari): Father Gurther, in regarding the statement in Portugal, the dogma faith will always be preserved. Is this true? Has the dogma been preserved? What evidence is… What is the evidence that this is the case. Have the novelties of Vatican two spread to Portugal?

NG: Up until recently, maybe a couple of years ago, maybe more recently, still… I tended to think of the church in some ways as the Pope and the bishops and the priests and of course the lay people, but there’s no guarantee that the Pope, excuse me, the bishops of Fatima, I’m not saying that Portugal will preserve the faith. I think that the errors that you’ll find in the clergy in other parts of the world will also be found in Portugal. And this has been my experience. But I think that Our Lady promises that Portugal will not preserve the faith, that is, the faithful in Portugal will preserve the faith. And I think that is for two reasons. One is because…

although the people in Portugal often do not understand the full import of the Fatima Apparition message because it’s been hidden from them, like everybody else, they do understand as most people here, only as to the Rose Daily. The Portuguese people take that seriously. 1/6th of the nation goes on pilgrimage every year, a lot of them on foot, to Portugal, to honor Our Lady. And I think those responses engrave at the individual level, at the social level of the parish going, either as a group or individually, to honor Our Lady is a way that they will… Our Lady will give them that grace individually and as a group, because the nation does it together and now there are certainly people in Portugal that don’t honor Our Lady and who don’t go on pilgrimage. But the nation as a group will preserve her dogma, because she promised it and I think that’s why. But it’s not necessarily because they’re more clergy than anybody else. 

JV: This next question goes to William Jasper. Has to do with Hungary. With the situation currently in Hungary, that is Christianity revived and paying of it’s debt to the International Monetary Fund and kicking out the International Monetary Fund, what’s your opinion as to the repercussions of this move and how it will affect the New World Order?

WJ: Well, I can’t address a great deal of specifics about Hungary’s case in this particular instance. But it’s very clear for the last several years that the IMF has been aiming to – in fact I’ve written a number of articles on it called ‘supersizing the IMF’. In fact they use that term, I’ve picked up on it from their use of that MacDonald’s term of ‘supersize me’, the IMF wants to become, and Christine Lagarde who is the current head of the IMF is pushing for this, for the IMF to become the Federal Reserve of the World. To where they can do all the same kinds of tricks that the Federal Reserve does. In regard to bounds and printing their own currency.

They want to have an international currency, they have already initiated that effort, going clear back to Breton Woods, to where the IMF was founded. I may recall that John Maynard Keynes, the Fabian socialist who was one of the main designers of the IMF was one of the key man there. He came up with a plan called ‘bancor’ back then, which was going to be the international currency and they’re talking about that now again, sixty years later of instituting this global money through the IMF. The other key man I talked about in my talk today was Harry Dexter White.

He was the man in charge of that conference, he was a soviet agent. And so now here we see, all these sixty years later, they are actually moving ahead very forcefully on this. In just the last couple of weeks the IMF had another big meeting and Christine Lagarde… She’s not speaking for herself, of course, she is the spokesman right now for the international bankers; they had the big annual meeting in Jackson Hall, Wyoming, they have every august, and she is pushing for giving the IMF these global federal reserve powers.

And so, if they are successful in doing this, then it won’t matter how responsible or how moral the individual countries may be or try to be in having a sound economic system. The smaller countries, particularly, will be completely at the mercy, merciless mercy, of these folks. Even the United States, where we have the Federal Reserve and all the main banks playing such a large role are going to be part of this whole system, IMF umbrella covering all of this, and the big bank at the top that really coordinates this is the Bank for International Settlements. In Switzerland, in Basel, Switzerland, those guys were there this last month in the… at the Jackson Hall, Wyoming…

So, all of this is moving along and we’re trying to keep track of a lot of this. I was very glad to see Ed here today, because Ed has been  writing about this for many years and Dr. Ron Paul of course, has been the key man in Congress trying to shed light on this, in all of these secret dealings that are taking place, that are really instituting global theft in a scale never before seen in the history of the world, other than those cases where emperors came in with whole armies and just simply took everything and took it back to their kingdoms. They do it now digitally, with computers. And so if we don’t expose the darkness in the banking circles like that, that conquest will be accomplished without a shot being fired.

EG (Edward Griffin): Father was asking me, don’t you think it’s a good idea that – at least briefly – explain how they’re doing this digitally? I agree, it’s hard to summarize it this simply, but it can be done if you understand the principle first. If you understand the principle, then you won’t get buried under the technical jargon of all of the mechanics. The principle is called theft. Ok? Once you get that in your mind, you stop asking the question ‘why do they do that? That doesn’t make sense’. That’s the biggest problem that people have; that doesn’t make sense. Because they’re trying to think that these people are honest and are trying to do what’s right.

And that’s not the case. They’re crooks. Once you get that clearly in mind, then you understand that what they do is… legally they’re given the power to create money. They create money that’s not backed by anything. That means that there is an endless amount of it that they can create. In the old days, when money was backed by gold or silver, it was terrible arrangement for bankers, because there was only so much of it in existence. And you must realize that banks make money by lending money. So, if the inventory is limited they can’t lend more except what they have. And therefore they’re profits are limited by what they have and evolved. So they prefer an arrangement whereby they can create what they lend. You don’t have to charge a lot of interest on nothing to make a profit. So that’s the trick right there.

So the whole scheme that we’re talking about is this mumbo-jumbo to legalize the process by which the central banks of the world, meaning these cartels of banks… They’re real banks, they’re cartels, just like oil cartels or banana cartel, they’re cartels and the process is to give them legal power to create money out of nothing and the loan it into existence and create interest on the loans. That’s it. You don’t need to go any further than that. And they perfected this scheme and they can create… They do create trillions of it now and all of it goes in to the economy through the banking system, every bit of it, and when it goes into the economy through that channel it produces interest income to the banks. If you understand that, you understand what this is all about.

NL (Father Nicholas Gruner): I’d just like to add, if I might, that the idea that if you have 100 dollars in your pocket and they have quantative easing, and they create another trillion dollars, your 100 dollars just lost a lot of value because you have the same 100 dollars, but there’s more dollar chasing that product you want and the price of it has to go up. That’s how they’re stealing from you, because that dollar that you did have, that you’ve worked for it, now is worth much less. Because they put that into the system, the way he just described.

Yes and I thank you for saying that Father, because that is the bottom line. You might say ‘so what? Aren’t these guys clever? Why didn’t I think of that?’. Well… who cares? They do well, it doesn’t affect me. It does affect you as Father said, because the process, this expansion of the money supply is called inflation. And so you’re purchasing all of your dollars or whatever monetary unit is, just keeps going down and down and down every year.

It’s not that prices are going up, it’s that value of the money is going down. So you start off earning a dollar and you’ve given a lot of effort to earn that dollar, but ten years later that dollar buys, maybe, 10 cents worth of goods that could have bought in the year that you’ve earned it. And so on a lifetime, at the present rate of inflation in the USA and Canada, over our lifetime, over 70 years of working and saving and so forth, they will steal from you about 97% of the purchasing power of everything you’ve earned and saved. So that’s a tax. It’s a hidden tax, but a tax just the same and is one without exemptions or without deductions, it hits the poor people harder than it does the rich people and so… Yes, as Father said, this is why we need to be concerned about it. Because it’s a means of transferring wealth from the middle class primarly to the politically favored class.

MB: Well, and it’s even worse than that; because what they do it’s not just inflation. What they do is they lend money that doesn’t exist, that they made up, and they charge you for it. And so you have to come up with new money to pay the charges. That’s what’s fuelling the continuing inflation. But then it gets worst. Because then they can create boom and bust cycles. So they can create collapses. They can shrink the money supply so that there’s not enough money to pay back the loans that they issued. So what happens then? People default on their loans and then the banks take real things. Money is not real. The money they create is fake, but people own real things: factories, tools, land.

So what does the bank do? Alt, we’ve created a bust, you can’t pay your loans, we’ll take away all your real assets. That are real productive assets and they can then concentrate it in the banks and they make money. So it’s even more than the inflation. It’s that they create loans, they also have the ability to control the money supply to create financial collapses. And that’s exactly what happened in 2007, 2008, 2001, all the way back to 1929, 1907, create booms and busts, make people have loans, make them so people can’t pay them back, at least a large portion of them, and at the end of the day you walk away with more assets. And so they’re not only taxing, they’re taking away the real economic assets in the economy and concentrating them.

That’s why – and I thank Mr. Jasper for making so many people aware of this – we can’t trust labels. Because what do people think? They think ‘oh, all these people in Wall Street and bankers, they’re capitalists, they’re against communism’. Who staffed all the administrations of Obama, Clinton, George Bush, who? They’re all from Wall Street. Who is there implementing Obamacare and socializing medicine and all these things? They’re from Wall Street. But people think ‘they’re not communists, they’re for capitalism which people think means the opposite of communism, but they’re all trying to get to the same end, they’re just using different techniques to do it.

JV: I actually have my own question regarding this and now I’ll just give it to the panel at large, to Brian and Bill and Mr. Griffin and Father Gurther, and that is the present – because you’re talking about boom and bust – the present problem of student loans and student debt… Maybe someone here said it this week, but either heard it here, heard it elsewhere, the amount that’s owed in student loans, people trying to pay off their college is greather than all the credit card combined. Would anybody like to address how this works in as this whole system that you’re talking about?

BM: I’ll tell you an interesting fact; I tell my law school class, I teach bankruptcy… You know what they did with student loans? They make all these loans, they make a lot of money out of everybody. Because they say that everybody has got to get a degree, now the degrees are more expensive so you need more loans. And then they passed a law about 20 to 30 years ago that if you go into bankruptcy, your debts can be discharged, except for student loans. Exceptional. Now your student loans are with you forever until they’re paid off with you. Then, in 2005 they passed something called the Bankrupcy Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Which is something I tell my students: never judge a law by its title.

In fact, if you want to judge it, it’s the opposite of it’s title. It was really the Bankrupcy Corruption and Bank Protection Act, not consumer protection act. What they did was they said ‘hey this student loan gig is good, now that people never get out of their student loans, let’s get credit cards in’. And they’ve made credit card debt which is now making even more of this non dischargeable bankruptcy. So the whole system is geared toward making sure no one or practically no one can escape from the enforce servitude that this brings about. We talk slavery and servitude…

We’re beyond that, we would never have slavery. Well, if your chain is a debt you can never escape from, you’re working your entire life to pay that debt, you can’t see it as a chain around your leg, but the result is the same.

EG: That tempts me to make a comment, you’re right on target there. Did you ever notice that common criminals often get off quite easily. I mean, people can steal money from a company, they can commit robbery, murder, and they seem to get off so easily, but if they rob a bank ‘oh man, that’s serious’. Or if they cheat the Government ‘ohh’. So you see, it’s a way of examining who is really running the show. We’re dealing with a partnership between bankers and politicians. They are really the ruling clique and they… You don’t mess with them, that’s the thing.

WJ: I’d like to make just a quick comment on that. First of all, Dr. McCall, is your book available?

BM: Actually I only had a few copies, they’re all gone here, but it’s available either from the Remnant Newspaper or from  Catholic University of American Press, you can get it there.

WJ: And the title is?

BM: ‘The Church and the Usurers: unprofitable lending for the modern economy’.

WJ: And Ed, your book ‘The Creature from Jeckyll Island’ is available, right?

EG: Definitely.

WJ: Ok. Folks, if this is such a crucial issue to everything that we’re talking about here in terms of freedom and morality and preserving our families… You know, the debt here which is crushing our entire country and it’s really theft on such a huge scale. The encouraging thing about this is that since 2008, when we had the financial meltdown and started to have all these bailouts, speaking for myself, this is the first time in forty years, that I’ve seen a major breakthrough in public consciousness on this. When I first… I was in College, graduated from College forty years ago, and this really hit me as a very powerful thing. There weren’t that many books on the Federal Reserve at the time and trying to figure it out was a really though thing.

And so I was so pleased when Ed came out with his book ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’. It is the first one that really explains how we got there, it explains in very good story form, what actually happens, takes you through the steps. How do they monetize the debt? What is this mumbo-jumbo that they use to get the Congressmen to go along with this and to get the public to go along with this? And how have they been able to bamboozle the public for so long. And that’s when we had Ron Paul here, last night or two nights ago.

Again, this was a major breakthrough. I’d been working with members of Congress for decades, trying to get an audit of the Federal Reserve, to get his legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve. We could never get anywhere because people couldn’t understand it and as soon as you started talking about the Federal Reserve, people’s eyes would glaze over. But since 2008, when they started all those bailouts, all of the sudden, ending the FED and concern about the FED finally has put that out there, where people can say ‘hey, this is really a critical issue, this is a financial nuclear attack on our families, on everything that we own. But in order to really advance on this, we have to understand what it is that we’re dealing with. Both of these books area really quite important for us to have that kind of knowledge and so, you can pay me my commission later.

JV: They will be available through the Fatima Crusader, www.fatima.org. What is the… Fatimashop.com, is it? Or .org? I think it’s Fatimashop and I think it’s spelled the old way Fatimashoppe.com. But I would like to… Before I go into the next question, I would like to just situate all this talk about economics within the six points of Father Fahey, because people might be saying ‘this is a catholic conference; why do you talk about economics?’ Because man is so fragmented today, in his thinking, that he thinks that economics is over here, and family life is over here, and religion is over here. But Father Fahey helps you see that it’s all part of a structure of the divine program of Our Lord for ordering the world. And the six points are as follows:

1- There’s only one true church, the Catholic Church, outside of which there’s no salvation and that states and governments must recognize this as such;
2- Point n#2 is the indirect power of the church over the state, that we don’t have priests in Congress or priests in the Senate or anything like that. That’s the duty of lay people. But if they’re going to pass laws, they’re going to have to base their laws of right and wrong, or what the Gospel teaches about right and wrong and what the church teaches what is right and wrong.
3- The third point of the Divine Program for Order is marriage. True Christian marriage.
4- The forth is the begetting and the education of children as members of Christ. As members of Christ. Not just begetting children and turning them loose in the pagan world.
5- The fifth is wide distribution of private propriety. And the sixth point… So they can support them , so that man would have the means to live, to have the material things you need to live a virtuous life. St Thomas Aquinas talks about that. We need a certain amount of – not big wealth – but a certain amount of wealth so we can live a virtuous life.
6- And in the sixth point is economics and basically what he says is, I’ll go upside down, that finance should be at the service of the means of production of the industrial arts. So the economic art should be at the service of industrial arts and the industrial arts should be at the service of Christ and happy families. But Father Fahey says today we have the reverse. We have man that is subject to production and production that is subject to money.

So that’s just a quick overview of why economics is the type of thing we’re talking about, is in fact, a very catholic issue.

NG: I remind what, I think Catherine Pearson said about Malachi Martin, said ‘at the end of all this process, in our time, there are 60 to 80 families that rule the world. Because of this control of finance which controls everything else, which controls the world. Whether that’s exactly right… You get the idea. These banks that we’re talking about, the Federal Reserve is not a United States bank, it’s not an United States agency, Government agency… It’s a private bank. And all these things and the other banks that have to pay their dues to the Federal Reserve System were also paying to the IMF and this other international banking, they’re all run by private bankers and those 60 families or 80 families, they’re running the world. And they do that by paying their politicians to vote the way they want, and paying the schools to teach what they want, and are paying to mass media to give what Mr. Borghezio said this morning which was…

I think Ellis did a great job, a tremendous job, actually hearing, writing down and then translating, but he missed one thing; that this educator, this person working for the mass media, said the job of the mass media is not to inform but to teach. And that included keeping back information from the general public that isn’t part of the agenda that they want to give you. And that was Mrs. Burgate point, was in that aspect. And you see, of course, that’s because if our first God… That’s why you can’t serve God and man; If the first goal is to serve, to give as much money as we can, then you’d be underpaid. What is you price? 100.000? 200.000? 50.000? Whatever it is… But if you first thing is to serve God… Yes, God knows that you need money and everything else. But you serve God and that comes first. But most people, I think today, I think they have to get paid absolutely well, proportionally to their standard, otherwise they’ll get another job. Do what God wants you to do first and then we will get what we need. A lot of this people don’t realize that their actually working for the Devil when their seeking the highest wages, to people that are actually enslaving them as they go along.

JV: Ok, at this point we’re going to move into a different area and this is a question for Erwing John Doke and I think Father Gurther can step into this as well, and it has to do with prophecy and the promise of peace. The period of peace. Is it so that after the period of peace then things will go evil again and we’ll have the Anti-Christ? There’s kind of two schools of thought into this. How do we look at this?

EJD: The peace… the era of peace that I was speaking about was based on the… [we can’t hear] The same old problem, isn’t it? The period of peace that I referred to in my talk this morning was based on one of the last chapters or maybe the last chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse. And it speaks about a period in which Satan would be chained for a thousand years. The reason why I talked about the Apocalypse was because this was recommended by sister Lucy. She said that if you wanted to uncover the third secret of Fatima, the 1960 secret, read Apocalypse and the Gospel. Now, I read it and basically focused on chapters 12 and 13, which speaks about the dragon, the woman – in other words Satan and Marie – and the two beasts that serve Satan; the false prophet and the beast from the sea.

Following for what we are saying here this afternoon, what I was trying to argue was that the banking system, the monetary system that we have today, which is evolving, which is a global system which has taken over nations, annihilated nations, which is bringing in the mark of the beast, which is disrupting society. That system is being animated by the beast of the sea. That’s what is containing the Apocalypse. Now one further point is that… You know, many people have talked about reforming the monetary system. They have done this for hundreds of years. How can we reform it? What’s the Lady of Fatima got to do with the monetary system?

Well, you see, if the monetary system is being animated by the beast of the sea, we got to appreciate that in the Apocalypse also states that the Beast of the Sea is being served by the false prophet. And you know where the false prophet is, it’s in the church. So how can we reform what is… We’ve got to clear out the problems in our church. I pointed out to you that the – so called – Catholic bibles we’re using these days are all mistranslated. They don’t… They do not explain the role of Mary; how can you ever hope to consecrate the world to Mary when the Church doesn’t admit, through its Bible at least, her role? They do not agree with the Lady of Guadalupe. She’s the one who is clothed with the sun. She has the moon under her feet. And yet the ???  philosophers that are speaking of these things say ‘no, that’s not Mary at all’. So my point is that you’re never going to reform the monetary system. You can’t defeat this, you can’t control it. Because it’s animated by an evil spirit. The only way you’re going to defeat an evil spirit is to bring in a good spirit. And that good spirit is the spirit of Mary.

NG: The Blessed Virgin promises… Predicts and promises that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia. Russia will be converted and a period of peace given to Mankind. People ask why Russia? And I think that Dr. Walters left us in his book. A book of fiction, however his explanations are very theological and very accurate, I believe. That Russia is big enough, that it is strong enough, that it will resist worldly forces, including forces of evil spirits running the monetary system of the world. And that when Russia is converted, it won’t just be… become better people living the Commandments; that will happen, of course.

But more than that, the nation itself, together, will convert. And as such, it will bring about the social order of Christ within the country of Russia. And the lies that the rest of the world has bought and believed because they’ve been propagandized by the mass media for the last seventy years and beyond. We will be seeing, Russia will be a shining example just how they organize themselves, including the monetary system working properly at the service of the people, not the people becoming their slaves. And yes, we’re talking about the slavery of the civil war in the last century, but… What is slavery? It is working for another, you know… In the Middle Ages the people had… They had to work for their Lord for the first two or three months, that’s how much time. Half of the year was holydays for them. Today your tax day is sometime in May. Before you finish paying of you Federal Government. So you are working for…

And not to mention all the other things you are paying to them by indirect taxes. My point being that you are being enslaved by the taxation system and taxation being told, I think Bill or Ed could express this better, you are not paying for the principle of what the Government owns, you are only paying with your taxes the interest on the principle. And so you are paying for something you don’t owe with you taxes; basically what’s going on. They use other taxes to pay for things like the roads or military or whatever else. Now, I don’t have all those details, but what I’m getting at is that this will be overturned when Russia… And the example and the Missionary spirit of Russia, which has been the chosen nation, once it is converted, all of us need conversion. Russia definitely needs conversion but the rest of us need conversion too.

That’s in the message of Fatima, when Lucia’s praying for the conversion of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the World, our Lord congratulates her for that prayer and says “Ask it also of My Mother” and dictates two prayers. But then the plan of God to win this battle… It will be through the testimony and the power of the Blessed Virgin, but it’s in a ordered way. Russia first. But Russia can’t do it until it is consecrated. And the Pope can’t do it until we pray enough for the Pope. Because the Pope hasn’t got the grace by himself. That’s why we need to pray so much by the Pope.

So, God’s glory and God’s power will be seen in every step of the way and it will be so dramatic that the whole world will see it, once Russia is consecrated and converted. And that’s why… People might think, you know, it all sounds so simple ‘if Russia is changed’ or ‘Russia communism is fallen’. This is all lies against the message of Fatima. All lies, it hasn’t fallen as Bill pointed out to us earlier and the era of Russia is at its point and we’re living it now even more than before by… Of cause they aren’t called eras of Russia, they’re not called communism, but we’re still living them in this ???  eras that are listed of there. And so… But this… as far as the two time tables is this: does the Antichrist come first and then we have the period of peace?

Or we have the period of peace and the Antichrist comes afterwords? And there are two schools of thought on that and I don’t pretend to know the answer. I do know that the prophecy of Fatima promises that we will have the consecration of Russia. But the question for me is much more immediate: ‘will it be with us being even more enslaved than we are now? Will it be with us being annihilated?’. Because we do know that Russia will not be annihilated, we do know that Portugal will not be annihilated; they’re both mentioned in the future of Mankind. But every other nations has not got that guarantee, that they won’t be annihilated. I think Spain form another prophecy has that guarantee. My point being…

And apparently Ireland has it from St. Patrick, there are prophecies of that. But many nations are on the hit list and certainly the United States, not because they’re worst, but because that’s the Russian target first of all. And that’s where they see the danger coming from, first of all. If they’re going to rule the world, then the USA has to get put in its place. And of course we have this Michaela Ogarca… I forgotten its name now, and it’s plan B, which called for the unprovoked sudden destruction of the United States and it’s estimated that in thirty minutes, 135 million out of 300 hundred million Americans would be killed by nuking them with an unprovoked attack. That’s the kind of thinking that… It’s Diabolical forces we’re up against. And we have the prophecies and every time the Pope goes to Fatima they talk about Chapter 12, Verse 1 of the Apocalypse, which is ‘I saw a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of stars on her head’.

And… The ??? they ??? hear??? Is the Great Beast. And this Great Beast is often conceived as Russian communism but, behind Russian communism is Masonry which communism is a child of, and as Pope Leo XIII points out, Masonry and communism, at their high end, are in agreement with each other. It’s not for nothings that it was American gold, coming from eastside New York, which was transferred – and you can read this Father Fahey’s book ‘The Rules of Russia Today’ – the Canadian navy, the most remarkable thing they did was to capture this ship with 25 million in gold, which it would be worth billions today… If you take the price of gold at that time at 20 dollars and it was 25 million, multiply that by 22, the current price… but 13.000 dollars, you get an idea of the multiplier factor of what it was ???  That’s what went to pay for the Revolution in Russia.

It was the English Crown, it was American… it was Coronel House that forced the Canadian Government to let them go, when they shouldn’t have let them go, it was the Germans who sent in Lenin and it was the nations of the world that sending ??? Russia, to bring about the Russian Revolution. But the sin was committed in Russia, in the sense it was forming a Revolution not only against man, but against God above all. And so that needs to be re-consecrated just as a desecrated cathedral needs to be re-consecrated. And so God has been send against in such a public way that God calls for and demands this public act of reparation. Not because the Russians are worst than anybody else, because that’s where the sin was and because Russia has been chosen as an instrument to bring about the Evangelization of the world. It will happen, I don’t see it in our time, we may all be blown up before that happens, but it will happen in the normal lifetime of a number of people here and it will happen after… The better example of us not paying attention, not doing what we could is not… If we will survive or recognize, we better consecrate Russia before it gets worst, and they’ll finally get it done. And we do know that Our Lady will have her victory in a short time but, the trial is, whether we get it before the annihilation of nations and the enslavement of the rest of the world, or not. That’s the only question before us.

The difference between collectivism and the common good

JV: Here is a question that can go to the panel at large; what is the difference between collectivism and the common good?

EG: I’ll have a stab at that one; collectivism is the opposite of the common good, even though that’s part of the slogan, they say ‘the greater good for the greater number’. We find out, if you follow the rational arguments all the way through, that the greater good for the greater number is to preserve the rights of the individual. That’s what the greater good for the greater number is. Because the individual, as I said before, is the only thing that’s real. So, if you say ‘the common good’ and when you use that phrase you’re thinking of the group – and that’s what most people do – then there’s no difference between collectivism and the common good. It’s a hollow concept, it’s a myth, the result is always the opposite of what you think. But if you recognize that more people have… More people benefit under a system of individualism than under a system of collectivism, then in all honesty you can say that individualism is the greater good for the greater number.

BM: [52.22] Again, I think to take your advise John, if you go to St. Thomas, you can really help us a lot here to make the distinction. The common good... it's often helpful to understand a positive by looking at its negative. The opposite of the common good is the private good, or the individual good. And the role of civil authorities and Government is to pursue the common good, that good which is common to all of the components, the members of civil society, as opposed to the particular individual good of someone, and I guess one of the examples that Mr. Griffin gave in his talk is helpful. What’s wrong in our governments today? They pass all these laws, where they get all these bribes, they don’t call them ‘bribes’, you know… ‘We will give you in campaign’… To pursue personal, individual, private goods. So, you know, ‘your company, your bank needs a break, you need a bailout, we’ll pass a law to help you’. That’s not helping the common good. The good of all of us, it’s helping that private good. St. Thomas gives the example: a king, a tyrant that passes a law to raise taxes to enrich himself is not serving the common good, he’s serving his private good. The common good we know is… There are two levels of it.

There’s a supernatural and a natural level, component the Church is always taught. The natural level is pursue of our temporal existence on Earth, pursue of virtue. Supernatural is to arrive at salvation and to see God face to face. They’re goods that are common to all the people, all individuals. They’re the ends for which we were created. And when we pursue a goal that serves that end for everyone, for the entire society, that’s the common good. Collectivism, again… And here, building on St. Thomas, the Popes, the great Popes, Leo XIII, Pius X, Pius XI have explained this clearly: the root of modern collectivism – socialism, communism which are all the same, Nazism, the same – is it’s not oriented for the common good of Man. Again, the two natural and supernatural aspects. It’s oriented to a materialism, which is important because that is all the Popes acquaint them. Communism, Nazism, Socialism, Collectivism and materialism; they’re all towards the private enrichment of some few. It’s always some few. I forget…

It was Mr. Jasper… There’s always a leader, there’s always this person ‘who is going to get richer out of it?’. The Dictator or the Proletariat? The Nacional Socialist Party? And so collectivism is ordered towards taking the collective goods of the community and diverting them towards someone’s private benefit. As opposed to using our common resources to help advance the common good that God created in us. And… It’s a perversion of the end and sees the end of Man. ‘Let me get rich; how can I take away from the community and divert it and sell it of to the highest bidder? It’s the opposite. And that’s what collectivism in all it’s forms is aiming towards doing, as opposed to promoting the common good of Man.

EG: Let me just add a little annotation to that. It’s absolutely right, but don’t forget when the oligarchy siphons us all of the cream, they always do it in the name of the common good. That’s an important part of the scam. They got to convince the people that they should be happy, because it’s for their good. That’s the rest of that.
Well they’re just lying.

It’s just a lie, yeah.

JV: I’ve been privileged to study philosophy with a thomistic philosopher, Dr. Raphael Warters and he has a pretty developed teaching and understanding of the common good. It comes through Father Woodburry and ultimately through Garrigou-Lagrange and St. Thomas, and one of the things he points out so that we can have an idea of what we’re talking about here is that the common good, he says, is always immaterial goods; peace, civic friendship, order, a well informed public opinion. This is… Things like this is what constitutes the common good.

Often times common good is referred to as common goods or public goods, such as parks and roads and the police and the justice system. But he would differentiate that the material things are the public goods, but the common goods are immaterial and it shows too the disservice to the common good, when we think that part of the common good is a well informed public opinion. Today we have the schools, the highschools, the universities bending to this leftist ideology, you have the news media bending people to this leftist ideology. It’s like what Mr. Borghezio said ‘there are things that they will purposely not tell you for the sake of their own agenda’. So we do not even have a well informed public opinion. We have a lot of propaganda and a lot of false information out there, but what we have is a school system and the education system, the media and government, that is working directly against the common good.

WJ: If I may add one thing to that; the confusion in this area, like in so many others, is intentional, it has been cultivated intentionally. If you… Those of you who use a computer go on there and google or yahoo common good, you will find first of all, innumerable examples just almost every day from politicians and commentators on TV referring to Obamacare as for the common good or when George Bush was pushing ‘no child left behind’ it’s for the common good. This program constitutes a common good and so, the point you’re making here is very important John, it’s the same thing that… Similar and maybe there’s a distinction here, very similar to what the Founding Fathers refer to in the Constitution and in the writings as the general welfare. Or they referred to the ‘common welfare’ or similar terms. In that’s, it’s an immaterial thing in which if we behave properly or have a proper order, it will be conducive to a common good which will allow us all to excel in all of those areas of our lives.

NG: Classicaly, the term ‘Respublica’ which is translated to English as ‘republic’ is the common good. St. Tomas, by the way defined… And I like the distinction that Dr. McCaw made about. There’s two common goods, it’s all the same, ultimately, but one is a supernatural common good which we’re all born – whether we recognize it or not, whether we realize it or not – God created us in order to… To love, know and serve Him on this world, to be happy with Him in the next. And we have to therefore… It’s not just us individually that have to do this, but the social order, the social goodness, we should be repressing pornography, we should not be allowing blasphemy… I think this point was made yesterday by Christopher Rye???   I recall, we shouldn’t be allowing public blasphemy against Our Lord Jesus Christ and that is part of the common good for the salvation of souls.

That is the highest common good. Of course there is still the common good which is having a well informed, even for proper governess… You can’t have proper governess if people don’t know what’s going on. You can’t have proper governess if you can’t even discuss things. You can’t have proper governess if you open your mouth, and someone else like you, and they call you ‘you’re anti-so and so’, and therefore we won’t talk about it. That’s not helping the common good. It doesn’t help the public debate or discussion in a rational way, in order to get to know what’s the best thing for everyone in the society. We need to understand.

But there are two levels, there’s the natural and the supernatural, but even in the natural level, St. Thomas points out that all law, to be law, has to be oriented towards the common good. If it’s not toward the common good, it’s not law. It has to be rational. If it’s not rational, it’s not law. People have the idea that law is what the legislator say it is, but that not being for the common good, it cannot be law. But that not being rational, it cannot be law. So a lot of these laws that they pass, these 90.000 or 160.000 laws… And when they’re made for particular goods, they’re not law. And you don’t have to have a problem of consciousness, well ‘that’s what the law says’. No. The law is for the common good. If it’s not for the common good, I don’t care… 100% of Congress, 100% of every legislator that voted for it, if it’s not for the common good, it cannot be law, by definition. God did not give authority to legislators to make laws, so called laws, which are against the common good.

They don’t have that authority. That’s why abortion laws are really… They’re called ‘laws’, but they’re not laws at all. And the idea… Once you have a clear understanding of what law is, St. Thomas has 16 questions in the Suma Teologica, very clear, very easy to follow, almost… I think everyone here could just read it slowly, you’ll get it all. But there’s this definition… Law is the organization of reason, given by one who is in charge of the community, which is promulgated for the common good. Four conditions, one of these missing, it’s not law.

And in fact he calls, the thing that doesn’t meet that, it’s not a law, an act of violence. Which is what most of our laws are. But there’s really an important point I think people need to take away from this discussion. It’s very, very important, because it’s a danger that a lot of us can fall into, and it is… There are things which are created by God for goods and are meant to be good. And law, for example, is one of them. Common good is one of them. But what happened – and this came out of this discussion – those goods have been perverted, not that the good itself has, but they’ve been used for perverted purposes by evil people. And so law, as we see it today in most statute books is not law, it’s not really law is violence; but it looks like law. What is purported to be the common good and talked about as the common good is not really the common good. And the danger we have to be careful is drawing a distinction. The misuse of these goods is bad and needs to be stopped.

But what we don’t want to do is to fall in to denying the goods themselves. It’s a real danger and we can see it in the Church, because Catholics in our time are very susceptible to this. Authority, for example, in the Church has been very misused for the past forty years. Has been used to push error, to destroy the liturgy, and so what to some people who have seen the problem do, is they react the wrong way and say ‘Argh… the problem is authority, we shouldn’t have any authorities; there should just be priests off on our own, doing our own thing, because authority is bad’. No, what’s bad is the perversion of that, the misuse of it for the past forty or fifty years and what we have to be very careful about is to not reject the things that God created as goods and are meant to be good and help us because people have, in modern times, distorted it.

We have to be careful about this distinction. Otherwise we end up throwing out as ??? do, trying to break up the traditionalist movement – for example – by rejecting superiors and authority have done. And we always have to be weary of not letting our rightfully recognition of the problems that have happened and the horrors that have happened, throwing away the true goods that God has there.

EG: Well, this is one of my hot button topics, so I can’t leave it alone. If you remember from my presentation I suggested that the proper function of the State was negative to defend the life liberty and property of citizens. If that were the basis of our State, the basis of society and if all laws had to pass that test, then all of this discussion would not be necessary. It would be hard for me to even imagine a law that had its purpose, the defense of life, liberty and property, it’s hard to imagine anything that wouldn’t be in accordance to God’s will. Because that is the right that we all have, as individuals, to defend our lives, liberty and property and therefore we can delegate the authority to our State. We can delegate it because we have it. But we don’t have the right to tell our neighbor what to do. We don’t have the right to provide for one at the expense of the other. We don’t have. So therefore, how can we delegate that authority to the State? It is only once you get beyond this litmus paper test of what is the proper function of law, that’s only when we start to getting in to these really, imponderable problems. So we get back to the need to have some kind of a rule of thumb, some kind of a check list and I honestly believe, after thinking about this for so long, that if we just stuck with the rules, the purpose of the law, the purpose of the State is negative - to defend – against life, liberty and property – most of these issues would be solved without even having to think about it.

NG: I agree, most of them would be solved. But I think that the more complete understanding of the authority, as Brian pointed out is, all authority comes from God. And so we, you know… My professor was trying to tell me that St. Paul was discriminating against women; I had to point out to him that you owe obedience to your religious superior, as I owe it to my bishop or to the Prime Minister in the things that God as given him authority to do. Now, there’s an overblown view of authority, both in the Church and the State that ‘if I say so, it’s got to be, because I’m the boss’. That’s not God’s view of authority.

And yes, the whole principle of subsidiary which I’m sure John could explain upon, as well as others, that… You don’t give… God does not give authority to the Mayor to tell you that you must put the garbage can in that part of your house and you must put your kitchen over here and your bedroom cannot be on the second floor. No. The owner of the house decides that and so all authority is measured so what can be done at the local level is done at the local level. And that’s… Before you even get to the Mayor, you get to your own house, you get to… And as men understand quickly – I’m not married of course but – you let your wife to take care of the kitchen, don’t try and tell her how to run it. All the way through society, the same thing. What is done at the county level, or what is done at the state level are only those things that are too big or that touch on to other people…

But all authority comes from God. And God doesn’t give authority, any authority, whether you’d be in the Church or the State to go beyond the jurisdiction that God has given and we can know what that authority is. It’s in scripture, it’s in the majesty teaching, even the Pope’s authority has more authority than any other man on the face of the Earth, even his authority is restricted by God. And we need to know what that authority is and the extent of it. And that’s what, and then we have… But people go around thinking that authority comes from the will of the people, which is collectivism, or ‘we give you that authority to do that’, No. We can’t give authority that God doesn’t give. But that’s probably too much for today, go ahead if you want to.

BM: I guess… I have to disagree a little bit now with Father. It is very dangerous, I think we’ve all seen the sessions in this afternoon very important; the use of myths trick us into things. And the idea that authority comes from people is one of those myths, going back hundreds of years, has been used to prompt up totalitarianism. The only short guide against it is exactly what Father was saying. Authority does not come from the people. Because whenever you say authority comes from the people… Did you get into a room? Did you sign a social contract? Did you delimit that authority? No, you didn’t. It’s always a myth. It’s what the totalitarian ruler says is the will of the people. What Jean Jacques Rousseau said ‘it’s the general will’. But who determines it? ‘I’m in charge, so I will tell you’. The power or the authority to govern or to make law does not come from the people, because whenever it comes from the people, then you can do whatever you want in the name of the people, because you can never verify what has been given.

The only source of authority, when it comes from God, is the only way to limit authority. Because God legislated this Universe and an old medieval saying is ‘God is a God of law’. He created a law through the Universe which defined and placed within proper bounds the rule of Thumb that Father quoted so perfectly from St. Thomas on what law is. And He said ‘I’m going to establish there to be authorities in the Church, in the civil society, to bring about the perfection of my law, but I’m only giving them a limited authority to do so and anything they do outside the scope of that is a violence. It’s not a making of law. And that’s the rule of thumb. But the philosophical principles are important, because they have to be traced back to God. And when it was traced back to God, there were limits on authority. There were. The French Revolution shows us… Any authority before that who rest on that principle – authority comes from God – would have never dreamed of the abuse of power exercised in the French Revolution, in the name of ‘the people’ who had appointed them.

JV: Gentlemen, thank you. We’ve run out of time. This is the type of discussion that could go on until midnight, I think. But we only have a certain amount of time in our videotapes. Being that the case, I want to… I know you acknowledge the staff of the Fatima Center, who are all out here.

“I have come to warn the faithful to amend their lives and ask pardon for their sins”.

“They must not continue to offend Our Lord, Who is already deeply offended”.

In the final vision (October 13, 1917), Our Lady silently held out the Scapular, a gesture which indicates that She wants everyone to wear it.
Our Lady said, “if My requests are no heeded, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”

“Pray, pray a great deal, and make sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell because they have no one to make sacrifices and pray for them”.

Plea to the Holy Father
By Coralie Graham

Our Lady makes miracles happen all the time and the Pope, I think, if it’s up to Our Lady, is going to view this DVD and see what we have to say and see the trouble were in. Governments, social societies and sadly many parish priest and dioceses and bishops, even some Vatican Official are not responding seriously and properly to these diabolical threats to our lives and souls that we face today. Holy Father, your flock is desperate. Vulnerable. And confused. Amidst the  catastrophic danger their lives and souls are in. We’re deeply concerned for the future of our children. And most important, for the welfare of their souls.

The whole world is despondent and unified in one cry. What hope have we? Holy Father, you hold that hope. That solution is in the palm of your hand, only you can save your flock and the world. And that is by obedience to the holy request of the Mother of God herself, Our Lady of Fatima, who said of herself “only I can help you”. All she asks is for you, Holy Father, together with all the Catholic bishops of the world, at the same time, to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Mary. A mere five minute prayer. Holy Father you need not worry about any repercussions to our threats, that we all hear about to dare being hurled at him.

Have confidence Holy Father, have confidence in Our Lady’s promise. Heaven does not make mistakes. God created the miracle of the sun and fulfilled prophecies made at Fatima for you, Holy Father. So you would believe and do as Our Lady of Fatima requests. Trust in the loving guidance that Our Lady of Fatima gives you. Trust in her maternal promise of protection as you yourself, have nurtured you flock to do. Our Lady requested the consecration of Russia, not the world.

She was specific and Our Lady does not mince words. Please Holy Father, take Our Lady’s words seriously. And literally. We cannot change a formula prepared in Heaven by God himself, which He sent you through His Holy Mother. Holy Father, when you baptize a baby called John Paul, you don’t say ‘I’ve baptized all the babies in the world’, that would not be valid. Holy Father, when you consecrate a new church, Our Lady of Fatima church, you don’t say ‘I consecrated all the churches in the world’. It would not be valid. Without mentioning John Paul by name, you would not have effected that baptismal consecration, you would not have set aside that specific baby John Paul, for God. Without mentioning Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral by name, you would not have effected that consecration, you would not have set aside that specific cathedral for God. Neither – and I must emphasize this – neither can you effect the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, if you do not mention Russia by name. Consecrating all the countries in the world, again, does not set aside Russia for God. The consecration would be invalid and does not and it will not have the promised effect.

Holy Father you, better than I, know this. You are a shepperd. We look to you for guidance and protection against the diabolical forces that prey after our souls on a daily basis. And so we are confused as to why you have not done the consecration of Russia, according to the formula Our Lady requested and which God himself commanded. Holy Father, time has run out. Our Lady offered us the only solution, but only through you. Every day of delay in making this consecration, many, many more souls and lives are lost. Today, even thousands upon thousands of souls are already being persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, murdered for their faith.

Please, do not delay any longer. Please, protect your flock. Please, consecrate Russia now, before it is too late for us. And even for yourself, as the vision of the third secret foretells. Holy Father, we pray for you daily. Save us, save our children, save yourself from the horrible chastisements prophesized by Jesus and Mary, if you do not hasten to fulfill Our Lady of Fatima’s request now. Holy Father, now is the time to show Our Lady of Fatima your trust in her and your obedience to her command.

Our Lady said to Sister Lucia of Fatima:

“I promise to assist at the hour of death, with all the graces necessary for salvation, all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive months go to Confession, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the Rosary and keep Me company for 15 minutes while meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, with the intention of making reparation to Me.”

“Pray the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world”.

“Pray, pray a great deal, and make sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell because they have no one to make sacrifices and pray for them”.

Our Lord said to Sister Lucia of Fatima:

“The sacrifice that each one can make is to do his duty and obey My law. That is the form of penance I now demand”.


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