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Thank you for signing my petition: The Healthy Lifestyle Expo: Stand strong in support of free speech in Australia!

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The Healthy Lifestyle Expo: Stand strong in support of free speech in Australia

We the undersigned would like to express our strong support for freedom of speech in Australia. The right to express ourselves is something that we are born with. No government or vested interest has the ability to tell us what we can or cannot say outside of current legislation governing defamation and hate speech.

The Healthy Lifestyle Expo, which is taking place on the Sunshine Coast, QLD from May 24th-25th, 2014, has found itself targeted by bullies from the Australian Skeptics, their splinter organisation, Stop the AVN and certain medical and government bodies.

The harassment they have endured has included being signed up for pornographic mailing lists, threatening phone calls and emails to organisers, sponsors and stallholders and hacking of the Expo's website.

Now, there is a call for the Expo to not allow a scheduled talk on vaccination to proceed. Those who oppose this presentation say that only one side of this issue may be discussed. They believe that anyone who does not agree with the medical mantra should be silenced.

By signing this petition, we are sending a message of support to the organisers and the Australian public. Our inalienable right to freedom of speech in Australia is not to be abridged or threatened. NO issue should be censored and NO group has the right to tell those they disagree with that their views are banned from discussion. This is not the way democracy works.



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