CDC whistleblower confesses to vaccine-autism fraud | 24Set2014 14:53:09


(whistleblower:) Oh my God! I cannot believe we did what we did. But we did!

An Autism Media Channel exclusive

(whistlebower:) It’s all there. It´s all there.

(Andrew Wakefield) This is a real story of a real fraud.

(whistleblower:) That’s the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper
“…that paper”

(AW) Deliberate, high-level deception of the American people with disastrous consequences for its children’s health. In order to give context to the extraordinary story that you’re about to hear, a little historical perspective is important. Many of you will have heard of Tuskegee.

(AW) Dirt poor sharecroppers in Macon County, Alabama. Black men with syphilis. In 1932, 339 men were told by the Public Health Service, the forerunner of today’s CDC, that they had bad blood. The motive of the Public Health doctors was to study the natural history of syphilis in the black men. Natural history, in this case, means deliberately untreated. These men were deliberately left untreated even when something as effective as penicillin came along. Worse still, those infected were actively prevented by public health doctors from getting this life-saving drug.


(AW) Men suffered and died, women continued being infected and babies continued to be born with congenital syphilis.

A shiny new CDC took over in the late 1960’s, refused to stop the experiment. Not until every last man had been opened up on their autopsy table. The experiment was stopped not because CDC realized the barbaric nature of their enterprise, but because a whistleblower by the name of Peter Buxton leaked the story to a journalist at The Washington Star. The story was published on July 25th, 1972, hit the front page of the New York Times and the experiment was stopped shortly thereafter. Congressional hearings followed. So unethical, so inhumane was this public health experiment that it lead to a change in the CDC’s code of medical ethics. Except… it didn’t.

30 years later, the CDC was to do something arguably far worse.

(AW) Over a decade ago, Dr. Scott Montgomery and I put forth an hypothesis for a MMR vaccine on autism. The age that you receive the vaccine influences the risk. This makes sense, for some infections like measles the age of infection changes the outcome. We shared this hypothesis with vaccine officials, members of the Centers for Disease Control meetings in Washington and Cold Spring Harbor. A group of senior Vaccine Safety people at the CDC studied it. It panned out (3:18). We were right. At least partly. On November 9th, 2001, nearly 13 years ago, senior CDC scientists knew that younger age of exposure to MMR was associated with an increased risk of autism. In 2004 they published, but they hid the results.

(whistleblower:) “…it’s the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper”
“…and, uh, I went along with this, we didn’t report significant findings”

(AW)  MMR was declared safe.

(on screen:) Dr. Coleen Boyle testifies before the Oversight Committee on Government Reform

(Dr. Coleen Boyle:) The IOM has evaluated this issue back in 2004 and again most recently in 2011 and their conclusion, again, was not just looking at the work that was done in CDC, but with a total body of evidence, was suggesting that vaccines and their components did not increase the risk for autism.

(AW) What Dr. Coleen Boyle, a co-author of that blighted paper, did not tell Congress was that she and her colleagues had deliberately concealed the autism-vaccine link from the Institute of Medicine and the public. Ironically, they even received an award from the Secretary of Health and Human Services for this work.

So troubling was the fraud that one of the CDC researchers broke ranks. Eventually he made contact with Dr. Brian Hooker, father of a vaccine-injured child with autism and a vaccine safety researcher.

(Dr. Brian:) I received a phone call out of the blue, it had a 404 area code, so I knew it was from the CDC. Low and behold it was XXXXX. He had much to confess.

(whistleblower:) “I’m completely ashamed of what I did”
“…I have great shame now…”
“…I was complicit and uh, I went along with this”

(Dr. Brian:) XXXXX had appointed me his priest, and when he appointed me his priest then he started confessing and we have had many, many phone exchanges, we’ve exchanged dozens of emails, and he has released quite compelling information regarding fraud and malfeasance in the CDC.

(whistleblower:) “…we didn’t report significant findings”

(AW) XXXX sent Hooker information that was never intended for public scrutiny. From their own data sheets, dated 2001, Dr. Hooker analyzed the CDC’s results and he found the same risk for autism that the CDC’s scientists had themselves identified.
It’s all there, it’s all there!
He confronted XXXXX.

(Dr. Brian) He has expressed significant remorse, for lying, for burying data.
(whistleblower) I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism, ‘cause I have been part of the problem.

(Narrator) This week, August 10th, 2014, Dr. Hooker published the real findings: a 340% increase risk of autism in boys receiving the MMR on time, compared with those receiving it later. 13 years – and tens of thousands of children later. As I’ve said, Dr. Montgomery and I were only partly right. The risk of autism form early MMR vaccination was seen in black children, black boys. Those boys, for some reason, are at very high risk. Consistent with the CDC’s own findings, the rate of autistic regression in black children is reported to be twice that, in white children.

(whistleblower) Oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did.

Tuskegee revisited.

(Narrator)  Scientist Dr. David Lewis, an international expert in whistle blowing and the detection of scientific fraud reviewed the original CDC documents and the paper they published in 2004.

(Dr. Lewis) Probably this is the clearest case and the easiest case in which to answer is it fraud or is it an accident, is it just an artifact of the study. What we’re dealing with here clearly is – fraud.

(Dr. Brian) He knows that he’s culpable for damage, he knows that he’s culpable for permanent damage of a large significant portion of the population in the United States.

(whistleblower) “…the higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it”.

(Narrator) Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Dr. Coleen Boyle. They knew. They let it happen and they could have stopped it.
Michigan lawyer, Allison Folmar, an award-winning advocate for children and parental rights, gave her reaction.

(Allison Folmar) I feel first and foremost, as a human being, you know, uh, betrayed. When you loose your faith and trust in humanity, you know, how do you, how do you repair it? I mean, I don’t really know what to say, to be honest.

(Dr. Brian) XXXXXX is very regretful about his involvement.

(whistleblower) That was the lowest point in my career, but I went along with that paper, but I’m not gonna lie… um, I’ve…I basically have stopped lying.

(Narrator) You see, vile as the crimes of Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler were, these men were not hypocrites, their motives ambiguous or direct plays with apparent care and compassion. These men were not entrusted with the welfare of their victims, their mottos did not include the words “To save lives” and “Protect”. They were not running a mandatory program disguised as caring.

How many children, how many went to the war in that decade of silence? How many Presidents, Mr. Obama?


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