Ex-CIA director – We kill people based on metadata | 07Nov2014 19:50:53


A former high-ranking US intelligence official has admitted that Washington uses the metadata obtained by the National Security Agency as the basis for killing people.

General Michael Hayden (Ret.), who served as the head of the NSA and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), made the comments during a recent debate at Johns Hopkins University, according to David Cole, the Georgetown University Law Center professor and Hayden’s opponent at the debate.

“Metadata” is defined as “data about data”. In this context “metadata” refers to the information collected by the NSA from American citizens and “suspected militants” in other countries.

The US military and the CIA uses the data to select targets for drone strikes around the world.

According to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the agency analyzes metadata as well as mobile-tracking technology to determine targets, without employing human intelligence to confirm a suspect’s identity.


Nexus Magazine 21(5) Aug-Sep 2014,9



Soon man will no longer fear the power of paper currency and their owners, but they will have a neW God, a new monetary medium, and be branded by the beast like cattle for the slaughter, and will be forced to worship the beast and this image, or be killed!

The control center for this credit system will be the magical speaking image of the Beast (probably the long-foretold super computer) which will be set up in the glorious holy mountain (Mt. Moriah, Jerusalem) where the Temple stood and the Mosque of Omar now stands. (See Dan.11:45)

Just look at how the world is being prepared for a mechanical god, an electronic brain, a computer deity, which they will then be willing to worship because it is their own creation, the work of their own hands. [7] "They worship the works of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made." (Isa.2:8)

The Rise and Reign of the Antichrist

A cashless society seems quite appealing due to present times. But all to startling is this article found in Readers Digest, November, 1976, Coming Soon: Electronic Money" by Ronald Schiller. In this article he explains all the benefits of the cashless society. His closing paragraph is the most startling:

"In this new totally electronic age, the enforcement of financial obligations will present few difficulties, since failure to pay up could be disastrous. The culprit might even be forced to undergo what Electronic Fund Transfer men call ‘plastic surgery’--the cutting off of his bank cards. Economically speaking, this would make him a non-person."

If there is no cash, and if an individual’s right to trade is suspended by putting a hold on his account in a computer system, this article says that person would economically become a non-person. This sounds startlingly like Revelation chapter 13--without the number a person will not be permitted to buy or sell! If an individual’s ability to buy and sell could be suspended for not paying his bills, could it also be suspended for refusing to embrace the New World Order and its conflict resolving one-world religion?!



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