WikiLeaks is raising $100,000 reward for the Trans-Pacific Partnership 'TPP' | 31Out2015 19:27:47


Wikileaks is raising a reward for the missing chapters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership “TTP”

America’s most wanted secret – the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And this is why:

(Obama) TPP is for American businesses / American businesses / businesses /businesses

(Myke Synan) It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership and it might not sound important to you until you hear Democrats railing against their own President, and saying your job could be on the line.
(Senadora Elizabeth Warren) Who will benefit from the TPP?

(Lori Wallach) It is enforceable corporate global governance.
(Man) It is a giant give away to monster transnational corporations.

(Senator Elizabeth Warren) Wall Street, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, big polluters and outsourcers are all salivating at the chance to rig the upcoming trade deals in their favor.

(Narrator) All 29 chapters of the TPP are secret, but 3 of them had been wikileaked. So what do we know so far?

(Man) The United States has negotiated the TPP almost entirely in secret with the help of about 600 corporations.

(Narrator) The TPP is a multi-trillion dollar treaty that is being negotiated behind closed doors by the Obama administration. They say it’s a “free trade deal”, but in reality is anything but free, and 80% of it isn’t even about trade.

(Melinda St. Louis) They’re 29 chapters; only 5 of them have to do with trade. They have to do with our freedom on the internet, they have to do with financial regulation, of food and product safety.

(Narrator) The treaty covers over half of the World’s economy, and it’s the largest ever negotiated. It will have implications beyond matters of trade, intruding into almost every aspect of people’s lives. The TPP bans favoring local businesses, experts say will send millions of jobs overseas drive down wages and conditions at home.
Multinational corporations will be able to sue the government for passing laws, including on the environment, health protections that they claim affect their future profit.

(John Oliver) That’s right. A company was able to sue a country over public health measure through international court. How the f**k is that possible?!
Then Morris International, a company with annual net revenues of 80 billion dollars, basically threatened to sue Togo whose entire GDP in $4.3 billion.

Togo, justifiably terrified by threats of billion dollar settlements, backed down from a public health law that many people wanted. And it’s not just Togo.
Two tobacco companies sued Australia in its highest court.

Philip Morris is currently suing Uruguay.

British American Tobacco sent a similar letter to Namibia
the Solomon Islands.

Pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to expand their monopolies, restricting the availability of affordable generic drugs.

The TPP requires internet service providers to become internet policemen watching your every click. It is a one way ticket, one sign it will be locked in place for decades.

But the scariest thing about the TPP is that there are 26 chapters that cover our daily lives that we have not seen.
So let’s raise $100.000.00 as a reward for the missing chapters of the TPP. Help uncover a one trillion dollar secret that will affect the whole world. Make your pledge today. Go to


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