666 Mark of the Beast Setup Worldwide By 2017? - Perry Stone | 20Jan2016 21:50:55


(Perry Stone) This medical doctor was coming into a certain city to meet with 3.000 doctors about the new Healthcare chip.

And he said there’s a Healthcare chip, that he’s… they’ve been working on for several years -- now listen to what I’m gonna say: this was May of 2009 and when this man said “Yeah, there’s gonna be a Healthcare chip, they’re gonna put it right in you’re your hand, right above your forehead, and he said it’s gonna have all your healthcare information, he said you’re not gonna have to do paperwork, you just scan your hand, and do a scan of you, it’s got  everything on there, it’s got a digital number and all your information, that’s where it’s gonna go.

He said we’ve had this for a while but we’ve tested it on people and some blood types reject it and the government had us working on this to make sure that all the blood types, and I think we’ve got it perfected. He said you will have it inserted at your local hospital. And this was the man’s exact quote, this was in May 2009, “President Obama is demanding we have it done by the end of the year.”

Now I’m gonna make a statement and I can back it up because I’ve got the proof of it: The reason President Obama pushed Healthcare through, absolutely demanding that it had to go through, was actually not just about caring for people who need health. It was about the Healthcare chip, and it’s a tracking device, now listen to me, and they make -- the reason I know this, right here in Georgia a man had a meeting with a company that was doing it and they said, “It’s 10 dollars a month, ad up ten dollars a month times 12 months that’s 120 dollars, ad up over 300 million Americans who have to have it and ad that up, and they’re gonna make money off the chip”.

Now, they originally told me that in 2013 it’s when they wanted everybody to have it and they wanted to have the government controlled Healthcare and that’s the reason they wanted government controlled Healthcare, passed the law where everybody had to do it. But I want to tell you something about the State of Georgia:

You have a Senator, now that’s not a State Senator, I’m sorry, it’s not a Senator in Washington, but you have a State Senator I personally met, and thank God he, when I preached this in Carnesville, Georgia, said “Perry, I have already gone through the State House to pass a regulation that they cannot insert chips in people in the State of Georgia in their forehead and in their hand”.

A senator, there is a senator or a congressman from the State of Virginia who has challenged it and is trying to pass it in Virginia, there’s someone in Pennsylvania trying to pass in Pennsylvania, they know it’s there and there are people who are trying to pass legislation to say you will not put a tracking chip of any kind in the right hand or the forehead. In fact, one guy that’s not a Christian said “This sounds too much to me like something I’ve heard people talk about in the Apocalypse and I don’t want my people being tracked”.

Now I’m just telling you something. Did I show you that chip yet, did I show it yet, Larry, it’s called the RFID radio frequency tag implant, and it has a, it has a lithium battery in it, the new ones are smaller than the size of a grain of rice and so I’m just trying to share with you that this is not 2nd or 3rd hand information, I’ve got this directly from people who know about this and this is why, folks, this is why they shoved Healthcare through. It wasn’t just about all these other things, all the other stuff is side stuff, this is a money maker for them and for the insurance companies and for whoever is involved with this, and so thank the Lord, I’m gonna say thank the Lord for people who are making a stand. Now I will tell you this: -- See, there it is implanted in somebody’s right hand. See right there? Right in this area here, and feels like a little bump. Listen, I’ll say this publicly, I’m not afraid to say this publicly: you wanna give me a card with my name and a chip on the back, I’m fine with that ‘cause I have credit cards, bank cards anyway, but I refuse to put something in my right hand and my forehead that is comparable to Revelation 19. I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna do it.

Now they have then come up because some people may not like that, they’ve come up with a tattoo. Let’s look at the tattoo. The RFID ink, RFID is Radio Frequency Identification, has been tested and proven to work, it is a, it’s a chip but it’s simply a chip with ink, it has been tested on animals, it’s supposed to be safe on people, the company from St. Louis in the United States has invented this and come up with this, the ink does not contain any metals.

Listen to what’s interesting: it can be invisible, or it can be in color, it is safe for people, animals, it takes 8 to 10 seconds to implant the hard chip in your right hand or forehead, just 8 to 10 seconds, this happens in 5 to 10 seconds. They can stamp a tattoo on you, a reader, an electronic reader can detect it 4 feet away, they use multiple needles to implant it in the skin; data is stored in the design itself and you can store up to 15 digits of information. But here’s the part that’s weird: the little small chip the grain of rice, the size of the grain of rice, has now been implanted in 2.500 million people. In Canada they wanted to insert it in a group of people working at a company, and the company, 3 Pentecostals sued them and said “This is against our religion”. They took it all the way to the supreme court of Canada and the Pentecostals won their case.

(Stone) Amen. They gave them a card, but they did not insert it in the hand. I was with Darlene Bishop, and Darlene said “Perry it is so strange you mention this. We have a couple in our church whose son he works on a barge. And they said to him the Federal Government, that Homeland Security is demanding that you put this tracking chip with your name, it’s a device -- she probably told you all publicly about this -- and in your right hand or forehead. He said “I’m not doing it”. They said “You’re fired”, he said, “You can’t fire me over my religious belief.” He challenged that and he had to pay US$800 for a card, if I recall, that has a gold foil on the back with the information. I will tell you this: gold foil card is absolutely fine, you wanna put a number on the card, that’s not what the Bible says, it says nothing about a card, it tells you on the hand or on the forehead.

Now I’m not trying to spook anybody with this but I’m simply trying to tell you that the technology is there. Now listen to what the Bible says happens in the Tribulation after people receive the Mark in the hand and forehead:
The angel goes down and pours his bowl upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men that had the mark of the beast and who worshiped his image.

 The word “sore” in Revelation 16:2 is the same word for “ulcer” and it is used for the rich man that was full of sores in Luke 16:21. Same Greek word. Now, why would someone with the Mark in their hand or their forehead, why would a sore break out? Because if they use a lithium battery, lithium batteries have been in cell phones but have exploded and burnt holes in people’s pants. Are you listening? It causes a very serious chemical burn, listen, it also causes a foul smell. “A foul and loathsome sore came upon the men”!

Now China is in the process of making these safer, they call them a lithium ion, trying to make it safer, but my point is if that was to be inserted as is now, there’s no question: crushing it would release the battery producing a terrible sore in the right hand or in the forehead. Once again it’s interesting, it’s interesting to see we are a generation that is seeing the technology developed.

Lithium ion cells, with cobalt cathodes some, uuh, the same as, uuh, as, as some of the recall laptop batteries recently, should never rise above 130 degree Celsius or 265 degrees Fahrenheit. At 302 degrees, the cell becomes unstable and the condition leads to thermal runaway in which flaming gases are vented. In other words, if you, if it got too hot it’s gonna create the situation very similar to what you…

But wait a minute! That’s not the big one yet. Here’s the big one. The new chip from China, the smallest RFID tag in the world, only by looking at that picture. Hitachi has developed a chip that measures 0.05 x 0.05 mm, it almost gets lost on the fingertip, these are called powder tags, and some are 60 times smaller than the previous tags, the new one, the new one can hold 128 bit ROM information for storing a 38 digit number. Phewww!

To write data on electron beams are used and they can be inserted like a powder on the hand. You can throw them, in fact let me just tell you what the government would like to use these for. In a large crowd that they think can get crazy they scatter these, they throw ‘em.

Anybody remember Mission Impossible years ago where they put the tag on? That was a tracking tag. They had those by the way, that wasn’t some fake. This is so tiny that they can throw it on somebody and it literally can monitor them and track them through satellite. Hoooh! Is anybody hearing?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nDioB1a3rA    (14:38)
“These small ones can be inserted in paper, gift certificates and money, they can be read by a scanner 10 INCHES AWAY. Hello! Somebody help me now! Somebody! Are you listening to this? Shout yes if you’re listening.
(audience shouts yes)

The government is taking control of the mortgage industry, the banking industry, GM, GMC is now owned by the government, they’ve taken control of the student loans now, you have to go to the government to get a student loan, can’t go to a bank, forcing Americans to take Healthcare, getting ready to hire 16.000 IRS agents to audit your books, penalize you if you didn’t do what they wanted to do. Republican Dingo said the Healthcare bill will eventually control the people; the doctor who invented the chip on the airplane told my friend THERE – WILL – BE – NO – PLACE – TO – HIDE!

The recent update I got was that by 2017 everybody is gonna have the Healthcare chip. Listen to what I’m gonna say. Why do you think the President exempted the unions till 2017? You didn’t hear what I just said. The unions are exempt to certain of the Health Care thing, but in 2017 there’s gonna be, they’re gonna be relooking at it, because that’s the date that everybody is supposed to have the chip in the right hand or in the forehead.

Now, you know, people will hear this and say, “Well it sounds like fanaticism, that sounds crazy.” No my friend. We have contacts in Israel, contacts in Europe, contacts in the United States, and people who are fully aware that this is something that is going to happen. “Why, how come they haven’t told us?” Well then, why should they? Are you kidding me? If the President “got up and said  “I’m going to put a chip in your right hand and forehead” in the Southeast part of the United States there would be a war break out!

You understand what I’m saying? ‘Cause Christians who know the Bible -- oh, come on, I’m gonna preach this right here. Now, here’s what scares me. I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this up. Here’s what scares me about this Beast technology: is the older people who were raised in Church know what the Bible predicts. Everybody sitting here sits under good preaching and teaching and you know where this thing is going. So you’re not gonna put something in your head or forehead that looks too much like the Book of Revelation.

But we got a generation of secret sensitive preachers out there, they never preach on prophecy, they don’t wanna preach anything that seems negative, they’re afraid of making their people afraid, so they won’t tell them what I’m telling you. You’ve got a generation that if they’d come up with a chip they’d stick that thing in their hand and forehead thinking it was the greatest thing in the world, and maybe that’s why the Bible said be careful because in the Last Days EVEN THE ELECT COULD BE DECEIVED!

But I’m gonna tell you, I’m gonna tell you one group that ain’t gonna put nothing in their hand or in their forehead. Leviticus 19:27-28:
“You shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shall you mar the corners of your beards. You’ll not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you”.

It’s called Hasidic or Orthodox Jews. There’s 14 million Jews worldwide, 3.5 million Jews in Israel; 25% are orthodox. That means 850 thousand orthodox Jews live in Israel. There’s gonna be 144 thousand sealed with the seal of God in the Tribulation, they’re gonna have the Father’s Name in their forehead, and the reason that they are not gonna follow the Beast or the Antichrist:  THEY’RE – NOT – GOING – TO – PUT – ANYTHING – ON – THEIR – HAND – OR – IN – THEIR – HEAD!

(Perry) And may the Church, who knows the Word of God, be bold enough to say, “We’re thankful for the technology:  Twiter, Facebook, satellite, web casting, all isn’t it wonderful? But we’ll tell you one thing: My head doesn’t belong to Washington DC. My hand doesn’t belong to Washington DC. I love the nation, I’m a citizen, I love it here, but my hands belong to the Lord God, my mind belongs to Christ, Hallelujah! And I’m gonna keep my hand and my mind clear in these Last Days! Praise God somebody!


Be seated. Listen to this carefully, just, just for a moment. Listen to this carefully: as an American sometimes I have to separate the fact that I’m a Christian and I’m an American. Now, I’m a Christian living in America, but sometimes I’ve gotta as a Christian, sometimes I have to speak as an American. You understand? So sometimes you have to stand up as an American. Number one: all believers need to stay informed, you’re gonna get overloaded in this meeting. Now there’s good stuff to tell you too. I’m gonna show you something, one day you’re gonna be hopping and shouting all over this place you haven’t seen. There’s good things here. Number two: the Church needs to stay together. It’s not the Black Church and the White Church and Hispanic Church. We’re the CHUUUUURCH! Glory be to God! We’re just the CHURCH! But the Church has gotta stick together. We can’t be looking at race, we’ve got to be looking at faith. Hoo!

Number three. Now listen: Everybody unsaved needs to go and get saved now.


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Is it true that 666 is so effective in cell phones and that it can kill people by answering incoming calls and replying txt messages to numbers like +333 7.......?

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