Former Salesman For Vaccine Maker Merck & Co. Wouldn't Vaccinate His Son | 03Fev2016 15:20:26


Hello, my name is Scott Cooper, I was a pharmaceutical rep for Merck Sharp & Dohme, or Merck Human Health Co., as it became. I was a vice-president’s club award winner in 1992, and I just want to share a story.

My child was born in ’91, he’s now gonna be 24 this year. He was never vaccinated. He grew up very very healthy, rarely, if ever, sick, and always much healthier than his peers. When they were all running around, all the kids had runny noses, drank a lot of milk, and were all vaccinated. My child was always healthy, runny nose free, always very very healthy - and smart.

If I can digress a little bit, this was 1990, so the internet wasn’t really available. I had read numerous books on vaccines, and like most people I grew up believing in vaccines from what I was told in school. And it became a real shock to me when I started reading and learning that vaccines were not only ineffective but also there were major risks involved with vaccination.

So when I found out my wife was pregnant, I had a discussion with her about not vaccinating, and of course, she was pro-vaccine, and so I made her a deal.

At the time I worked for a very large pharmaceutical company, as a sales rep. And so I made her a promise. I said “I’ll go to the library, I’ll bring home everything I can find pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine. And you can read for yourself, and then you can make a decision”.

And so that’s what I did. I went and scouted the periodicals in the libraries. I actually found a very small stack of information that was pro-vaccine, and yet I came home with boxes full of books and articles that were anti-vaccine.

I just gave’em to her and let her make up her own mind. And I`d come home from work and she’d be reading this stuff and crying from what she was reading.

And so by the time my child was born we were both on the same page about vaccination, and it was interesting because I had my ob-gyn, or my wife’s ob-gyn, sit me down in his office and say “Look, you work for a large pharmaceutical company. What do you mean you’re not vaccinating?” And my company actually made a lot of the vaccines. We had a vaccine division and everything else, and I told him, I told him flat out why we, we had a huge discussion about it and while he didn’t agree, you know, we still went the course that I wanted.

During a training session with Merck they brought in their corporate attorneys and I just happened to ask a question, uh, where do most of our law suits come from and how large are they so on, and one of the attorneys said flat out that most, and almost all of our lawsuits come from the vaccine division.

What I’d like to say to people watching this video is to really do your own research, alright? If you’re on the fence about vaccines or wondering at all whether to vaccinate your child, please, please, do your own research.

There are a ton of resources available out there. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, she has a site that is full of resources. Thousands of pages are published of medical studies showing the inherent risks that are involved with vaccines. There are a ton of books out there showing this. Over and over again the, uh, vaccine damage that is being done by these vaccinations.

It, it, if you believe what you’re told by the AMA and the CDC and your doctor, you’re not doing enough research.


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