German President Glauck: the Elite is not the problem | 06Ago2016 19:59:50


Yes I have but I’m going to keep to myself so I’ll not influence the British in their decision. I have a hope, so I hope they will stay with us as I said in my speech. But in what regards to Europe, you know, today I think I would make a different speech. At the time I had a political mission: Europe ever closer, ever more intense one with the other...

What would you say today?

Today I would say, let’s put the smock on. Yes, there is something we need to heal, something we need to improve, something we need to discuss with each other again. The elites are not the problem, at the moment the peoples are the problem so we have to try to talk more intensely with them. Are you really afraid you will no more be able to be Polish or British? Is that the reason, being afraid of losing your national identity?

Transcripiton (German)

video - Min 10:21



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