Life Chain – St. Lawrence Martyr Parish, Ontario, Canada, 2016 | 11Nov2016 13:33:30


And I hope this cause helps a lot of people realise that this is wrong and we should stop abortion.

This is a really good cause and everybody should be a part of it, women, men, everyone.

(RevSS) I think it's important for priests to try to promote their parishioners to come out to this event. Consider your last week's Gospel reading, it was about the rich man and Lazarus, and I pointed out that the rich man ended up going to hell, to Hades, not because he was evil or wicked, he didn't kill anybody, he didn't do anything terribly wrong, his basic fault was a sin of negligence; he neglected to care for his neighbor; right at his gate was the poor man Lazarus and he couldn't care less; he was just so busy going about his business he didn't even notice him; and so often we're like that, we think we're ok as Catholics, we're not committing any major mortal sin but there's a lot more that we could do, it's not enough for us simply to avoid sin, we need to reach out to help the less fortunate, the poor, and especially the unborn who don't have a voice; we need to speak out on their behalf.

(woman) We want the world to know that life is very important, life is very precious, and it's God's gift, and, uh, we believe that every child has the right to live.

(Child) God loves children no mater what.

(RevSS) And you know the organizers of the Life Chain had pointed out that it's very successful; a number of women have come forward, sought out the organizers of the Life Chain to personally thank them for the witness that we gave, because they were planning to abort their baby, they drove by, they saw all of us giving witness to the truth, to the sanctity of human life, that abortion is wrong, and they decided to keep their child, and they were so thankful, they sought out the organizers to personally thank them.

So I just want to encourage all of you to do what you can to help support the sanctity of human life in the first moment of conception until natural death, and especially all you pastors out there, encourage your parishioners to come out, come out yourselves to give a witness, preach on the sanctity of human life and encourage your parishioners.

When we are united, when there's many of us, we're much more effective in giving witness to the truth so, I encourage all of you to do that, thank you!


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