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JHW: This is John-Henry Westen coming at you from Auckland, New Zealand where we're at the "Voice of the Family" Conference sponsored by Family Life International and we're very pleased right now to be with Gabriele Kuby. Gabriele is a sociologist from Germany and you might know her very well for her book which covers many issues in the sexual revolution, about the sexual revolution, and most specifically right now about gender; and it's that which we'd like to talk to you about today Gabriele.

There is a, has been, a move in the Catholic Church now to confront this issue of people who are transgendered and, there's much confusion in the church about how we should do this, what we should do with them, there's, you know, and oncoming representation or asking for, you know, rights for people who are transgendered; what's your take on how the Catholic Church should deal with this?

GK: We have always, we are used to these letters LGBT I Q+++ yes? Uh, and, there was always the T there, but for quite a long time now we've only been dealing with homosexuality, now the great victory was the judgement last year, the court in the Obergefell decision, same sex marriage is legalized and pressed into the United States through this decision of judges who are not really meant to make, to form social reality.

So, immediately afterwards the transgender wave started to, you know, it had been prepared but then full force into the transgender issue. Transgender means that they are people, very unfortunate people, who do not feel that they have the right body, that's what they say, their brains say something else and their feelings say something else, so, they go to the extreme of even amputating themselves, uh, to, to remedy this; we know from studies, we know from the doctors who have done that at the John Hopkins Hospital, that it does not solve the problem, of course it doesn't solve the problem.

Underneath the deep psychological problem, uh, there's a lot of abuse in (biographies?), uh, which come to that, I've met people, and talked to this woman who says I'm a mother but I'm a man, and she was simply in tears after a few minutes of talking to her. The World Health Organization has a list of, uh, psychological disturbances, and gender dysphoria as it's now called, is on that list! As a psychological disturbance; so now we are under this, uh, uh, pressure to say, respect their identity, uh, no! We have to help them to solve the problems! And they should get every possible help for that;  it has nothing to do with identity, it's a very very severe and extremely painful psychological disturbance, which is shown by the suicidal attempts, they are forty percent higher than in the average of the population; and they are that much higher after the same sex, uh, after gender sex, uh, change attempts, yeah? Whatever the people do; so now this is getting into the church.

JHW: How do people, how (can I say?) we want to be here for people, we want to support people, we never want to condemn them, the church doesn't teach that, uh, you know, if you feel like you have an attraction, if you're male you have an attraction to another male that is even sinful; it's a disorder desire but it's not sinful unless you act on it; maybe you can speak a little bit about that.

GK: The task of the church is to proclaim the truth in love, and with all these conditions of us human beings, we have some freedom in the way how we live our identity, how we live our sexual, uh, drive; the church has to say, this is what God intended for the human being, so that, uh, we as persons, fallen persons in this world, can have a good life, and can actually satisfy our longing for happiness and reach eternal life, that's what the church has to tell us, how we reach it! So, the church has to tell us the truth about the human being and give us every support to reach it.

But what is happening now it is, uh, I mean, that people are affirmed, you are not a man! You are not a woman! and with these absolutely crazy laws, which are now being constructed, that people who do not accept what a person says, if you now here said to me, uh, you're a woman, and, I will say, well I'm sorry, uh, I don't think you are, and I would continue to call you Mr. Westen, if we lived in New York you could take me to court, and I might be fined with two hundred fifty thousand dollars, if I continued to do it, and you would say, she is a nasty person, and she is getting at me, why does she not accept my, uh, I'm a woman?! You wouldn't even have to dress differently, you wouldn't even have to show a single paper to me, yeah? I think this is a degree of madness which is simply unbelievable.

JHW: When the church is trying to deal with this, when, uh, you know, because people they'll say have been born, there's androgyny sometimes, there's people born with secondary sex

GK: That's intersexuality.

JHW: intersexuality, so, there is this condition; now, this is an extremely rare condition but, people will always probably point to that but, do you think it's a good idea the church to say, ok, if someone says they feel transgendered, just refer to them by the pronoun that should be referred to?

GK: No, of course not! Yeah?! Intersexuality is a very, as you said, a very rare condition where biological features are not identical, not, not, uh, totally conforming to one sexual..., this is very very rare; uh, in all these questions we now see that somehow the state, the laws, the NGO.s, all these organizations who deal with that, make politics for the tiniest minorities; they should be after the common good, the word common good isn't even there anymore! They should make politics for the majority, we live in a democracy, aren't we proud of our democracy?! Do we not go for wars for democracy?! Yeah?!

So, why make, like with the bathroom battle now which, one can't believe that crazy things like these happen; why they are not, ninety point nine percent of the girls protected, from boys coming into their bathroom, why is this tiniest minority protected against discrimination? No! If people have these problems, which is very unfortunate, which needs our compassion, which needs help of any kind, - and do not affirm them in their psychological disturbance! But tell them what their true identity is! - No! Dear man, dear boy, dear child, of course you are, a,... if you want to wear boys clothes as a little girl, go ahead, but of course you are a little girl! Yeah?! We affirm them in their true identity, and try to be good people to them.

JHW: We've gone so far now, as to give children, uh, developing into, normally, into their sexuality, hormonal treatments, drugs, as children, to stop their normal development;

GK: Yes! Yes!

JHW: how would the, how should the church respond?

GK: She should publicly and openly condemn it! And say it's a criminal act on children, it's nothing else, yeah?! There's a new study, I want to quote it correctly so I have this paper with me... it's by the most eminent psychiatrist of the United States, it is called "Sexuality and Gender," the authors are Lawrence Mayer and Dr. Paul McHugh, they are the most famous psychiatrists, and respected in the United States; they have, uh, looked into two hundred studies, peer reviewed scientific studies on this subjects, and their results are, I quote all four of them, one is relevant to your question,

(Screen) "The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings - the idea that people are 'born that way' - is not supported by scientific evidence."

(Screen) "Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood."

GK: They grow out of it! It's, you know, they play around, they hear all this, I mean, it's the fashion, children pick up the fashions; you know, they have a very acute sense of where there's energy, in which kind of theme there's energy where adults get up to their toes yeah? And react to them, so all of a sudden we have these gender dysphoria cases rising, in the statistics yeah?! It's a fabricated discussion, yeah?! And what do we do to these children? They are children playing around however their other conditions are. And it is, I think it is simply criminal, and the church should support parents, and bring them to their senses!
And help these children, and say, this cannot be done! Even transgender people speak of, out against that and say, it should not be done, yeah.

JHW: So, where is the loving response of the church when a family, and mostly (???) families, when families through, you know the kids went to high school and their counsellor of the high school said, oh you must be, you're a boy but you must be, because you feel like a girl or, you know, a young woman; how can the church then approach parents, who are suffering with this, because the kids come home, and say, mom I, I, I, you raised me as a boy but I feel like a girl, and the counselor at school told me I should be a girl and you're not letting me be a girl; how can the church support parents in that situation?

GK: Tell them the research that exists, direct them to therapy, look at the family, let's, the whole family, what is happening in this family, why is that child in that condition, there is, it is not innate! It has nothing to do with genes! Something happened in the dynamics of that family that brought about that case. So that has to be looked at, and the church should support parents in doing that.

JHW: One final question, before I let you go, the notion that doing this is criminal, as you said, some people have called it even a sexual type of abuse!

GK: I think it is! Yeah?! Maybe that's the better word.

JHW: with that being the case, what do you make of those churches, and there are churches like this already, even in the Catholic Church, but, but many church communities that are now suggesting, no! We must accommodate, we must let people, you know, be who they are, we must be accepting and welcoming, this went before into LGBT everything and even some, even bishops saying gay couples and lesbian couples should be blessed and given the Holy Communion even for that matter, but now comes a new issue with transgendered people, and what to do with them, and some church communities, even Catholic communities, telling their people, you must be accepting, you must be welcoming, you must not be a bigot, you must not be discriminatory. How is a faithful parishioner to answer to their priest or bishop, telling them in a Catholic way that still shows love?

GK: We are always compassionate, we are always accepting, uh, and if we are truly accepting, this person will open up, this person will show the deep suffering which is underneath; I've been, after talking, one, this woman came up to me and we spoke for three minutes and she told, she was full of fear and aggression because of what had been done to her, yeah?!

So of course we need to be accepting, but we will not say this is the right path, uh, there is a path out! And this woman then, I said to her, she heard me talk about that I come from a religious position and she heard me and she had some connections to Jesus, I said, if you found a way out, would you like to go that path? - It would be Paradise! And I encouraged her, I said, hold on to Jesus! You will find your way out! So, this is what the church is for! Yeah?! And it can do it all the better the more loving we truly are, and when I saw this poor woman standing in front of me, I had love for her! I had compassion for her! It was just so sad! Yeah?! And when they truly feel that, all of us, then we can change.

JHW: Beautiful. For Life Site News this is John Henry Westen with Gabriele Kubi, coming at you from Auckland, New Zealand. God bless you!


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