Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump | 04Mar2017 17:21:35


>> On Nov. 6. 2005 David Brooks in the NY Times wrote: - 'The Chosen': - Getting In - A proud Jew writing in the Jewish-owned NY Times. Brook boasts of "The Jews taking over America." - He announces that his tribe displaced the European American founders and is now the Elite of this nation.

>> The New York Times - By David Brooks - The "Jewish takeover" of America - "You realize what you're talking about is Jews taking over America." - My eyes bugged out, but then I realized that she was Jewish and she knew I was too, and between us we could acknowledge there's a lot of truth in that statement. For the Jews were the vanguard of a social movement that over the course of the 20th century transformed the American university system and the nature of the American elite.

>> Not so fast Mr. Brooks. Here comes Trump! - Brooks writes -- Trump: No, Not Ever - He ridicules and dismisses Trump, but he is clearly afraid. When Trump says, "We will take back America," Brooks thinks he plans to take the country back from Brooks' racist tribal elite that leads our nation to war, bankruptcy and tyranny -- and that leads our people to genocide.

>> Why the Jewish Elite - Hates Donald Trump - Dr. David Duke

The Detroit News - ...hompson: Jewish leaders fear Trump presidency - ... The Detroit News - With Donald Trump scheduled to address the policy conference of the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee this weekend in Washington, D.C., some...

>> Trump defies GOP litmus test on Israel - ...not to take 'sides' in Arabe-Israeli peace talks, he sparks instant rebukes from Cruz and... - BY MICHAEL CROWLEY ...

Zionist Jake Tapper & the ZioMedia follow orders from the ADL to smear Donald Trump - SUPER TUESDAY COVERAGE BEGINS - 2 DAYS - #CNNSOTU - RUBIO, CRUZ CALL ON TRUMP TO RELEASE TAX RECORDS
I wanna ask you about the Anti Defamation League which this week called on you to publicly condemn unequivocally the racism of former KKK grand wizard David Duke...

Your position on race and the controversy of your failure to denounce David Duke on...

>> In vicious psycho programming KKK & Donald Trump were headlined together thousands of times - Jewish tribalist Chris Wallace Debate anchor piles on! - FOX NEWS DEBATE

I'd like to go deeper than that; what are your views on the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists?

>> Dr. David Duke - PhD in History & Former Member - House of Representatives - LA 1989-1993

DD: In contemplating Donald Trump's visit to AIPAC, as a historian I can't help but recall a famous quote of President Harry S. Truman, when he was faced with enormous zionist pressure on Israel. His vice-president Henry Wallace recorded his words, quote,

>> President Harry S. Truman - "Jesus Christ couldn't please them when He was here on Earth. So how could anyone expect that I'd have any luck!"

Mr. Trump, I hope you heed the words of president Truman. Your appearance before AIPAC does you no good. No matter what, you can't please them! Even Jesus couldn't please the Jewish establishment and Lord knows you're no Jesus.

THE JERUSALEM POST - Middle East - Business & Innovation - US Elections - Not Just News - (?) - (?) - Protests planned at Trump AIPAC appearance - The Donald confirmed as speaker at AIPAC's main extravaganza - Reform movement (?) Trump accuses candidate of hate speech

They hate you, and they'll always be your enemy. The America Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobby for a foreign nation and the fact is that it's the one lobby that no one in Congress dares to oppose, and that shows its obscene power. It is one of the lobbying arms of the Jewish establishment in America. The Jewish tribal zionists, banking and political establishment hates you.

>> Zionist Goldman Sachs - Top Corp. Contributor - Republicans & Democrats

The Jewish dominated media establishment despises you.

>> Is Hollywood run by Jews? You bet!

Over the past few weeks you've been pounded by thousands of headlines equating you with Hitler, Mussolini, The KKK, and even me, David Duke. The truth is of course that all that is ludicrous. Not only you're not KKK, I'm not KKK, I haven't been since a short stand in the 1970s four decades ago.

>> REUTERS - HOME - BUSINESS - MARKETS - WORLD - POLITICS - What Trump says about 'Hitler salute ... - Alana Wise - March 8, 2016


>> ... Detroit Times - ... Jewish leaders fear Trump presidency - ...

Since that time I've been one of the most well known political Republican leaders in America, even The New York Times has admitted that I've pioneered the positions of the Republican mainstream today.

>> The New York Times - Much of David Duke's 1991 Campaign is now GOP Mainstream - By Jeremy Alfred - Dec. 30, 2014

Look at the respect my fellow Republican and Democratic legislators gave me, when I was sworn in to the House of Representatives.

>> David Duke Winning Election to the House of Representatives-LA - Louisiana 1989

This day from the clerk of...    I have an announcement to make: We won!

>> David Duke - House of Representatives - Swearing-in Proceedings
according to the best of my ability and understanding, so help me God

>> At least 90% of the Republicans and Democrats Giving him a standing ovation

Chris Hayes: So these are some of the sort of the bills that Duke had sort of proposed when he was State Rep. Those all became mainstream planks of the Republican Party politics.

Philip Bump: Well, I mean, you know, some of what he said, although in a less extreme version of it, when you watch him combating (in that words ?)(in the networks ?) in nineteen ninety one race, his fighting over welfare, what is happening, welfare is, and that evolved into a (eccentric ? sensitive ?) position for president Bill Clinton

That's right yes!

He's leading the edge of the kind of political discourse that takes the whole country in a certain direction.

PB: Absolutely! Exactly! What he grabbed on to is the thing that actually was very effective for Republicans.

DD: So you see Mr. Trump, just as the media lies about you, they lie about me. Look at one of the leading dailies in your home city of New York, owned by Jewish neocon Zuckerman. The entire front page headlines you with a giant picture of a stock hooded clansman.

>> Zionist Mortimer Zuckerman

Their hate knows no bounds. Another shows you as Hitler, and even Governor Christie, for simply endorsing you, he's smeared on the front page of the daily news, with pictures of hooded klansmen, and its headline, "THE MAN WITH A KLAN!"


>> Zionist Jews Go totally Nuts - Say Christie is With KKK! ... - DAILY (J)EWS - MAN WITH A KLAN - ...

>> DAILY NEWS - Pope calls out hateful Trump: "A person who thinks only about building walls & not bridges is NOT CHRISTIAN." - ANTI - CHRIST! - THE NEW FUROR - Radical Jewish Zionist - Mortimer Zuckerman - Has Hateful Chutzpah to paint Donald Trump the Anti-Christ - www.DavidDuke.com

Another front page paints you as the devil, and the antichrist, this from a Judaic follower of the Talmud, which viciously hates and lies about Jesus Christ... and they call you the anti-christ?! The sickening chutzpah of it all. And there are Jewish media pundits who have actually promoted your assassination, and they've incited vicious hatred against you in every crazy guy in the United States. One New York gentile journalist privately joked to me, is there a single media pundit attacking you who isn't Jewish? There are of course a few craven shabat goy zio psycho ??? brainwashed or bribed off enough to join the media crucifixion of you. So why does the media, the political money bosses, why do they hate you so much? The major Jewish daily Haaretz in Israel makes it pretty clear and I quote,

>> HAARETZ - Sunday, March 20, 2010 - ... Time in Israel: 2:26 AM - Trump/AIPAC Conference Could Embroil Israel and Inflame American Jews

>> "Trumps declarations that he would remain 'neutral' in order to mediate an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, his hints that Israel is responsible for the breakdown of peace talks, his refusal to acknowledge the unity of Jerusalem or to promise to abrogate the Iran nuclear deal and even his anti-Semitic sounding comments at a recent Republican Jewish Coalition forum about Jews wanting to buy candidates for money"

All that folks has led to Jewish enmity and hate. The Jewish bosses and money men in politics hate you Mr. Trump, just as much as their tribalist brothers and media. So called Jewish conservatives such as Jonah Goldberg at National Review, Bill Kristol at The Weekly Standard,

>> National Review: Israeli Occupied Territory - Senior Editor - Jonah Goldberg - GOLDBERG: I PRAISE OBAMA FOR DECISION


Mortimer Zuckerman, Ben Shapiro, and a host of other Jewish racists. They're not real conservatives, they're Jewish supremacists racists whose only loyalty is to the Jewish agenda and to Israel. They're willing to destroy the entire republican party and give the nation to Hillary, just to stop you. Of course they've always supported open border policies meant to destroy the heritage of the people whose ancestors created America and gave us our Constitution. Of course their establishments always harbored hatred of Europeans, since the Romans sacked Jerusalem.

The Jewish extremists will always hate you, because you want to make America great again, while they're destroying the very foundations of America; they don't give a crap about America, they only care about Israel. They and their zionist cohorts who run the media have lied to us and led us into never-ending wars for Israel that Americans have paid for with the blood of our young men, and our money. They’ve directly caused the rise of ISIS and a massive refugee tsunami that's annihilating Europe. They have been the driving force behind open borders for America and the demographic Armageddon that faces our country.

>> The Jewish Daily Forward - Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform - "It's in our strategic interest."


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