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A parable for these modern times

A certain farmer in a faraway land had a mongoose, some chickens and a few goats. The chickens provided him with eggs and the goats with milk. “but this mongoose,” he said one day, “what does it do for me? Sometimes it scampers on the roof at night, waking me. Occasionally it consumes an egg from a hen’s nest, depriving me. Besides that, I’m allergic to its fur.” 

Finally he decided he did not like his mongoose, and he killed it.

Later he noticed that not only and occasional egg, but an occasional chicken was missing, and then an occasional goat! At last the farmer discovered the problem: His mongoose had been keeping pythons away. Without the mongoose, pythons slithered in and fed on the farmer’s eggs. Growing larger feeding on eggs, they were soon able to swallow his goats.

“O mongoose! Mongoose!” the farmer cried, “If only I could have you back! I would not shout at you when you scamper on my roof. You wouldn’t have to take an occasional egg for your services – I would give you an egg a day! I would still be allergic to your fur, but better a sneeze now and then than these pythons!

“Like a fool I killed my mongoose to save a few eggs,” the farmer moaned, “only to lose my eggs and my hens and my goats to pythons.”
The point: Secular humanists, agnostics and atheists have always assumed that if they could rid their world of this nuisance called Christianity, no other religion would rush in to take its place. Wrong assumption! Mankind as a species comes with an instinct for religion. Secular humanists, agnostics and atheists may manage to anesthetize their inbuilt religious instinct, but a majority of mankind still chooses religion. If people cannot have one religion, a majority will eventually turn to another.

Relentless areligious social science academics, exploiting their status as teachers of one generation after another, have indeed ridiculed, discredited and weakened Christianity – especially in Europe, Canada and Australia. Cathedrals are largely empty [...]. Church services are echoey for lack of worshipers.

But the secularist educator’s victory is Pyrrhian. They have shot themselves in both feet; the pain just hasn’t reached their brains yet. They have freely given Islam opportunity to rush in and begin replacing Christianity where they have weakened it. We now live in a day where Muslim oil money is purchasing thousands of empty European, Canadian and American churches and changing them to mosques. Vital Christianity could have had a mongoose effect, given a better chance. But now the [...] python is in the henhouse and is even eyeing the goat pen of secularist antireligionism and its academic freedoms.

Advice to Secularists
I have good advice for secularists who claim they are allergic to Christianity: Better to tolerate a religion that resembles an occasionally irritating mongoose than to kill the mongoose and by so doing unwittingly welcome the python; i.e., an extremist religion that will avidly crush your freedom to be a secular humanist, an agnostic or an atheist!

Source: Richardson, Don. 2014. Secrets of the Koran. Bethany House, p.181 
Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2003 by Don Richardson
Used by permission


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