Daniel Hannan great 6 minute Brexit speech | 17Out2017 17:44:43


And our third speaker tonight for the leave side of the proposition please welcome conservative, member of the European Parliament, Daniel Hannan.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm inviting you to make me redundant and indeed in the bargain make Nigel redundant, and I wouldn't be doing that if I were not confident that there will be plenty of openings for newly unemployed MEPs in the boom that will come to this country after we've left the European Union; and I'll tell you why I am so confident about that prediction; if I put it one word it would be obsolete.

We just heard from Chuka that these are not the 1950s; he said it, it was like he was imparting an original insight; absolutely! These are not the 1950s, and that's why we have outgrown a top down dirigiste construct, a hangover of an age when freight costs were high, and refrigeration was expensive, and regional trade blocks looked like the future; but my friends that world has been made completely redundant by technological advance; this is an age of the internet, of cheap flights, of Skype, is as easy to do business with a company in New Zealand as with a company in France, in fact easier, cause the kiwi company will be English speaking and common law; never before has geographical proximity been as irrelevant as now, so why? Why do we tie ourselves to the one part of the world that is not experiencing significant economic growth?

Trade agreements
Over the last ten years, China's economy has doubled in size, India's economy has doubled in size, Ethiopia's economy has doubled in size, but the eurozone incredibly was the same size at the end of last year as it had been in 2006! Every continent on this planet has grown over the past decade except Antartica and Europe! Now, we are a trading people, we are a maritime people, a people connected by language and law, by habit and history, by commerce and migration, to every continent and archipelago.

We don't sit on great natural resources here; we have to make our way in the world by what we buy and sell, that means we have to be where the costumers are, an as long as we're in the European Union we cannot sign independent trade agreements with non EU countries. The EU deal with Australia is being held up because some Italian tomato growers are currently challenging it; the EU deal with Canada is being held up because of an unrelated dispute about Romanian visas, how have we put ourselves in a position where we can't do those deals?

Higher wages
Liz cited a few of the big international quangos and the Davos men who tell us that it's in our interest to stay, she said there's nothing in it for the little guy; let me cite a couple of people who are leaders of the remain campaign, Paddy Ashdown says if we leave it will mean cheaper food; and Lord Rose says if we leave it will mean higher wages now I would've thought that if Liz is really interested in the interests of the working people that she says she's speaking for, she would give more weight to those opinions than to those of the tax free Michelin-starred international quango crowds who she sees as the arbiters of our national interest.

Economic cost
Why are we paying to belong to the world's only stagnant customs union, paying nineteen billion pounds gross, eleven billion pounds net every year, right,to put this in context, in the last, we just heard about the (cups and ?) you know the the Labour MPs were standing against all these coalition, uh, reductions,  in the last parliament, the 2010 to 2015 parliament, according o the IFS, the entire austerity program saved thirty six billion pounds. Over that lifetime of the same parliament our gross contribution to the EU was eighty-five billion pounds, our net contribution was forty-two billion pounds; so, even if you insist on taking the net figure, that one clean excision would've wiped out the whole of the austerity program and still given us enough leftover to take a penny off income tax.

Democratic price
But it's not just a financial price, it's the democratic price. We fought a civil war in this country to establish the principal that laws should not be passed nor taxes raised except by our own elected representatives, and now, supreme legislative and executive power is held, not just by people you didn't vote for but people that, agh, people that generally hold that position having just lost elections! Like Peter Mandelson, and Neil Kinnock and now (Jackson ?), the only ones that been expressly rejected by their electorate that they are invited to come and legislate for us anyway.

Now, if the EU were about cooperation, if it were like NATO and all the things that Chuck was saying, no one would have a problem with it, right? You'd have to be insane to be against the idea of working with neighbouring countries, can we take it as (read ?) that all of us on this platform or all of you in this room are in favour of cooperating with our immediate neighbours and allies; the problem is that it presumes to legislate for us, that it wants to take on the attributes and trappings of statehood.

No one is talking, I mean, Nick (Clegg), tossing out all the clichés, drawbridges and, throwing away keys, no one is talking about isolation! Nowhere else in the world the countries apologize for wanting to live under their own laws, you know? New Zealand is not about to join Australia, and we're not going around saying, oh these dreadful austrolo sceptics, when are they gonna understand that they're a small offshore island, clinging to outdated notions of sovereignty right? Japan!, Is not applying to join China!, as far as I'm aware, and people don't say, oh, these bigoted sino sceptics, when are they gonna get it through their heads that they've lost their empire, it is a natural healthy thing! For a democracy to live under its own laws while trading and cooperating [applause] with every other country in the world!

We are the fifth largest economy on the planet, with the fourth military power, we're one of five members of the Security Council, how much bigger do we have to be before we have the confidence to raise our eyes to more distant horizons and rediscover that global vocation which we once took for granted?

Daniel Hannan!


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