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Fallout! - Students explain why they left or remained in church

Sixty six percent to eighty eight percent of young people are leaving the church never to return, and you will see a direct correlation with those who remain in the faith and those who've left the church,
Keaton Halley, M.A. [Apologetics] - Writer/Speaker, CMI-US

Question: Creation or evolution? Which do you believe?
Answer: Um, I probably have to say evolution
Uh, evolution.

Q: Is there any powerful argument that makes you think evolution is true, that causes that confusion?
A: Uh, I thing the studies (that ?) have been done on apes and monkeys are pretty compelling.
I thing that the, you know, genetic sequence can change over time, over millions and billions of years.
Uh, mostly fossil records and just databases of..., really just the fossil records.

Q: In your church background were you ever exposed to any scientific evidence for creation by your church leaders, pastors, anything like that?
A: Definitely not.
Nothing in particular, no.
Uh, no, I don't believe so.

Q: Do you still attend church today or, or not anymore?
Um, only for holidays.
Because (I'm going to those as a family but ?)

You see, there's one world view that every single person in this country has been exposed,
the idea that evolution is true, that the Bible's account of origins is nothing more than fairy stories, but [when] we demonstrate to believers that the evidence strongly supports the historical account of the Bible, not only is their faith ignited, but they become excited about sharing the Bible's truth with family, friends, neighbours and even co-workers

Q: Did your church leaders, student leaders bring in any creation teaching that showed you there was scientific evidence to support the Bible's account of creation?
A: Uh, yes!

Yeah, we learned a lot about different creationist scientists and uh, the proof of young earth creationism.

Q: What are you studying now?
Q: Biology, right, steeped with evolution, so, but you're not convinced by the evolutionary arguments in your biology classes?

Q: Still attend church today?
Yes sir!
Yeah! Recently.

Q: Would it be fair to say then that being able to discuss creation openly at church has helped strengthen you in that area, prepare you for what you've learned here in college about evolution?
A: Yes!


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