Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Creationism is nonsense. Many Christians don't believe in hell | 23Abr2018 17:13:45

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Islam Needs More Competition From Christianity

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali - May 25, 2010 - The Commonwealth Club - Palo Alto, CA

Hum, I'm with this Christian priest, catholic priest, in Rome and we go out to dinner, and his concept, but I keep asking him about, yeah but what about this, what about women, what about gays, what about, uh, science, what about teaching creationism, you know, why you teaching creationism, creationism is nonsense,... yeah, why do you want to replace biology class with,... with nonsense, with (giggle) the Bible, why don't you just have a Bible class?

There's so many temples of Christianity, la la la la and he is, absolutely, uh, you know, fantastic on all of this, Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Courtesy of The Commonwealth Club and he says, you know, for... and and he he is very honest, he says, not for all Christian leaders but for leaders like him, Catholicism is not about the secular mundane things, it's some kind of higher level,... some force up there, very much like the letters that I was getting from fellow Muslims who wanted to give up Islam but wanted still to believe in a higher force  and I thought, oh my goodness, that's the greatest match making I can ever do.

What if all Muslims became like him?! And they would have him for a leader? And then I would have to shed my bodyguards, there would be no threats, etc. Now, this may sound funny, and I think, and I think, the concept of a,... cause, people have different, if, if you are an atheist and you believe that the concept of God is created by man, then a man has created many different things, so you see, you find a concept of a God, some of my Jewish friends tell me about their concept of God and He is a God with whom you fight, and, uh, you throw matzah balls at Him,... and you never agree with Him, and you say, yeah but if you, if you really love us why did you do this, and you have a continuous...

I don't know if, if, uh, but,... Jewish people will share that but they... also told me, we never ever proselytize, actually it's very very hard to become Jewish, even if you want to be Jewish, you have to go through a whole process, Very hard. a big mistake when it comes to competition in demographics.

Christians have, and I'm not talking about Christianity even fifty years ago, but Christianity now, in the modern cities, in European, in Europe, here, modern Christians who have just reduced their concept of God to someone who's loving and cherishing, and is in no way in disagreement with whatever they do on a daily basis, and definitely not hostile to science and the enlightenment, and I think, wow, that's a great creation, hum, hey, cuddly, loving,... hum, and, they've abolished hell, which means if, there's an exit option.

I, I'm not kidding
Will you introduce me to those Christians?
Oh yeah! Lots of them. And I always ask, I ask every believer, how about hell?
But the Catholic Church has not abolished hell.

The official Catholic Church has not, but lots of people who call themselves Christians, whom I meet, when I ask them about hell and heaven they say, oh there's no hell, we all going to heaven which I think, ok great. So, there's no punishment.


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