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It's Dan Dicks here, reporting for Press For Truth, we're here in Spokane, Washington for the Red Pill Expo and I am joined right now by our good friend at World's Alternative Media, John Sneisen, now, John I wanted to talk to you a little bit about this coming 5G network, cause you are coming from a telecommunications background, you are very knowledgeable in this area so, for anybody who's maybe, just for the first time hearing about, what this whole 5G thing is all about, what would you say is, you know, break it down in a nut shell, what is 5G and why should people be concerned about this?

JS: Well, sure, let's just, by talking about 5G, let's just talk about what we have today, like 4G, for example, what we have today, we have a bunch of antennas that are standing, you know, along highways or they're on their own buildings, or wherever they are, and that is kind of today's system, they have like a central node were you have ports in it for every single person, so they have, like they're a base station it's called and they just, when you pick up your phone and talk or use your text or anything on it, it communicates with a port in that base station, and then it sends out information to wherever you are, you know, routing your informations, so, that's how it works today, the 4G, but the 5G system!

What they plan to do is, they plan to just use those antennas as a backbone so, just talking to each other without talking to the actual phones, but what they are gonna do is they gonna place antennas everywhere, and the reason why they have to do that is because they're going up in frequency so, with the frequency you need, when you go up in frequency it's gonna go less and less distance depending on the wattage so, you gonna have to have more wattage which is their radiation, the energy that takes to send that signal out so, when that radiation comes out, they gonna have to amp up the power and, and that is what the danger is, when I was back in Norway, I was climbing up in cellphone towers and you have to shut down the tower or else you gonna get completely fried, your body will be very destroyed, and I have a friend of mine, he can't go through those naked body scanners, those radiation chambers at the airports.

DD: Which I don't recommend anyone do.

JS: No! Exactly. But he actually, like, had to go through them once and he just started puking because his inner workings on his body has gotten destroyed by the severe radiation you get, by just going in front of one of those towers and, the, today's 4G towers they usually send out watts at 60 watts which is, you know, doesn't sound like much if you know what wattage is, but it has the frequency is so much higher so the radiation, all that frequency is more dangerous to you.

DD: So, let me get this straight, it sounds like what you're saying is with the implementation of these new antennas, the current antenna system, are they gonna be designing, like a mesh, like a giant invisible spider web of radiation that's gonna be raining down on people? How is this gonna work?

JS: Well yeah, what is gonna do is you gonna have to have an antenna, like right at your door almost, because the frequencies that they're looking at running at is, you know, between 6 GHz all the way up to 60 but, the problem is today I'm installing, with just with 4G I'm installing cellphone boosters in people's home I don't recommend that you ever put that in your house because it's, I mean, it's a mini cellphone antenna in your house which is not good for your health, but, with the new 5G they gonna have to completely, like, put in these antennas so close and so tight that I don't know if I want to really be around a place that has 5G because you looking at the, of course they're not gonna have to send out that at 60 Watt which fries people but they gonna send it out, they gonna have to send it out at a decent wattage to actually be able to penetrate into the house,

cause most houses today, the 4G signal which is 2.1 GHz here in North America has problems to penetrate already so, with the new system, and they're talking about different aspects and ways to, like try to make it better and easier for them to penetrate but, I see that as a danger because now you gonna have all these antennas everywhere and they gonna constantly, you know, give you radiation, because it's the radiation that is dangerous, they kind of minuscule talk about it in the 5G white papers, that oh yeah you gonna have some but it's gonna be ten times less they're saying and stating but, with 4G you don't even wanna have this phone up to your head because you gonna, if you ever been, you know, talking like this you had, like, and felt, you know, the warmth and that's radiation that, you know, damaging your cells.


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