Wynne’s Liberal regime will be remembered for its totalitarian laws | 25Jul2018 17:25:56


My opinion, as a scholar with a keen sense of living history from ancient times to the present moment is that the 41st Ontario Parliament which was just dissolved for the current Ontario election will go down in history as the most totalitarian-oriented government ever seen in a democracy. 

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Still ‘Great’ Britain? Lamenting what’s become of Albion | 01Mai2018 16:58:11


If you've seen Dunkirk, or Darkest Hour, you got a glimpse of Britain's fighting spirit in the face of great peril. If you know a little bit more about that period, you know why Churchill could say of the British people, "this was their finest hour."

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Chinese gov’t bans kids from attending church services | 02Out2017 21:20:09


China’s communist authorities are cracking down on Christianity, telling more than a hundred Christian churches that children are now forbidden from attending church services and joining Christian groups.

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California bans travel to states that protect Christians who oppose gay ‘marriage’ | 29Jun2017 11:20:00


The state of California has ordered a travel ban for its government employees to states that have adopted laws to protect religious freedom.

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George Soros is a ‘large-bodied predator:’ Hungary’s Prime Minister won’t surrender | 31Mai2017 18:44:18


After reportedly promising to comply with Eurocrats ordering him to soften Hungary’s new laws against foreign NGOs and universities, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was back home telling a national TV audience he was not backing down. 

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Mongoose parable | 20Abr2017 17:39:58


A parable for these modern times

A certain farmer in a faraway land had a mongoose, some chickens and a few goats. The chickens provided him with eggs and the goats with milk. “but this mongoose,” he said one day, “what does it do for me? Sometimes it scampers on the roof at night, waking me. Occasionally it consumes an egg from a hen’s nest, depriving me. Besides that, I’m allergic to its fur.” 

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Beauty And The Beast director: ‘I wish I could say I…rip pages out of the Bible’ | 22Mar2017 12:08:39


In a 2007 interview that is getting renewed attention this week, Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon said that he wishes he could "rip pages out of the Bible" when he stays in hotel rooms. 

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Portugal: State Radio ridicules Our Lady | 21Mar2017 20:29:39

Antena 1 logo_1.jpg


Today, March 21, 2017, I stopped praying the Rosary to get the clock right. I tuned to Antena 1 which was the station that a watchmaker advised me as having the right time in Portugal. I do not read newspapers, magazines, watch TV or listen to radio (fake news) except very, very sporadically! It was 09:55. What a shock when I hear Mr. Bruno Nogueira vilifying Our Lady and the little shepherds....

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When a lawsuit forced an Indiana town to remove its Christmas tree cross, residents did this | 23Dez2016 17:45:20


Earlier this month, the town council representing 2,100 residents ordered the removal of the cross after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a suit on behalf of resident Joseph Tompkins.

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Hillary lectures Trump on religious liberty, as she backs forcing churches to fund abortion | 11Out2016 12:09:06


During the same debate in which she promised to nominate pro-abortion Supreme Court justices who will “stick with Roe v. Wade,” Hillary Clinton bragged about how she has “tried my entire life to do what I can to support children and families,” and that “hundreds of thousands of kids now have a chance to be adopted because I worked to change our adoption and foster care system.”

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Empowerment? Armed French police force woman to strip for wearing too many clothes at the beach | 27Ago2016 15:59:38


CANNES, France, August 24, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — French police reportedly forced a Muslim woman to strip off layers of clothing on a beach in front of a hostile crowd as part of the enforcement of a “burkini” swimwear ban.

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The new form of anti-Christian persecution in the West | 22Fev2014 19:14:58


Scientists discriminated by their membership, Bishops denounced because they are against abortion, books and radio station censored: here's a map of attacks on religious freedom.

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Authorities All Over America Are Cracking Down On Home Bible Studies And Other Expressions Of The Christian Faith | 10Set2013 19:10:52


Could you imagine being fined $250 every time you have your friends come over to watch football?  Could you imagine having the government authorities take you to court over a Friday night card game?  Well, down in Venice, Florida authorities are cracking down on Shane and Marlen Roessiger for holding a Bible study in their home on Friday nights.  The meetings consist of at most 10 people gathering for a time of prayer and Bible study, but authorities in Venice insist that this is a “zoning violation” and Shane and Marlen Roessiger are being threatened with a fine of $250 per meeting.  Sadly, this is not the first time something like this has happened.  The truth is that authorities all over America are seeking to suppress home Bible studies and other expressions of the Christian faith.  It isn’t enough that they have essentially removed every trace of Christianity from public life in America.  Now they are coming after us in our own homes.  Unfortunately, this is the direction that our country is heading.  We are becoming a “Big Brother society” in which virtually every little move we make is scrutinized by government bureaucrats and control freaks.

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Persecution in Burma: Permit Required to Read the Bible | 15Fev2013 16:56:17


A Christian Church in Burma is destroyed by the military.

 ”Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” –Matthew 5:10

As we continue to report on Christian brothers and sisters worldwide being jailed, tortured and killed for their beliefs, a new story emerges in Burma that is a throwback to the persecution of the first century A.D. The government of Burma has now passed new laws restricting the exercise of the Christian faith to such extremes that a permit is now required to just read a Bible.

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Christian cafe owner threatened with arrest for displaying Bible verses | 12Fev2013 19:23:44


The effort to remove God’s Word from society continues in the UK as Jamie Murray, a Christian and owner of the Salt and Light Cafe was threatened with arrest by police for playing Bible verses from a DVD on a screen in the place of business that he owns. As the UK Daily Mail reported 

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