Portugal: Portas is back, Seguro is coming in and our codfish is on the way out | 13Jul2013 16:42:20


1. Paulo Portas resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs on July 2, 2013 and said that his decision was irrevocable. A few days later, he went back on his decision and came back with more power than before and was awarded for his attitude. Although repeatedly saying and affirming that he is "very Portuguese and that Portugal's interests are above all", he acted in a way, that Portugal is now closer to a 2nd EU/IMF bailout and the interest on the Portuguese debt has already begun to rise!

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Bilderberg 2013 Meeting will be held this year on days 6-9 of June in Britain | 07Jun2013 13:00:33


The Bilderberg Group joins the POWERFUL darkest people of the Western world (though in recent years elements of China, Russia and Turkey have participated), in Politics, Military, Banking, Mainstream Media, Industrial and "Opinion makers" who decide on the fate (Power) of our planet (wars, civil wars and revolutions, crisis / financial collapses, imposed austerities, epidemics and manipulations of our society).

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Bilderberg Meeting 2012 | 08Jun2012 21:05:05


The Bilderberg Group annual meeting took place from 31st May to the 3rd of June  in Chantilly, Virginia, USA.

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Greece, Italy in the claws of the Bilderberg Group | 21Nov2011 19:41:56


Greece dominated the world media during a few weeks. Solutions are always presented by technocrats of Brussels, from politics and banking, but the problems don't disappear, they become ever larger, and spread to even more countries. But this is the AIM of this conspiracy!

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