Greek police arrest journalist over 'Lagarde list' leak | 11Dez2012 15:10:43


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Blame it on Bush song | 24Set2012 15:39:26

You've got to see this great rock song, "Blame It On Bush!" This singer / songwriter is the brother of a NaturalNews reader! The song quality, singing and production value is top-notch, and the lyrics express the sentiment of all of us who are fed up with politicians' campaign lies.

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Iceland will triple their economic growth after purging the parasite bankers! | 10Set2012 16:42:48


Iceland has done away with a corrupt and parasite government. Imprisoned those responsible for the financial crisis. Began drafting a new constitution made by them and for them. Today, by mobilizing, it can be the most prosperous country of the West under a tenacious debt crisis.

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France: Jacques Chirac was found guilty of corruption | 27Dez2011 13:11:14


Former President Jaques Chirac is found guilty of embezzling taxpayer money to fund his political party. Although found guilty, he was given a suspended sentence and will serve no jail time. [The elites seldom are punished for their crimes.]

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