Creation vs Evolution

A golden calf is replacing the God of creation | 17Out2018 16:19:49


Prayers in school and in public ceremonies are out for Americans. Funding for a Boy Scout group was dropped when someone objected to the Scouts’ oath, ‘to do my duty to God and my country’. And a promotion of the popular television show The Simpsons has Bart Simpson mocking a family giving thanks for a meal: ‘Dear God,’ he says, ‘we pay for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing.’ 

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Cretan footprints stomp on human evolution | 11Set2018 20:01:21


Evolutionists are faced with a controversy1,2 with the discovery of ‘human-like’ fossil footprints allegedly made 5.7 million years ago at Trachilos on the Mediterranean island of Crete.

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"Portugal is inhabited by humans for a million years" - comment | 21Mar2018 21:02:38


Another creationist comment (below) removed, this time in Sol newspaper. This is how the myth of evolution remains immune to a critical analysis.

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New discovery makes Darwinists’ case even harder to make | 19Set2016 13:14:10


Stromatolites from the Isua area of Greenland may be the oldest fossil evidence of life on Earth.

There’s an old story about a chemist, a physicist, and an economist stranded on a desert island with nothing to eat but a can of soup. Puzzling over how to open the can, the chemist says, “Let’s heat the can until it swells and bursts from the buildup of gases.” “No, no,” says the physicist, “let’s throw it off that cliff with just enough kinetic energy to split it open on the rocks below.” The economist, after thinking a moment says, “Assume a can opener.”

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Pastor Kent Hovind is free at last | 17Jul2015 20:43:52


On July 8th at 9:00 AM Pastor Kent Hovind walked out of Yazoo City Correctional Facility in Yazoo City, Mississippi, a free man!! 

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CSUN Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil | 12Jun2015 20:21:08


Attorneys for a California State University, Northridge scientist who was terminated from his job after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops fossil have filed a lawsuit against the university.

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Richard Dawkins upset that public doesn’t like him | 13Dez2014 15:07:55


Misotheist Richard Dawkins feels unloved and misunderstood … and is bothered by it. In an interview2 about the release of his memoir An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist, Dawkins was concerned by the fact that the public had an unfavourable perception of him. He said:

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Harmonizing science and Scripture? | 22Nov2014 17:17:19


‘Sophisticated’, well-meaning, but uninformed Christians can actually harm the cause

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Resisting the secular slide | 12Nov2014 23:27:36


In many ways, the experience of children and young people raised in today’s western societies is very different from a generation or two ago. Children of the 1970s (like myself) had no knowledge of mobile telephones, computers, video games, tablet devices, the Internet, satellite navigation, and more besides—they were not even ‘on our radar’. 

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Living fossils: a powerful argument for creation | 18Out2014 13:30:31


Dr Werner graduated from the University of Missouri with distinction in biology (summa cum laude). He received his doctoral degree in medicine at the age of 23 and practices emergency medicine in St Louis.

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Rodhocetus and other stories of whale evolution | 26Set2014 16:24:28


Asked for a good example of transitional fossils showing evolution, many evolutionists put forward whales. Museums and textbooks show pictures of creatures that supposedly show the evolution of whales from a land animal.

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The Ark—A Picture of Jesus | 07Mar2014 21:43:25


AiG President Ken Ham with one of the Ark Encounter models.
Noah’s Ark was a vessel of salvation.

This is the month [December] that Christendom celebrates a singular moment in history, when God sent His only Son to save a sinful world. In some fascinating ways, Noah’s Ark displays similarities to Jesus Christ.

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Evolution/Creation debate today 4 Feb 07:00 PM (ET) Nye - Ham | 04Fev2014 11:49:57


As Bill Nye “The Science Guy” of TV renown and Ken Ham founder of the Creation Museum prepare their cases in what has been dubbed “Scopes 2,” the February 4, 7 PM (ET) debate is drawing major international attention.

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