Scientists: Humans are 'an infection' and Ebola is Earth's immune response to consume all the human 'meat' | 31Out2014 19:23:54


If you haven't yet read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, a non-fiction book published in 1994, you're way behind the curve on the truth about Ebola.

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Happy Birthday, Vladimir Lenin | 22Abr2013 17:53:50


Today [22 April] is Earth Day and, not coincidentally, the birthday of Vladimir Lenin.  The connection between the two is controversial but not unexpected.  Both Lenin and modern day "environmentalists" believe that they have been ordained to dictate to others how they should live their lives.  Both also hold, or in Lenin's case, held, to the belief that the world is overpopulated-.  Lenin merely had a more direct means of dealing with the problem.

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World’s Changing Demographics | 23Ago2011 19:58:25

You are about to witness a report on the world’s changing demographics

According to research in order for a culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years there must be a fertility rate of 2.11 children per family with anything less the culture will decline. Historically, no culture has ever reversed at 1.9 fertility rate. A rate of 1.3, impossible to reverse, because it’ll take 80-100 years to correct itself and there’s no economic model that can sustain a culture during that time.

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The Dangerous Myth Of Overpopulation | 06Ago2011 17:22:26


Today, there is a growing belief that many of the world's problems are directly related to overpopulation.  Whether it is world hunger, the lack of fresh water, the damage we are causing to our environment, or "climate change", those who believe in the myth of overpopulation have no hesitation blaming all of those problems on the "fact" that there are way too many people in the world.  What is even more frightening are the solutions that many of those people who believe that the world is overpopulated are proposing.  The solutions they propose include more abortion and "family planning" services, "one child" policies and mass sterilizations.  In fact, there are even some in the radical environmental movement that insist that we need to get rid of 80 to 90 percent of humanity in order to "save" the environment.

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UN’s Agenda 21 --Reduction of world population by 80-90% | 01Mar2011 19:10:14


"... population growth rates have been declining globally, largely as a result of expanded basic education and health care. That trend is projected to lead to a stable world population in the middle of the twenty-first century... The current decline in population growth rates must be further promoted through national and international policies that promote economic development, social development, environmental protection, and poverty eradication, particularly the further expansion of basic education, with full and equal access for girls and women, and health care, including reproductive health care, including both family planning and sexual health, consistent with the report of the International Conference on Population and Development.” --- UN document S/19-2. Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21  (*)

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New World Order (INWO) card game: plan to attack on 9/11 and beyond was well known as far back as 1995! | 31Jan2011 13:12:37


In 1990, role-playing inventor, Steve Jackson, was planning his newest game, which he would ultimately call the "Illuminati -- New World Order" Game, or "INWO" for short. Jackson was creating a game that would hit very, very close to home, very close to the actual plan of the Illuminati to propel the world into the New World Order -- also known as the Kingdom of Antichrist.

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Genetically modified mosquitoes have been released for the purpose of transmitting Dengue Fever to the unsuspecting population | 21Dez2010 19:40:31

This may already have resulted in deaths in Florida. Incredible as that may sound, this project is admitted by the U.S. government, the World Health Organization, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has heavily funded the program. The excuse is that this is a valuable experiment in the quest for ways to use mosquitoes to deliver vaccines to the masses at low cost.

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Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation | 30Jun2010 16:31:34

Microsoft founder Bill Gates told a recent TED conference, an organization which is sponsored by one of the largest toxic waste polluters on the planet, that vaccines need to be used to reduce world population figures in order to solve global warming and lower CO2 emissions.

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