Erosion of Privacy

NSA Building the World’s Biggest Spy Center | 25Jan2013 20:13:13


The NSA is building the biggest spy center in the world in the tiny town of Bluffdale, Utah 

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Scientists warn face recognition searches pose 'ominous' privacy risk | 26Set2011 17:10:32


Scary: Carnegie Mellon's Alessandro Acquisti shows how to use
Facebook to ID people on dating sites and on the street

Facial recognition from a webcam can be matched against Facebook photos and produce positive identification in three seconds.

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Egyptian police use Facebook and Twitter to profile and track down dissidents before rounding them up | 21Fev2011 09:54:37


[This could be the shape of things to come in other countries.]

Sitting on an upturned bread basket with her knees pulled up to her chest, a petite young woman looked out over Tahrir Square early yesterday morning and weighed up whether she should stay or leave.

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