Financial Crisis

The Road to Ruin - The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis. Book by James Rickards | 13Dez2016 13:19:28


The bestselling author of The Death of Money and Currency Wars reveals the global elites' dark effort to hide a coming catastrophe from investors in The Road to Ruin, now a National Bestseller.

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Larry Summers and the Secret "End-Game" Memo | 14Abr2014 15:43:51


US: Leaked document shows that top US Treasury officials (who came from the banking industry) conspired to remove restrictions on banks so they could deal in derivatives and other high-risk investments. [They also targeted the banking laws of other countries so that all banks in the world could be involved in the same speculative game. This was the genesis of the present global monetary crisis.]

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Iceland will triple their economic growth after purging the parasite bankers! | 10Set2012 16:42:48


Iceland has done away with a corrupt and parasite government. Imprisoned those responsible for the financial crisis. Began drafting a new constitution made by them and for them. Today, by mobilizing, it can be the most prosperous country of the West under a tenacious debt crisis.

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Greece: Is the truth completely different? | 23Abr2012 20:26:15


This article is more cruel and sarcastic than a good 007 movie from James Bond. In reality it seems that the (secret) reserves of oil and gas in Greece are the ones in the crosshairs of the global Power Elite and have to be stolen from the Greek people.

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Solution to the Economic Crisis? North Dakota’s Economic “Miracle”—It’s Not Oil | 10Abr2012 17:17:32


State owned bank devoted to the principle that State money should serve the public interest instead of serving the interests of the large New-York money center banks.

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Who Rules America? | 03Dez2011 15:36:56


The following post is an adapted excerpt from David DeGraw’s groundbreaking extensive new report on the financial destruction of the United States. The full report can be read here: Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America.

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Sub-prime: The Perfect No-Prosecution Crime | 12Set2011 12:25:35


Did you know that in the aftermath of the Savings and Loan (Thrifts) scandal there were more than a thousand felony convictions of financial elites?  The cost of the wrongdoing associated with the rip-off and closure of nearly 800 Thrifts cost taxpayers more than $160 billion.  The current sub-prime/mortgage-backed security scandal is 40 times bigger according to Economics professor William Black.  That means the size of the crime is $6.4 trillion by my calculation.  Can you guess how many indictments there have been on financial elites who created this enormous mortgage crisis mess?  Zero, none, nada, zip.  Yes, not one single prosecution or conviction has been started of achieved.

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Japan: a partial or total nuclear meltdown seems increasingly likely | 16Mar2011 20:14:03


Things are getting far worse in Japan. As of this writing, a partial or total nuclear meltdown event seems increasingly likely. Nuclear engineers have essentially surrendered to the laws of physics now at the Fukushima power plant and pulled all the workers off the site. Now it's just a matter of watching and praying.

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