Global Warming Fraud

1970s Coming 'Ice Age' Claims | 04Abr2013 12:52:31


'Fears of a coming ice age, showed up in peer-reviewed literature, at scientific conferences, by prominent scientists and throughout the media'

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Will The Polar Bears Survive? | 20Fev2012 13:36:42


According to GISS, temperatures in Western Greenland (the fastest warming place on Earth) have been declining for the past 90 years. Can the bears survive the cold?

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US: General Accounting Office says that the government has been secretly funding the UN's IPCC | 18Fev2012 21:04:27


US: General Accounting Office says that the government has been secretly funding the UN's IPCC, which is the home of climate disinformation and the driving force for expansion of government based on the myth of global warming. [He who pays the piper calls the tune.]

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Top Scientists Want Research Free From Politics | 16Set2011 20:04:50


Leading U.S. scientists called on Congress Thursday [Mar 2008] to make sure the next president does not do what they say the George W. Bush Administration has done: censor, suppress and falsify important environmental and health research.

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New World Order (INWO) card game: plan to attack on 9/11 and beyond was well known as far back as 1995! | 31Jan2011 13:12:37


In 1990, role-playing inventor, Steve Jackson, was planning his newest game, which he would ultimately call the "Illuminati -- New World Order" Game, or "INWO" for short. Jackson was creating a game that would hit very, very close to home, very close to the actual plan of the Illuminati to propel the world into the New World Order -- also known as the Kingdom of Antichrist.

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Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told' | 15Out2010 13:57:44


The uncompromising verdict of Dr Mörner is that all this talk about the sea rising is nothing but a colossal scare story, writes Christopher Booker.

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Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation | 30Jun2010 16:31:34

Microsoft founder Bill Gates told a recent TED conference, an organization which is sponsored by one of the largest toxic waste polluters on the planet, that vaccines need to be used to reduce world population figures in order to solve global warming and lower CO2 emissions.

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The Fraud of Global Warming – in their words | 24Jun2010 15:48:58


    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
    - Maurice Strong, former Secretary General of UNEP

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