France: A Decomposing Civilization | 01Fev2018 18:10:34


France's authorities and elites are tearing up, piece by piece, the country's historical, religious and cultural legacy so that nothing remains. A nation dispossessed of its identity will see its inner strength broken. 

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“Family-Friendly” Islam Comes to Europe | 12Set2017 19:36:36


“If you want to see the face of Europe in 100 years, barring a miracle, look to the faces of young Muslim immigrants.” Thus said Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput at a recent Napa Institute conference.

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Germany: Infectious Diseases Spreading as Migrants Settle In | 07Set2017 19:12:49


Joachim Gauck, then Germany's president, speaks to doctors in the infirmary
of a reception center for migrants on August 26, 2015 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf,
Germany. (Photo by Jesco Denzel/Bundesregierung via Getty Images)

A new report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the federal government's central institution for monitoring and preventing diseases, confirms an across-the-board increase in disease since 2015, when Germany took in an unprecedented number of migrants.

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Trump’s feud with Mayor of London just got NASTY! | 07Jun2017 11:57:00


After the London Bridge terror attack that left 7 dead, the Mayor of London said there was nothing to worry about -- and Trump SLAMMED him for it. But now the mayor is responding, and what he just said about Trump is shocking! 

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