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Who is helping ISIS? | 31Dez2015 15:57:28


12,000 Oil Smuggling Trucks Photographed Crossing Into Turkey From Iraq
Thousands of trucks laden with oil were photographed by Russian intelligence crossing from Iraq into Turkey. 

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France poised to reap what Sarkozy and Cameron sowed | 16Set2015 19:39:23


Britain’s David Cameron and France’s Nicholas Sarkozy in Bengazi to ‘celebrate’ the
‘success’ of their air forces in handing Libya over to chaos and the rise of Daesh.

The French government’s bombing of Libya  and more recent support for ‘moderate’ Islamist terrorists in Syria is returning to haunt the French people. New revelations from the French security forces show they are bracing for the eventuality of civil unrest amid fears there could be a missile strike on a passenger airliner or a September 11-style attack, according to sources close to French intelligence.

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