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BBC Reporter: Google Moving to “Suppress Legitimate Journalism” - "Right to be forgotten" ruling threatens to "curb freedom of expression" | 29Set2014 19:07:56


BBC economics editor Robert Peston warns that Google’s implementation of the controversial “right to be forgotten” ruling is working to “suppress legitimate journalism” after one of his articles about Merrill Lynch boss Stan O’Neal was scrubbed from the search engine.

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Greek police arrest journalist over 'Lagarde list' leak | 11Dez2012 15:10:43


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The new constitution of Hungary undermines democracy | 11Fev2012 12:03:26

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Recent and radical changes in the political scene in Hungary led to international criticism.(Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary is now under strong pressure by the European parlament and the European Commission. He is accused of breaking European law, undermining the independence of the constitutional court , central bank and the media. Orban insists his new constitution is one hundred percent in agreement with the European law. 

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