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INTERNATIONAL APPEAL - Stop 5G on Earth and in Space | 01Dez2018 19:00:14


Telecommunications companies worldwide, with the support of governments, are poised within the next two years to roll out the fifth-generation wireless network (5G). This is set to deliver what is acknowledged to be unprecedented societal change on a global scale. We will have “smart” homes, “smart” businesses, “smart” highways, “smart” cities and self-driving cars. Virtually everything we own and buy, from refrigerators and washing machines to milk cartons, hairbrushes and infants’ diapers, will contain antennas and microchips and will be connected wirelessly to the Internet. Every person on Earth will have instant access to super-high-speed, low- latency wireless communications from any point on the planet, even in rainforests, mid-ocean and the Antarctic.

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Why men should NEVER put their phone in their pocket: Study shows how prolonged exposure to radiation steadily destroys sperm | 12Set2016 12:49:56


•    New review of 21 studies found link between phones and sperm count
•    Public health are hesitant to say phones definitely harm sperm - there is currently no way to prove exactly how radiation and sperm count are tied
•    But experts warn this review provides compelling enough evidence that men should not keep their cell phones in their pockets 

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Microwave Radiation Affects the Heart | 01Mai2014 18:12:33


March 7, 2011.  During the past year I have become increasingly interested in the effects of microwave radiation on the heart.  This interest is based on a number of observations.

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New study: direct link to 4,964 cancer deaths from cellular antennas radiation | 19Abr2013 20:45:08


The electromagnetic radiation emitted by transmitting cell phone antennas is linked to the occurrence of some types of cancer, according to a study by Brazilian researchers.

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Italy: Mobile phones CAN cause brain tumours, according to a landmark court ruling | 17Nov2012 18:21:13


Italian businessman Innocente Marcolini, 60, fell ill after using a handset at work for up to six hours every day for 12 years.

Now Italy’s Supreme Court in Rome has blamed his phone. Experts have predicted a flood of legal actions from victims.

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Spike in “Aggressive” Brain Cancer in Denmark | 13Nov2012 18:20:18


The number of men who have developed aggressive brain
tumors in Denmark has nearly doubled over the last ten years.

No one is offering an explanation for the increase
--at least not yet.

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Israel: Phones will have to carry health warning - by law | 08Mar2012 13:32:47


The Israeli Knesset has just backed a bill requiring all mobile phones to carry a health warning. The labels will state 'Warning - the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.' The bill also requires all advertisements of mobile phones to state the same warning. All advertising targeting minors would be banned under the law, and breaking the law would be a criminal offence.

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Russia: steady growth in the incidence of childhood illnesses identified as "possible diseases" arising from mobile phone use | 02Jun2011 17:21:37


There has been a steady growth in the incidence of childhood illnesses identified by The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP) as "possible diseases" arising from mobile phone use.

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Chinese Put Cancer of the Parotid Gland on Center Stage | 21Abr2011 13:05:01


Chinese researchers in Beijing are seeing some of the highest rates of cancer ever reported in any cell phone study. They have found that long-term, heavy users have rates of malignant parotid gland tumors that are seven to 13 times higher than might otherwise be expected.

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Animal microchips linked to causing cancer | 02Fev2011 16:33:19


Many veterinarians recommend them, and most animal shelters require them. Identification microchips injected into the necks of cats and dogs are touted as useful in recovering lost pets because the devices store owner and medical information. But are they safe? A new lawsuit against Merck & Co., Inc., maker of the HomeAgain pet microchip, says they are not, noting that they can cause cancer to develop in pets.

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Israel: sharp increase in parotid gland tumors | 18Jan2011 20:23:41


A group at Hebrew University in Jerusalem has reported a sharp increase in the incidence of parotid gland tumors in Israel over the last 30 years. Rakefet Czerninski, Avi Zini and Harold Sgan-Cohen found that these tumors have quadrupled since 1970, "with the steepest increase" after 2001 (see plot below). Their letter appears in the January 2011 issue of Epidemiology; it's a free download. They are with the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine at the university.

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